Executive Administration
David Blitzer
Ryan Smith
John Kimball
Ashley Lewis
Executive Assistant to the President
Soccer Administration
Kurt Schmid
Sporting Director
Tony Beltran
Assistant General Manager
Rob Rogers
Director of Video Analysis
Joseph Hickman
Video Analyst 
Luke Mulholland
Team Scout
Matt Hayes
Team Scout
Joe Thomas
Lead Analyst - Team Operations & Recruitment
Scott Morey
Data Analyst
Chase Rusden
Director of Team Administration
Christian Peters
Assistant Team Administrator 
Rory James
Team Operations Manager
Jesus Gonzalez
Monarchs Team Administrator 
Colton Atkin
Director of Academy Administration and Dorm Operations
Jamila Cuentas
Academy Team Administrator
Ben Chavez
Equipment Manager
Peyton Compagno
Monarchs Equipment Manager
RSL Coaching & Support Staff
Pablo Mastroeni
Head Coach
Nate Miller
Assistant Coach
Anthony Pulis
Assistant Coach
Jamison Olave 
Assistant Coach
Mirza Hirambasic
Goalkeeper Coach
Rob Rogers
Director of Video Analysis
Real Monarchs Coaching & Support Staff

Mark Lowry
Head Coach
Jamal Campbell-Ryce
Assistant Coach
Nick Rimando
Goalkeeper Coach
Joseph Hickman
Video Analyst 
Phil Cousins
Professional Development Coach
RSL Academy Coaching & Support Staff
Jon Spencer
Academy Director
Colton Atkin
Director of Academy Administration
Jordan Allen
U15 Head Coach
Etiandro Tavares
Academy Assistant Coach
Michael Flynn
Academy Goalkeeper Coach
Roxana Luna
Education Director
Lauren Genna
College Counselor 
Jacqieline Hurt
Lead Academy Tutor
Jamila Cuentas
Assistant Team Administator
Cayson Sheffield
Residence Hall Manager
Terry Tyson
Resident Hall Assistant Manager
Rose Hamilton
Wellness Coordinator
Jake Machuca
Resident Advisor
Hyrum Gailey
Resident Advisor
Performance & Medical Staff
Theron Enns, ATC-L
Sr. Director of Athlete Health and Performance
Jacob Joachim
Head Athletic Trainer
Luke Cantin, ATC-L
RSL 1st Assistant Trainer
John Fabrizius
RSL Applied Sport Scientist
Sean Buckley
Head of Performance
Yanide Rodriguez
Massage Therapist
Kristina Kearl
Massage Therapist II
Armando Frutos
Monarchs Head Athletic Trainer
Andrea Camacho
Monarchs 1st Assistant Athletic Trainer 
Kyle Oerteo
Head of Monarchs Sports Performance
Amer Sasivarevic
Head of Academy Sports Performance
MacKenzie Booth
Head Academy Athletic Trainer
Maria Garcia Barajas
Academy Assistant Athletic Trainer


Robert Caldwell
VP of Legal and General Counsel
Connor Oniki
Legal Counsel 
Finance and Accounting
Tara Cupello
Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Vuong
VP of Finance 
Greg Curley
Senior Accountant
Alexandra Price
Senior Accountant
Tammy Smith
Staff Accountant
Ginger Mitchell
Staff Accountant
Sandee Lynn
Accounting Clerk
Marty Andreasen
Accounting Clerk
Lita Quero
VP of Human Resources
Denise Cordero
Human Resources Generalist
Brenda Victoriano
Payroll and Human Resources Coordinator
Brady Ulloa
Business Intelligence Manager
Tracy Cruz
Director of Food and Beverage Operations
Jason Kreis
Director of Operations & Special Projects
Communications, Community & Marketing
Tyler Gibbons
VP of Marketing & Game Production 
Trey Fitz-Gerald
VP of Communications
Delmy Barillas
Communications Manager
Kyle Schroeder
Director of Community and Player Engagement
Rachel Jaclin
Community Coordinator
Jenna Holland
Special Olympics Head Coach
Zac Barnes
Supporter Liaison
Stacey Taggart
Game Presentation Manager
Allison Kolsrud
Game Presentation Coordinator
Laura Lee
Director of Photography
Marck Mendoza
Senior Graphic Designer
Court Einfeldt
Senior Graphic Designer
Lauren Smith
Motions Graphic Manager
Nick Lamping
Luis Marin
Multimedia Producer
Jason Soriano 
Partnership Fulfillment Producer
Mandi Hildt
Digital Marketing Director
Kiki Solano
Senior Social Media Manager
Zuhayr Maung
Marketing Coordinator/ZBRA
Lindsay Wyson
Multimedia Producer ZBRA
Corporate Sponsorship
Brook Bingham
VP of Business Development
Peter Bland
Director of Business Development
Rob Greener
Director of Business Development
Erin Shannon
Director of Business Development
Michele Williams
Director of Partnership Services
Jackson Babcock
Director of Partnership Services
David Stobbe
Director of Partnership Services
Autumn Jenson
Director of Partnership Services
Facilities and Stadium Operations
Justin Nelson
General Manager & VP of Stadium Operations
Isabella Moyer
Operations Coordinator - Reception
Kathy Kennedy
Senior Director of Facility Management
Ryan Robertson
Facilities Manager
Chandler Hudson
Facilities Maintenance Technician - AFF
Bob Hitz
Facilities Maintenance Technician - ZBRA
Michael Allen Davis
Facilities Maintenance Technician - ZBRA
Carlos Acevedo
Senior Director of Technology
Malory Monson 
Senior Director of Event Operations 
Eli Allen
Events Assistant
Jake Jensen
Events & Concert Operations Manager
Summer Miles
Event Operations Lead
Dan Farnes
Senior Director of Fields and Grounds
Clayton Runk
Field Manager - AFF
Blake Benhoff
Superintendent of Fields and Grounds - ZBRA
Cade Benhoff
Artifical Field Manager - ZBRA
Mitch Perkins
Senior Director of Events
Q Walker
Event Services Manager - ZBRA
Brett Call
Practice Facility Supervisor - ZBRA
Trey Sparks
Assistant Director of Fields and Grounds - ZBRA
Caden Parcell
Landscape Manager - ZBRA
Ben Larsen
Program Manager -ZBRA
Jessica Baird
Operations Event Staff
Mikell Rasmussen
Landscape Manager 
Abby Roberts
Reservations Program Coordinator
Matt Rader 
Chief Ticketing Officer
David Nelson
Director of Ticket Operations
Brent Stevens
Sr. Director of Membership Sales
Scott Reynolds
Director of Ticket Sales and Services
Kathy Nelson
Director of Premium Sales and Services
Kelsey Dykman
Ticket Operations Manager 
Connor White
Sales Academy Representative
Kayte Walker
Sales Academy Representative
Garron Oborn 
Sales Academy Representative
Courtney Kelshaw
Fan Relations Coordinator 
Keagan Robb
Group Sales Manager
Spencer Bills
Group Sales Representative
Connor Buhler
Fan Relations Coordinator 
Bryan Funes
Fan Relations Coordinator
Lacey Hancock
Premium Sales and Service Manager
Cooper Hazen
Premium Sales and Service Manager
Jaxon Edwards
Season Ticket Sales Manager