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MLS YSA policy explained

YSA – Real Salt Lake                                                         

Real Salt Lake and Major League Soccer are committed to the growth of a vibrant and healthy environment in our stadiums.  We are focused on fostering a League-wide culture that embraces the passion of our core fans.  That passion, however, must be displayed in a responsible manner that is in accordance with Real Salt Lake and the MLS Fan Code of Conduct.

RSL has asked our various Supporter Clubs (including, but not limited to: RCB, SCU, La Barra, TRP, and Section 26) to take the lead in eradicating the YSA chant (and parts thereof, such as "You Suck ...") not only within the groups, but also throughout the Stadium.

Since last season, vulgarity in both organized mass fashion and by individual fans has become more problematic for the club, the league and its business partners.  Because of this, an evaluation will be made between now and August 10th at both home and away matches as to ALL RSL FANS commitment to eradicate YSA and other foul language chants.  Those matches include:

  • July 3rd vs. Philadelphia Union
  • July 20th vs. Sporting Kansas City
  • August 3rd @ Colorado Rapids
  • August 10th vs. Houston Dynamo

Members of Real Salt Lake Supporter Clubs have been empowered to (1) demonstrate a universal commitment to eradicate YSA, its derivatives and other chants employing mass use of foul language – both at Rio Tinto Stadium and on the road; (2) support messaging campaigns via web, social media and face-to-face to all supporters, including a public endorsement to eradicate such chants; and (3) energetically overshadow attempts at YSA during goal kicks both at Rio Tinto Stadium and on the road. 

This is a formal notification from both Real Salt Lake and Major League soccer that significant improvements need to be made by the RSL fan base prior to August 11th, 2013.  At that time, Real Salt Lake, with support from Major League Soccer, will decide whether a new strategy needs to be implemented where escalating sanctions against ONLY the offending parties will be imposed for lack of cooperation.

These sanctions could include ejection, revocation of season tickets, banishment from Rio Tinto Stadium and other Major League Soccer venues. Groups who insist on mass utilization of vulgarity in any language are also subject to disciplinary action, including (but not limited to):

  • No smoke devices, flag poles, banners, or other displays permitted at home or away matches
  • Retract parking passes, stadium credentials, and field passes at Rio Tinto Stadium
  • Prohibit drums, megaphones, and Capo Stand

Real Salt Lake and all of its departments are committed to all our Supporters Clubs, their members, and individual fans.  We appreciate the constant support and dedication to the club and are willing to utilize any of their assets to make this League-wide initiative a success. 

We pride ourselves on being the only club in the 100+ year history of North American soccer to have an anthem such as BELIEVE as part of the fabric of our club. Because of this, the bar has been raised and we expect more of ourselves in terms of supporting our beloved Claret-and-Cobalt with passion, respect and class. Be funny, be clever and be better than forcing your fellow fans to explain to their family members what certain words mean.