Preseason News

Utah Royals FC Closes Second Leg of Preseason

Long Beach, California (Sunday, March 24, 2019) – Utah Royals FC defeated the University of Southern California, playing in three 30-minute halves to close its second leg of preseason Saturday afternoon. FW Christen Press scored a hat trick and MF Vero Boquete scored her first goal for the club off a free kick positioned at the top of the penalty box.  

URFC picked up its first goal of the day, as draft pick DF Michelle Maemone dribbled past a USC defender directly to the goal and sent the ball to the far post. Just three minutes later, DF Becky Sauerbrunn scored off a free kick distributed by Boquete.

The momentum only progressed after Press scored her first of three goals in the ninth minute as Boquete played a ball behind the USC defense, for Press to sneak behind and finish. FW Amy Rodriguez finished the first half with a goal of her own after a ball hit the goalpost and ended up back at her feet to redirect towards the back of the net.

In the second period of the match, USC was able to convert and scored its only goal of the game. URFC kept a trigger on the attack and ended the final third period with three more goals by FW Raisa Strom-Okimoto, FW Alexandra Kimball, and FW Brittany Ratcliffe.

Utah Royals FC will now travel back to Utah and head into its third leg of preseason next week.

Match: Utah Royals FC vs. University of Southern California

Date: March 23, 2019

Venue: George Allen Field; Long Beach, California


Utah Royals FC: Abby Smith (Nicole Barnhart 31’)(Melissa Lowder 61’); Michelle Maemone (Maddie Nolf 61’), Becky Sauerbrunn (Gaby Vincent 61’), Samantha Johnson, Katie Bowen (Makenzy Doniak 61’); Desiree Scott (Raisa Strom-Okimoto 61’), Lo’eau LaBonta (Taylor Lytle 46’), Vero Boquete, Gunny Jónsdóttir (Mandy Laddish 46’), Amy Rodriguez (Alexandra Kimball 61'); Christen Press (Brittany Ratcliffe 61’)