Jason Kreis v. Chivas USA - 05.19.13
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Quote Sheet: RSL 4-1 Chivas USA



On what it’s like to deal with Chivas USA’s unique tactics:  

“When they give us a different look and a different problem to solve it can be kind of challenging and they were doing it in the first half. They gained a lot of momentum after we scored our goal until about the 35th minute. I think we got back into our game, but they were just doing a lot of different things, taking a lot chances and we aren’t used to seeing some of those thing so it presents some tactical problems.”

On his team’s confidence level:

“This should be our time. It starts with what we did tonight and we look to roll forward with positive momentum for four home games in a row. We need to get on a roll here and get things going.”

On Chivas USA’s style:

“I think it’s interesting. Some of the tactics they’re taking and some of the choices that they’re making with their over-aggressive style. What it does is it opens up a lot of spaces behind them and if you think about our goals tonight, I think they got punished for some of those decisions. On a different line and maybe with some more time together for the group they could be really dangerous without the aggressive mentality.”


Thoughts on the match:

“I think it’s great. We talked a lot before the game about just trying to play simple and not forcing things. We knew we were going to find chances; it was just a matter of finishing them. We probably could have finished a lot more, but the fact that we are creating a lot of chances on the road is a real positive for us.”

On Chivas USA’s performance:

“It’s one of those scenes where things are a little bit difficult. We usually don’t feel like we are numbers down in the midfield but against a team like that we kind of feel we are sometimes. It was difficult for stretches, especially in the first half, but once again we talked about staying organized and doing the right things defensively. We knew we were going to create chances on the other end.”

On RSL’s performance:

“I think we are creating a lot of chances. Goals change games and if you look at it, with the chances we created we have put ourselves in a position not to just tie games but to find three points on the road.”


Thoughts on the match:

“I think we came with what we wanted to do, which is get three points. We had a lot of opportunities and we put some of them away, but the most important thing is we got the three points.”

On his goal:

“It was off a corner. A short corner we played and the ball was cleared by Yordany [Alvarez] and all I did was go back post. I was able to squeeze it in back post. I think it bounced off a player and I was there to clean it up.”

On RSL’s confidence level:

“Being away from home, especially, we don’t have many opportunities to put a few away. It’s always important. It does give us confidence but now we are focused in this week, getting back home and doing the same thing.”




Thoughts on the match:

“In the first half we put the ball in their area a lot of times, but that wasn’t good enough. Today we played better than in the past games, but it is still not enough for this league’s competition. We have 11 points and we are in last place. I wish we were in the eastern conference so we could be in a higher position. In the eastern conference there are other teams that have the same amount of points as we do, but we belong to the Western Conference. Although, being in last place doesn’t worry me. I’m worried that I can’t find a way to win. However, we will continue to put up a fight and we will focus on improving every week.”

On his players’ performance:

“I am very proud of everything that my players do every day. We do as much as we can, but this is just our level.  We have different players now than the ones we had at the beginning of the season, so obviously we play differently. I feel proud of what they did in the beginning of the season and I continue to feel proud of what they’re doing now.”

On what is next for the team:

“I can’t tell you what our future holds, but we will continue to practice, we will continue fighting, and we will play our games. This is what we have and believe me that I am very proud of what my players do. The players that we have do everything they’re supposed to.”


Thoughts on the match:

“The result was bad, unfortunately. We didn’t expect for this to be the result. We felt that we dominated the first half and parts of the second half, but the scoreboard tells a different story. It’s now time to put it behind and to keep working and try to get out of this streak. We had a lot of looks, maybe more than 20. We couldn’t knock them in. we need to work on being able to finish our looks.”

Describing his second-half goal:

“It was a play on the right side. [Edgar] Mejia recovered the ball, fainted, and sent a cross to the second post. The keeper tipped it and it was a header goal.

On the failed comeback:

[Head Coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola] just told us to keep going because there was a lot of game left. If we could have capitalized on some of our opportunities we could have completed the comeback.”


On the team’s slump:

“The last three weeks have not been easy. They’re definitely not been what we’ve worked for in training. Working that hard all week to step out [on the field] and get punished like that is never good. We just have to stick together and go forward. Every team in this league has to go through these spells and the quicker you get out of them the better. We need to just turn this page quickly.”

On playing with a short roster:

“The guys on this team are fighting each and every week and trainings are intense. There is good competition between the spots. Maybe we haven’t played with each other all that much, but at the end of the day when the ball rolls out it’s time to play and we’re capable players.”

Is the team still capable of competing:

“Definitely, that’s why guys are brought in here. We had a good start to the season. Maybe team’s scouted us and figured us out a little more. But now it’s our turn to make adjustments and do what we need to do and worry about ourselves.”