RSL Academy Monthly Awards

At Real Salt Lake Academy student-athletes are challenged to strive for excellence in the areas of Academics, Citizenship and Soccer, with soccer always following the former areas. This holistic approach encourages all to develop into young men that have the required empathy, critical thinking skills and good nature to be able to enter the world as people capable of solving real-world problems.

The following have shown exemplary performance in each of the three areas of aspired excellence


October U-17: Tyee Allen

October U-15: Rowan Martin

November U-17: Christian De Lapp

November U-15: Evan Youngflesh

January U-17: Brice Miller

January U-15: Juan Gio Villa

February U-17: Anthony Ramirez

February U-15: Javier Martinez

March U-17: Gabriel Oksanen

March U-15: Juda Casas

April U-17: Carlos Castrejon

April U-15: Josh Munson


October U-17: Blake Kelly

October U-15: Lorenzo Tuch

November U-15: Sebastian Gamez

November. U-17: Nicholas Nobles

January U-17: Brayden Morrell

January U-15: Juda Casas

February U-17: Cayne Madhlangove

February U-15: Juda Casas

March U-17: Josiah Martinez

March U-15: Axel Uriostegui

April U-17: Abokye Bikyeombe

April U-15: Peter Beyene


October U-17: Jude Wellings

October U-15: Linkon Ream

November U-15: Omar Marquez

November U-17: Brice Miller

January U-17: Zavier Gozo

January U-15: Will Mackay

February U-17: Josiah Martinez

February U-15: Peter Beyene

March U-17: NA

March U-15: Van Parker

April U-17: Anthony Ramirez

April U-15: Javier Martinez