Front Office


Team Contact Information:
Real Salt Lake
9256 South State Street
Sandy, UT 84070
Phone: (801) 727-2700
Fax: (801) 727-1469


Executive Administration

  • Dell Loy Hansen
  • Paige Atwood
    Executive Assistant to the Owner
  • Andy Carroll
    Chief Business Officer
  • Andi Burdette
    Executive Assistant to the Chief Business Officer
  • Rob Zarkos
    Executive VP of Soccer Operations
  • Craig Martin
    General Manager & VP of Facility Operations
  • Tara Cupello
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Jacob Haueter
    President of Zions Bank Real Academy and Real Monarchs
  • Sarah Call
    Director of Human Resources

Soccer Administration

  • Elliot Fall
    General Manager
  • Tony Beltran
    Assistant General Manager
  • Andy Williams
    Head Scout
  • Vahe Tanielian
    Director of Data Analytics
  • Tim Weaver
    Assistant General Manager for Real Monarchs & Director of Team Administration
  • Hector Rivera
    Team Administrator - Real Monarchs
  • Kasia Kampf
    Senior AccountantLogistics Coordinator
  • Ted Eck
    Director of Video Analysis
  • Stephanie Lee
    General Manager - Utah Royals FC
  • Dan Egner
    Technical Director
  • Alex Horwath
    Assistant Technical Director
  • Preston Gayton
    Monarchs Player & Video Analysis
  • Creighton Atkin
    Academy Team Administrator
  • Will Rader
    RSL Youth Development Academy - VP of Soccer Operations
  • Jamie MacGregor
    RSL Youth Development Academy - Administrator

RSL Coaching & Support Staff

  • Freddy Juarez
    Head Coach
  • Steffan Siebert
    Assistant Coach
  • Tyrone Marshall
    Assistant Coach
  • Todd Hoffard
    Goalkeeping Coach/Director of Goalkeeping
  • Randy Butts
    Head Kit Man

Utah Royals FC Coaching & Support Staff

  • Craig Harrington
    Head Coach
  • Amy LePeilbet
    Assistant Coach
  • Jason Batty
    Goalkeeping Coach
  • Karly Cebula
    Equipment Manager
  • Jessica Buller
    Team Administrator
  • Andrew Wiseman
    Sports Performance Coach

Real Monarchs Coaching & Support Staff

  • Jamison Olave
    Head Coach
  • Matthew Glaeser
    Assistant Coach
  • Mirza Harambasic
    Academy Goalkeeper Coach
  • Preston Gayton
    Monarchs Player & Video Analysis

RSL Training Academy Coaching & Support Staff

  • Tom Spall
    Academy Director
  • Arnold Rijsenburg
    Director of Coaching
  • Chris Gores
    Academy U19 Assistant Coach
  • Cody Worden
    Academy U17 Head Coach
  • Rob Rogers
    Academy U17 Assistant Coach
  • Matt Briggs
    Head of Recruitment / Academy U15 Head Coach
  • Luke Baxter
    Academy Goalkeeper Coach
  • Ronny Charry
    Youth Academy Foundation Technical Director
  • Shawn Daniels
    Youth Academy Foundation Technical Director

Performance & Medical Staff

  • Matt Howley
    Sports Science Lead of Performance Coach
  • Theren Enns ATC-L
    Director of Sports Medicine
  • Ryan Cotter
    Athletic Trainer
  • Tyler Knight ATC-L
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Kristina Kearl
    Head Massage Therapist
  • Stephen Kirk
    Head Team Physician
  • Andrew Cooper, M.D.
    Team Orthopedic Surgeon
  • John Edwards, M.D.
    Team Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Joe Albano, M.D.
    Regenerative Sports Medicine Physician
  • Monte Layton, D.C.
    Team Chiropractor
  • Jeremy Winner
    Assistant Chiropractor
  • Adam Kershaw
    Physical Therapist
  • Emily Fortunado
    Royals Athletic Trainer
  • Matt Murphy
    Head Athletic Trainer - Real Monarchs
  • Ryan Thamm
    Monarchs Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Tim Green
    Head of Performance- Academy
  • Christine Center
    HHead Athletic Trainer - Academy


  • Tara Cupello
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Greg Curley
    Senior Accountant
  • Thomas Vuong
    VP of Finance
  • Saul Oliveira
    Assistant Controller
  • Andoni Shortsleeve
    Ticket Collections Clerk

Communications & Marketing

  • Bridget Farfel
    VP of Marketing & Fan Engagement
  • Matt Gaschk
    Director of PR
  • Taran Meyer
    Senior Manager of Communications
  • Tyler Gibbons
    Senior Director of Broadcast and Digital
  • Robert Hitz
    Director of Club Photography
  • Delia Maresco
    Director of Videography
  • Skyler Warrick
    Video Content Coordinator
  • Ryan Hale
    Audio Content Coordinator
  • Nick Lamping
  • David Dryden
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Christian Madsen
    Senior Animator/Graphic Designer
  • Ryan McCardle
    Graphic Designer- Utah Royals FC
  • Alexis Caldwell
    Animator/Graphic Designer
  • Jacob Herron
    Animator/Graphic Designer
  • Maria Rague
    Digital Media Manager
  • Anthony Tobler
    Multimedia Producer
  • Meg Van Dyke
    Media Manager- Utah Royals FC
  • Daniel Rueckert
    RSL Marketing Manager
  • William Mussack
    Fan Experience Manager
  • Stacey Taggart
    Game Presentation Manager
  • Samantha Yarock
    Sideline Reporter

Corporate Sponsorship

  • John Genna
    VP of Corporate Partnerships
  • Russell White
    Director of Partnership Sales
  • Haroldo Darelli
    Director of Partnership Sales
  • James Santelli
    Director of Partnership Sales
  • Brandy Smith
    Partnership Sales Manager
  • Rebecca Drennan
    Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Broc Gunderson
    Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Sydney Myers
    Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Jamie Homewood
    Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Cali Reynolds
    Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Jennica McClure
    Strategic Partnerships Manager

Facilities and Stadium Operations

  • Craig Martin
    General Manager & VP of Stadium Operations
  • Carlos Acevedo
    Director of Facility Management
  • Leif Smith
    Director of Event Services
  • Dan Farnes
    Director of Fields & Grounds
  • Dallas Tolley
    Lead Facility Engineer
  • Landon Freter
    Events Manager
  • Josh Moehler
    Operations Coordinator
  • Dustin Pixton
    Assistant Director of Field & Grounds
  • Spencer King
    Field Manager - America First Field
  • Bob Hitz Sr.
    Assistant Field Manager
  • Justin Nelson
    Director of Facilities Management - Zions Bank Real Academy
  • Mitch Perkins
    Manager of Event Services - Zions Bank Real Academy
  • Ben Larsen
    Program Manager - Zions Bank Real Academy
  • Brett Call
    Fields and Grounds Manager - Zions Bank Real Academy
  • Korey Chapman
    Assistant Fields and Grounds Manager - Zions Bank Real Academy
  • Tanner Coffman
    Fields and Grounds Maintenance - Zions Bank Real Academy
  • Dylan Selee
    Fields and Grounds Maintenance - Zions Bank Real Academy


  • Rob Erwin
    VP of Ticket Sales & Services
  • David Nelson
    Director of Ticket Operations
  • Kathy Nelson
    Director of Premium Seating & Service
  • Brent Stevens
    Director of Ticket Sales
  • Casey Mills
    Director of Fan Relations
  • Chris Randall
    Corporate Sales Manager
  • Bryan Funes
    Corporate Sales Manager
  • Allyson Bronte
    Corporate Sales Manager
  • Canada Clawson
    Youth Soccer Sales Manager
  • Spencer Bills
    Youth Soccer Sales Manager
  • Renee Poe
    Audi Executive Club Manager
  • Adri Bergk
    Premium Seating and Services Manager
  • Kelsey Dykman
    Fan Relations Manager
  • Sam Bytheway
    Inside Sales Manager
  • Scott Reynolds
    Director Ticket Sales and Service at ZBRA
  • Jesse Sanchez
    Group Experience Manager at ZBRA


  • Thomas Warren
    Director of Merchandise
  • Reid Jarvis
    Stadium Team Store Manager
  • Steven Vargo
    Downtown Team Store Manager
  • Stephen Klay
    Printshop Manager
  • Jeremy Wright
    Inventory and Warehouse Manager

Community Relations

  • Kyle Schroeder
    Director of Community Relations
  • Mary VanMinde
    Director of RSL Foundation
  • Laura Dearden
    Foundation Content & Story Telling Coordinator