Real Salt Lake celebrated its Season Ticket Member Starting XI against Minnesota United on August 31. The Starting XI is made up of season ticket holders who have been around since the very beginning. These loyal season ticket holders were recognized on the field postgame where they received a team signed RSL kit and a picture on the bench. Thank you to all our season ticket holders for their dedication to the Club.

David Walker, Section 27 row K seats 3-6

Who is your all-time favorite player and why?

"My favorite players are Nick Rimando because he is the GOAT, Kyle Beckerman because I’d like to ask him about his U.S. Men’s National Team and World Cup experience and Jamison Olave since he’s my buddy’s idol.”

Janell Esplin: Section 28 row D seats 5-7

If you could have dinner with two RSL players, who would they be and why?

“The two players I would like to have dinner with are Justen Glad and Aaron Herrera. I would pick those two because we have watched them grow up with this Club. It would be pretty cool to learn more about them individually and their friendship.”

Kristy Sauter: Section 36 row C seats 11-12.

What made you purchase season tickets?

“From the first time I stepped into the stadium over a decade ago, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the RSL family. There’s just no place like it. I played soccer myself from the time I was little up into college and beyond, and it’s great to still be part of the sport and watch our guys every match.”

Parker Lambert: Section 37 row N seats 21-22.

Who do you come to games with and what is your favorite memory with them at the stadium?

"I come to RSL games with my friends and family and when I’m not at the games, I give out my tickets, and don’t ask for anything in return. I do this because I just want to share my passion with others. I’ve been coming to matches for over 10 years now so I too many memories to choose from."

Valerie Hawker: Section 1 row D seats 8-9

Who is your current favorite RSL players and why?

"I would say as far as newer players go, Rubio Rubin. We’ve followed him since his debut with RSL and the love and support from his family is heartwarming. We are also Zac MacMath fans already. When Ochoa wasn’t playing this season, we felt MacMath really stepped up his game. I will always be a Rimando fan at heart, but MacMath’s becoming a close second.

Then it would probably be Justen Glad. He usually plays near our seats and always shows love for our section. On occasion we see him laugh at our jokes and banter while still keeping his head in the game.”

Andrew Garlick: Section 8 row J seat 6

Who do you come out to games with?

“The people that I come to games with are my two older brothers and their wives. I’ve had the opportunity to be season ticket holders with them since 2021 and it has been a blast going to games with them. My favorite memory at the stadium was watching Rubio Rubin’s bicycle kick goal last year. It has always been one of my favorite memories since being a STM and I rewatch it on YouTube regularly. It is by far one of my favorite memories as an STM and something I will never forget because I got to see it live with my two older brothers.”

Zach White: Section 23 row A seats 7-10

What has been your favorite kit over the years?

"My favorite kit over the years has to be the camo kit. I love that RSL represented and respected all our military and first responders.”

Jeff and Davin Green: Section 26 row M seats 6-8

Nate Garlick: Section 8 row J seat 7

Amy Moore: Section 22 row F seats 3-4

Danny Del Valle: Section 22 row A seats 16-17