Tony Beltran v. Portland Timbers - 8.21.13

Quote Sheet: RSL 3-3 Portland Timbers

Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake Head Coach Jason Kreis

The feeling on being down a man and down a goal in second-half stoppage time:

"I'm feeling a little bit sorry for the guys, I really was. I thought that they deserved more than what they were going to be getting. Had we walked out of here with a loss, I think the guys would have worked harder than that and deserved more. So, I'm really, really pleased that we scored that late goal and have them hold on to maintain the draw."

On the final result:

"I think it's a very dangerous team we were playing there. I think that with that kind of crowd and that kind of momentum, they can get behind them. It's extremely difficult and I have a ton of respect for our opponent. I think when you enter this time of the season, you're always thinking that you want to go places for wins, but if you walk out of places with a draw at this time in the season, that has to be success."

On the tight race for the postseason:

"I think the beauty of it all, is that typically when you're in August, you're starting to think about ‘How am I going to motivate these players?’ ‘How are we going to continue to give our best every game when there's nothing really there to fight for?’ Typically, there's somebody so far out in front that your chances of catching them are very slim. Typically, there's a lot of people down at the bottom, so your chances of not making the playoffs are very slim. So, you begin to kind of lose your way. But this year, I think every single game is being like [tonight], with that intensity, and I think that's fantastic because it should put us in a really good place for the playoffs."

Real Salt Lake MF Ned Grabavoy

On the overall feeling after the game:

"I thought we played some pretty good stuff. Obviously, the PK changed some things in the second half and the red card changed the game as well, but it was a complete battle by everybody, guys who came on as well. It's a real positive for us going forward, hopefully we can take care of business Saturday."

On coming back from a loss to LA:

"I think the loss to LA was one of those games, where you're not clean with the ball. They have two of the best forwards in the league and they punish you when they get their chances. So, I don't think it was overly terrible in that game, but in saying that, you obviously don't want to give up four goals. We gave up three goals tonight, so hopefully we can smooth these things out going forward because we are scoring goals on the other end; but I think it's there. Quickly after that LA game, maybe it's good to have another game right away to get a reaction, and to get a result up here says a lot about this group right now."

On giving up goals on set pieces:

"It could be a number of things. I'm looking sometimes and it seems like everyone is looking around and we're a bit unorganized. It shouldn't be that way, everyone should know where they're supposed to be. We need to clean that up. We can't just keep talking about it."

Real Salt Lake DF Tony Beltran

On the team’s performance:

“It was a fantastic effort by Cole [Grossman], by everyone to fight throughout that on this field, on this surface, with a good team like that. At times, it's not going to be pretty. We knew it was just going to be a battle today, so I think the fact that we showed that heart, that effort; that was a big boost going forward. We needed that response after the LA game.”

On the first goal scored by Portland:

"With set pieces, it's just about commitment, so I'm not really sure what happened on that one – we'll go back and look at it. But we take pride in not giving up things on set pieces and trying to get stuff at the other end on set pieces. So, it's a big disappointment to give up that goal but we have to move forward from it."

On the tight race for playoffs, MLS Supporters’ Shield:

"Not since I've been in the league. It's a great race. It should be interesting coming into these last eight games. It's gonna be fun, it's gonna be a battle, and I'm happy we're right in it."