Quote Sheet: RSL 0-0 FC Dallas

Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake Head Coach Jeff Cassar

On the extent of FW Joao Plata’s injury:

“To be honest with you, I don’t know.  I haven’t spoken with the trainers, but I think it’s a slight hamstring pull.  It was a bit preventative to take him out before it got more serious, so hopefully that’s the case.  We’ll see later tonight or tomorrow.”

On FW Robbie Findley’s first appearance after his offseason surgery:

“I’m really pleased with him.  I like how he’s worked to contribute to the first-team, so we couldn’t be more pleased with him.  We’re going to need him.”

On his team’s offensive woes in the final third:

“I thought we came out flat in the first half.  We were moving the ball and possessing the ball, but with no purpose.  I thought the second half was much livelier.  We were getting into their half a lot more, we were kind of missing that final ball.  We have to give some credit to our opponents, too.  They had four defenders and two defensive midfielders that held their line there, and sometimes it’s hard to penetrate.  If you’re not moving and you’re not forcing them to move, it’s very hard to break down.”

On whether the team’s proximity to multiple MLS records was a distraction:

“I don’t think it’s been a distraction at all.  This locker room is really strong.  We had a goal to get three points at home, as we always do.  We came a little short but I walked into our locker room – and I normally don’t talk to the guys after the games, I wait until everyone cools down – but I told them that I was extremely proud of them.  Our soccer wasn’t particularly great tonight, but I thought our fight and our commitment was.  If we can get results when our soccer is not particularly great, I think that’s huge.  I was really proud of them, and I thought that the guys just gave it their all.”

On the timeline for MF Luis Gil’s return from injury:

“We have three games in seven days coming up here – Seattle, Columbus and Portland – and we’re going to need a rotation of everyone.  Luis [Gil] is feeling good, and we’re going to get him in the reserve game to get him some minutes so he’s nice and sharp.  He will be contributing a lot more.”

On what Real Salt Lake’s unbeaten streak means to him:

“I think it just shows the commitment from our team.  It shows that no matter what, we’re going to fight, even if our soccer is good or bad, we’re going to go out and get a result.  Our goal is always three points, but if we take a point, we’ll take a point and move on.  I think the mental toughness of our team is fantastic right now, and I think that’s the kind of mentality they’ve shown.”

On FC Dallas’ defensive tactics:

“They had six staying back and four staying up high.  It’s about how quickly we move the ball, and I just think we didn’t move it quickly enough and sharply enough tonight.  We have to tip our hats to Dallas for coming here and trying to get that road result, which they did. But it’s something we’ll work on as we move forward.”

On FW Olmes Garcia’s performance:

“I thought Olmes [Garcia] came on and did a good job tonight.  He came on in the 30th or 35th minute, when the game was going 100 miles an hour, but I thought he did a great job.  He worked hard on both sides of the ball, and I think he’s getting closer and closer to getting on the scoresheet.  It seems like he’s doing the right things.  He had a good outing in the reserve game – he’s starting to come into his own.”

On GK Jeff Attinella’s performance:

“I thought he was very good, I thought he was excellent.  I can’t remember a play that he played wrong.  I think he’s getting more comfortable and more confident, and the players are extremely confident [in him], as well as the staff.  He’s getting better and better, and more and more comfortable each game.”

On whether the unfamiliar Garcia-Findley pairing was problematic:

“It was something that I felt we needed – to stretch them and get something from nothing.  It was hard for us to break [FC Dallas] down, and I thought we needed somebody who could break them down on his own by getting behind them and keeping them back.  I thought Olmes [Garcia] and Robbie [Findley] did a great job of that.  I can’t remember their back line being more than 40 yards away from their goal, and I think that’s because they respected our speed over the top.”

Real Salt Lake DF Chris Wingert

Thoughts on the differences between first and second halves of the game:

“Not too surprising at three tough games in a week.  It’s a little frustrating that we didn’t play a little better soccer, but I think we’re capable of doing that, so I’m glad we didn’t let down the effort. I thought the effort was good, and it’s been a while since we’ve had a shutout, and that is definitely a team that can kind of lull you to sleep and then catch you because they have so many good attacking options. I’m glad we didn’t give up too much.”

Thoughts on things that need improving:

“Everything. I don’t know if there is like one glaring thing. I think we still want to continue to get better with set pieces. I think it’s just a tough balance to find, because we need our guys to stay aggressive, and when you stay aggressive sometimes you’re going to give up fouls. And because we tend to dominate possession, obviously that’s not every game, but that’s somewhere where other teams focus on, especially a team like Dallas. I thought we did a little better job at that tonight. But you see it, I mean it happens all over the world. Look at the Champions League Final today, it’s last minute, everybody is pushing forward and that stuff happens. I think we can continue to get better with that and continue to just improve in every area; play better soccer and really try to take it the teams. I’m not too disappointed with the performance, maybe just a little with the result or effort I should say.”

Thoughts on improving the momentum:

“I don’t know, a few things. There was still plenty of passes to be made and I think we missed some passes going forward. Sometimes we would get past their first line and kind of play it around. I know I did it – I played back a few times, and I thought it wasn’t the worse thing, because when we’re patient and kept moving around we were able to break them down. But I think we needed just a little more urgency to get forward and then keep possession in their half.”

Thoughts on tying the MLS record for an unbeaten start to a season:

“I honestly don’t really care.  Like I said, I’m happy with the zero but I wish we would have won the game, but again I think it’s just too early to really even matter. I just am concerned with earning points. Usually, when we don’t earn three [points] at home we’re a bit disappointed. Then we know that we have a big week coming up, so now 100 percent focus on Seattle. It should be a fun one and we know how well they have been playing, so it’s a big challenge for us.”

Real Salt Lake GK Jeff Attinella

On getting the clean sheet:

“Defensively, I thought we did a good job and anytime that you get a zero, it’s obviously a good night defensively. I would have traded it for a win for sure, but getting a clean sheet is always good. But maybe we’ll get [a win] moving forward and it’ll be a good stepping stone for us.”

On his opportunity to play for a long stretch while GK Nick Rimando is with the USMNT:

“It’s good. Obviously, my career so far in MLS has been a lot of late-notice starts, but to get comfortable and the game kind of slows down the more playing time you get. To get a couple of games under my belt  - I got those two earlier in the season – is obviously a big help for these games going forward because coming up, we’ve got a real tough week.”

On assessing his last couple of performances:

“It obviously hasn’t been perfect, but I thought I’ve done alright so far. You’ll have to ask my teammates for a real assessment because obviously I think I can get better at things. So far we’ve gotten a couple of decent results and hopefully I can play well and keep that going.”

Real Salt Lake MF Ned Grabavoy

Overall thoughts on the match and whether or not Dallas bunkered in a little bit:

“I think that obviously a team that hasn’t had results going their way lately and I think anytime you’re not in great form or not getting great results, I guess you’ve got to battle your way through some things a little bit. You have got to give them credit a little bit to come in here and get the zero, which I’m sure was their main goal. I think that they dealt with some things pretty well, especially in the second half. It’s unfortunate, you want to win anytime you play at home, but at the same time, I thought that there were some really positive things about it, and you just have to give them a little bit of credit on the night to battle through and get a zero.”

On tying the league record for an unbeaten start to a season with 12-games:

“[It means] nothing, it really doesn’t. We can look at our record the next twelve games, and then the next, you know. We’re picking up points, we’re getting results, which is important. We’ve shown we can get them in different ways which I think we started to do last year more than we had in the past as well. I think that that’s the biggest positive out of all that. Going forward, I think there are plenty of things that we can work on, without question. So we’ll keep working on those things, and try to get better, and just take it one game at a time. I really think, for the most part in these first twelve games, I don’t really think we’ve had a game where we’ve come out flat to necessarily start a game. That’s a real positive as well. There’ve been times in the past where sometimes we are winning games and we’ll catch a little bit of a flat game going on the road or whatever. I think we’ve done well to just take each game one at a time and really bring the energy and commitment and the belief that if we do that we’re going to get results. Getting another one tonight – is it the greatest result? No. But a result nonetheless I guess.”

On how the guys filling in for Captain Kyle Beckerman, GK Nick Rimando, and FW Alvaro Saborio did:

“I think they’ve been pretty solid. They did well last game and did pretty well this game. I said last week when players understand their role and what their job is it’s easier. I think that all players from one to 28 or 30 – however many we have – all understand their role. I think that it’s easier for guys to slide in. Sometimes it’s easier as well to know you’re going to get a patch of games instead of just one. It gives you a bit more confidence to know you’re going to get a run for a few games or a longer stretch. So those guys are doing fine for us without question.”

Real Salt Lake FW Robbie Findley

Thoughts on making his 2014 debut after recovering from offseason surgery:

“It was a good feeling. I felt good, sharp. I’m about 90 percent. My lungs feel fine now and I feel fit.”

On RSL’s offense:

“They came in and just stayed back. At times there wasn’t really that spacing behind. They were just sitting in, which I think was the game plan and they did a good job at it. It just seemed crowded at times in the middle of the field, but I just think that maybe we needed to create more opportunities.”

FC Dallas

FC Dallas Head Coach Oscar Pareja

On his team’s performance:

“We did well, we played very well. It has been one of our best performances as a team. The discipline, character, and the fight the boys showed today just made us feel like we won more than one point. We want credibility for ourselves after the struggle we had during the week. We have played three games in seven days, we came out big today and the boys know, everybody knows the best team tonight was FC Dallas.”

On using his substitutions at the end of the game:

“To be honest the team that performed today was needing a little bit of gas the last fifteen minutes because like I said, we’ve played three games in a week. If it wasn’t for that reason the boys were ready to play more than 90 minutes with such discipline and character. We had a few options and a few looks at goal and Salt Lake was lucky to walk away with just a point.”

FC Dallas DF Matt Hedges

On playing three games in seven days and earning the road point:

“It felt great. I mean it’s our first clean sheet of the year, something that we’ve been looking to do. Coming into Salt Lake is never an easy place to play and getting a point here and doing it with two or three games in a week is never easy.”

On the performance of the defensive back line:

“Fantastic. Everyone in the back four was really great. We stayed organized, we stayed disciplined and it was just a good performance from everybody. No mistakes and we did what we came here to do.”

FC Dallas GK Chris Seitz

On his first shutout of the season:

“We came in with the mindset of being hard to beat. We knew we were going to create some chances and our goal was to get out of here with a good result. Obviously we didn’t get the three points but we got a clean sheet in a tough place to play so we’re going to take the positives out of this for sure, and try to build for a little home stretch that we can build off this with.”

On the performance of his back line:

“We battled. We just played a really good team and we shut them out in their place. It’s always a tough place to play and for those guys to go out there and do what they did and really put a complete performance on the backline is awesome. We look forward to many more of those.”