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The RioT Supporter's Section

In the south goal, home of The Riot, you will be entering a place of passion, culture, and history. In this supporter section, you will experience an exciting supporter culture. There will be singing, chanting, drums, noisemakers, giant tifos, flags, scarves, and passionate language. Look forward to being a part of The Riot for 90+ minutes.

The Riot


The Riot is a collective of all Real Salt Lake supporters groups and fans. Our mission is to unite all RSL fans in support of our beloved team, both in and outside of the stadium. We seek to maintain Salt Lake City’s reputation of being a tough place to play for away teams, while giving home players a sense of ownership and pride in our team, fans, city and state.

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The Riot Council


Made up of leaders/representatives from each existing supporter groups, the council meets each month to conduct business and discuss past/future ideas and plans.

Existing Supporters Groups

 La Barra Real

We are a Latino Supporters Group for the MLS team Real Salt Lake. Anyone who loves the team is welcome to join.

Here we are, La Barra Real. Anyone who would like to join is welcome. we will be doing our best to keep up with this Facebook as well as with our official page where you will be able to learn much more about us and Real Salt Lake. La Barra is growing every day so if you want to know more then add us!

 Riot Brigade

The Riot Brigade was founded by a group of friends and families in 2011. This group of RSL supporters gathers regularly at home matches, tailgates, watch parties, team practices, away matches and other events to follow and support the Real Salt Lake soccer club.

Over time the Riot Brigade has added other members who share camaraderie with the group, as well as a love and support for RSL. At the end of the 2012 MLS season, the Riot Brigade was approved as an official supporters group by the Front Office of the Real Salt Lake soccer club.

The motto for the Riot Brigade will be the English phrase: Passion and Pride. Starting 2019 Riot Brigade is now a founding sub-group of The Riot, a unified group of supporters.

 Rogue Calavliers Brigade

We are the oldest supporters group for Real Salt Lake, having been with the team from the beginning in 2005. We are an independent, inclusive, multi-ethnic group in the tradition of the great supporters clubs of Europe and South America. We have been called “the best fans in the stadium” by people who matter, while our foes have called us "scary," "childish," and "immature."

 Salt City United

SCU can be found wearing black in Section 9 - standing, singing, and waving flags to back our beloved team. If you’re interested in the rowdier side of support, then you’ve come to the right place.

We encourage everyone to come out and get to know us at our tailgates before every home match in the Northwest Supporters Lot. Any RSL fan is welcome to join us before matches and have some drinks and good times.

 Section 26

Section 26 is the only recognized Supporters Group in the north end of the stadium. We are a group of devoted fans and great friends. We are families and singles, young and old, drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Some stand and some sit. There is only one membership requirement, we all cheer for our team.

Section 26 is known for hosting the annual home opener ReALE Homebrew contest. Fans brew their favorite beverage which is then sampled and voted on by the fans and guest judges (which include players, coaches, and front office staff). When RSL makes the playoffs, Section 26 also hosts the Chili Playoff contest. A unique trophy is awarded to the two winners and they get bragging rights until the next Chili Playoff.

If you would like to become involved with Section 26, reach out to us at or find us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Our Mission


Our mission is to unite all RSL fans in support of our beloved team both in and outside of the stadium. We value the diversity of our members and aim to be inclusive for all fans of RSL.