Kyle Beckerman v. Colorado Rapids - 04.06.13
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Quote Sheet: RSL 0-1 Colorado Rapids

Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake Head Coach Jason Kreis

On giving up an early goal:

“I think it’s tough, especially because we had talked about trying to start really aggressively. I wanted to see if we could focus on that for a second week in a row, I feel like when we do that we oftentimes get a good result. We did a lot of talking about starting really well, and we didn’t get it accomplished, obviously.”

On Irwin’s save on Saborio’s penalty:

“A crucial play, of course, is the penalty kick save. Because I think it’s a pretty good shot by Sabo. He’s read it and made a great save, and that’s always going to hurt. I think if we score that goal, it happens so quickly after their first goal that the match is probably completely different. I felt like Sabo, if he scores that penalty then he probably goes on to score two or three more, because he got several clear chances and was very unlucky tonight.”

On how the team prepared for Colorado:

“We don’t get too overly focused on our opponents. We’re still after the same philosophies that we’re after all the time, and those are all dealing with ourselves. We’re not trying to get too much after our opponent’s weaknesses, but just play up to our strengths. I don’t think we did a very effective job of that tonight. There were some moments still, again, where we were good, and unlucky probably not to score, but they had quite a few chances as well.”

On the team defense:

“We gave away one goal; we still gave away probably quite a few chances I don’t think we should have. On a different night where I think our commitment level is a little higher, I don’t think we give up as many chances as we did. I just really felt like the whole group was a foot and a half off, without the ball and with the ball. As we’ve seen so many times before, it’s that last foot and a half of commitment that is oftentimes the difference between winning and losing.”

Real Salt Lake Captain Kyle Beckerman

On the game overall and missed opportunities:

“I think we just didn’t score. We created the chance and just weren’t able to put one away. But on a different night I think we do. I think the main part is the type of the play that we did out there. We controlled the tempo of the game; like you said, we had 60 percent of the possession. That’s what we like to do. And if we continue to play that way we’re going to pick up some points on the road.”

On being down a game in the Rocky Mountain Cup Presented by Mark Miller Subaru:

“We’d like to be in a different position but it’s still there to play for. We’ve won here before so we’re just going to have come and try and win here in that third game and we’ll get it. But for the most part we want to be at the top of the table. We’re not really concerned with Colorado. We concern ourselves with Supporters’ Shields and things like that.”

Real Salt Lake FW Alvaro Saborio

On the saved penalty kick:

“I think you have to look before the keeper moves and it was a good save [from Irwin] and we missed a chance to tie the game.”

On other chances that didn’t go in:

“It’s kind of that game where [I] feel like I play all 90 and I can score. I feel bad because I know if I scored the penalty it’s a different game. But for now we have to stay forward and keep our heads up.”

On being 12 for 12 on penalty kicks before tonight’s game:

“Yeah, I know that I’ve never missed a penalty [for Real Salt Lake]. But it’s football, it happens. You have to be focused and be prepared for another penalty.”


Colorado Rapids

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja

On the result:

“Good, good. We want many things to happen, but definitely we want the Rocky Mountain Cup back. Today is a great day for us. We’re working hard. The boys really fought today, the way they have been fighting for the last weeks. Despite the lack of results, I would say that they deserve more. They kept fighting with determination, and today is a good reward. I thought the game rewarded them today for that fight, and as I say, there are many things that need to be better for sure, but [today] is a day to enjoy. We have been talking about how we can improve this and that, but tonight is about joy, and the boys deserve it.”

On the team’s injuries:

“Who is injured? We move on, we move forward.”

On Clint Irwin’s play:

“It shows what he has been showing since he came to the club. Personality, you know, the kid is unbelievable how he comes up with such a [maturity], and it’s big. He has a high ceiling, too. The way he trains, the way he behaves, the way he shares with the teammates everything – and then that shows. That leads to many things. Once again, tonight was a reward for him with a PK that was not a shaky PK. He came up big.”

On Irwin’s save setting a tone:

“A great moment for us, playing against Real Salt Lake and getting the three points, after frustrating weeks with wanting to get more points because they know that they deserve it. At the end, tonight everything just wrapped the way that we wanted it, against a good rival, a good team as well. The young guys came out with another big game. I say jokingly about the injuries, but you know it’s having people [unavailable] and the other ones came up and show they can put a lot of things on the pitch for us. All these things are important.”

Colorado Rapids GK Clint Irwin

On getting the win:

“It’s awesome. We’ve been pushing hard for three points. I think the fans can see that we’re trying hard, we’re really pushing, trying to put something good together. It finally came together tonight. Clean sheet, great goal that we scored, and I think we can build on this and push forward.”

On saving Saborio’s penalty:

“Leading up to this week, [goalkeeper coach] Chris Sharpe always gives us the scouting report on the penalty takers, and I had a pretty good idea of what Saborio was going to do and how he takes his penalties. Especially after the foul, you just kind of want to say that the ball never lies.”

On the feeling after making the save:

“I was just extremely happy. The past couple games we’ve had two penalties, and I’ve come close to saving them, and honestly I was just sick of having PKs scored on me. We worked on it this week, saving PKs, and it really just comes down to the preparation that the coaches have provided. Give a ton of credit to them for putting me in a good position to make the save.”

Colorado Rapids forward Atiba Harris

On dedicating the goal to his newborn daughter, Keriana, born March 26:

“It was always planned; whenever I scored I was going to dedicate it to her. It’s always a blessing to bring a new life into this life, so I decided to honor her."

On his time since her birth:

“I need some sleep! The last week and a half have been really hectic. We got back from LA then my wife was admitted to the hospital, so it’s been pretty much the whole week at the hospital. It’s a relief now, to have the whole family home.”

On the significance of the victory:

“Whenever we play Salt Lake, we have to win. There is no doubt about it. We’re at home, we need three points, it’s against our rival and we have to win for the city. For the whole state.”