Real Salt Lake's match against Houston Dynamo on May 28th celebrated the sixth Season Ticket Member Starting XI. The Starting XI is made up of season ticket holders who have been around since the very beginning. These loyal season ticket holders were recognized on the field postgame where they received a team signed RSL kit and a picture on the bench. Thank you to all of our season ticket holders for their dedication to the Club.

Keith and Raye Jean: Section 24

Favorite RSL memory?

"I think our favorite memory is watching the excitement of our grandchildren as they watch the games."

Ryan Frost: Section 17 row G seat 20-23.

You've been a season ticket holder since 2012, do you have a particular year that has been your favorite? Why?

“2012 with the Sabo hat-tricks was great, but my favorite season was the 2021 campaign. Damir's stoppage time goal against SKC to earn a ticket to the playoffs was incredible. Eliminating both Seattle and Kansas City from the playoffs was worth the heartbreak at Providence Park.”

Jenn Sparks: Section 2 row E seat 1-2.

Who do you come to games with and what is your favorite memory with them at the RioT?

"I attend the games with my husband Andrew. My favorite memory at the RioT is July 19, 2014. This was the day that we got married and continued our reception in the tailgate lot and at the game. We bought tickets for our bridal party to celebrate with us."

Chris and Annemarie Otanez: Section 31 row C seats 1-4.

Who is your favorite player and why?

"My wife would pick Brooks Lennon. Not because he's a good player though, because she thinks he's cute. She told him that too. For me it's hard to pick. There's so many. From Kyle to Nick, then you've got Espinolda, Nat, Oliver, Andy and Javin, I could go on. I won't though, so my all time would be Plata. He was fun to watch and I still follow him on his new team, Delfín Sporting Club. He is fast and looks happy all the time. He was also good to the fans when we got to meet him"

Jentrie Wilson: Section 26 row C seats 3-4.

Who do you come to the games with and what is your favorite memory with them at the RioT?

"I have been a season ticket holder since 2005 - pretty much all of my family and friends have come to games with me, which has been the coolest thing in the world. I met my husband Weldon in 2015, and he’s been ride-or-die for RSL with me ever since.

Not sure if I could pick just one memory, but here are a few of our favorites so far: first game in Riot history, all of our CCL run (even though that last game still hurts), Sabo scoring seconds after coming back from injury, Paul McCartney, 2009 MLS All-Star Game, Man U, knocking out Portland in 2019, and watching so, so many snow games in shorts."

Matthew Pack: Section 26 row L seats 19-23.

What has been your favorite kit over the years?

"The kit question is a bit difficult but I think I have 2 favorites.  I prefer the kits with both red jersey and shorts so I'll say 2018-19 probably being my favorite with the blue sleeves, blue tipped shorts and yellow accents.  My second favorite is the 2019-2020 away kit with the splatter red across the jersey.  This was different and I liked it. With the White shorts and socks it looked nice."

Matthew Buckway: Section 8 row A seats 8,9,13,14

What has been your favorite kit over the years?

"My favorite kits are 2010 and 2018. I like clean, simplistic kits, I really like the black kit as an option as well. I'm a huge fan of the camouflage kits but never was able to snag one, they all sold out quick."

Courtnee Neilsen: Section 12 row P seats 19-22

If you could choose the starting lineup for the next match, who would you choose?

"Zac MacMath, Justen Glad, Aaron Herrera, Marcelo Silva, Andrew Brody, Rubio Rubin, Pablo Ruiz, Damir Kreilach, Anderson Julio, Bobby Wood, Justin Meram"

Terry Moore: Section 1 row K seat 15

What made you purchase season tickets?

"I couldn’t resist becoming a season ticket holder. To see every home game, yes please!"

Jenny Murdock: Section 22 row P seat 3-4.

Brandon Waite: Section 4 row H seats 1-4