Difference Makers

Difference Makers: Marlisa Lund

We have been season ticket holders from the very beginning. We were so excited when we heard Major League Soccer was coming to Salt Lake City. We followed all the announcements of the new name, the player draft, the selection of a facility, all of it. I remember calling to get our season tickets. I was almost shaking on the phone, I was so excited. We bought ten and gave them to our children for Christmas 2004. It was one of the best Christmases ever. And then the waiting began. We waited – not so patiently – for that first game to finally be played.  It was wonderful. Clint, Brian, and Andy soon became part of our family as we discussed the games each week. Our family has grown bigger as names like Nick, Olave, Will, Chris, Fabi, Javi, Nat, Schuler, Tony, Luis, Ned, Sabo and Kyle have joined our discussions. We thought we knew everything about them.  Jason Kreis was the first player we’d ever seen do a back flip after a goal. It was awesome.

As the seasons have progressed, we have learned to respect different teams and players around the league. We have also learned to dislike names like Blanco, Donovan, Wondolowski and Montero, as they represent the enemy. We have great respect for New York Red Bulls and Colorado Rapids after being hosted so well on the Lions Club trips. And we respect DC United as Robbie Russell is playing for them. However, on the pitch we want to kick their trash right on home.

The announcement of the new stadium in Sandy was also a great day. The addition of the Lions’ Club and being members of it has knitted our hearts to RSL forever. I went by myself to choose our Lions and Club seats in the new stadium. I had my picture taken with Nick Rimando, our new ‘keeper. That picture still sits on our son’s bedside table. It’s so nice to know that he loves me as much as he loves Nick, or perhaps, I am just lucky to be in the picture. We started out with four Lions seats and four Club seats. We now have 8 Lions seats and 4 club seats.

We love the inside scoop from Garth before each game. We have learned so much from him and pretend to be soccer insiders as we quote Garth to our friends. We love the friendships we have with other Lions and the intense love of the game. Being able to associate with the players after the games is a wonderful experience. We are blessed to have players that will talk and take pictures. Our children and their friends treasure the experiences they’ve had in the Lions club. Trading Will has left a deep hole in our hearts as we feel like the players are family. We look forward to seeing him when Portland comes to town. Maybe someday he will be back in a RSL jersey.

Saturday, March 16 is our 23rd wedding anniversary and we are so excited to spend it at our season opener. We look forward to a great year, another MLS cup and a deep run in CONCACAF play. We have been able to introduce the love of soccer and RSL to many people. We really believe it makes for a better life.

Thanks for everything RSL,

Jeff and Marlisa Lund

Matthew, Kyrsti, Tyson, Ryan, Gavin, Ashley, Elizabeth, Janessa and Nathan

Real fans for life