Supporters Groups

Supporter Clubs

La Barra Real

La Barra Real organized in 2009 and is the first and largest Latino supporter group for RSL. But you don’t have to have mastered Spanish to cheer along with them; any and all are welcome to cheer with LBR in section 8.

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The RioT Brigade

Founded in 2011, we are an open, diverse, and inclusive group of RSL fans, who come together with a love for our team and the sport of soccer in America. At home in Section 10, we foster a climate of chanting, enthusiasm and fun everywhere.


Rogue Cavaliers Brigade

The Rogue Cavaliers Brigade (RCB) was founded in 2005 along with the team. The purpose of the group is to bring the passion and atmosphere of European Football to RSL matches, and support the team through victory and strife!

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Royal Army

The Royal Army is a supporters group that embraces anyone who supports the best team in the MLS, Real Salt Lake! The Royal Army is open to any and all RSL fans no matter where you sit in the stadium! Yearly membership is $25, which includes a scarf and many other benefits.


Section 26

Section 26 is a family-friendly supporter group. They were organized in 2007 and anyone who wants to sit in section 26 is welcome to be a member of the group!



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