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RSL April 20, 2023 Bilingual Quote Sheet (English)

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First off, going to the Great Salt Lake. How cool of an experience was that and being a part of that awesome new Saves for the Great Salt Lake Initiative?

"It was cool to get out there and kind of really see the issues that the Great Salt Lake is having and hear it from a scientist's perspective of how bad it really is. Hopefully our initiative will help the lake."

You get to play in front of the home fans this week. What are you looking forward to most and how do you think the team will improve upon your performance last week?

"I think we've had two good performances in a row. Obviously disappointing to lose away at Dallas, but excited to get in front of our own fans. Hopefully we'll have some good weather and they can help cheer us on to victory this Saturday.

"And then finally, Zach what are your personal goals for the rest of the season?

"To get this team to the playoffs is my number one goal."

First of all, as someone who loves to be outdoors, how was the experience of visiting the Great Salt Lake?

"Every time i have an opportunity to experience something like that, I like to participate because like you said, I love being outdoors whenever I have any free time. I love being in the mountains or places like that. I've been before but only to a different part of the lake. Without a doubt this experience was very beautiful. I learned a bit more about the difficulties that the lake is currently going through. It's nice to be able to spread the message that this is one of those places we have to take care of and protect."

What did you learn on this trip? 

"I learned that it's an important habitat for a lot of animals that live there and depend on the well being of this location. That's why we're emphasizing the importance of taking caring care of it and keeping it as healthy as possible. Maybe from the outside people don't see it, but that's why we're promoting it and why the experience of being there and being able to speak to an expert about it is amazing. We hope, or at least I hope, we can all be a little more conscious about it and that we can influence people to protect places like the Great Salt Lake."

Obviously a difficult result in Dallas, how are you feeling in returning home and going up against San Jose this weekend? 

"Yes, difficult because I think we had a great game and felt we played better in that match and felt very good with the ball and with possession. Sometimes in the sport of futbol, the game plays out like that. You play better than your opponent and still don't get those three points. That's why we're here, working hard on that. We get to play at home and it's incredibly important that we get those points. We're going into it with that approach and we're hopeful that, that will be the case. We're most certainly working towards that.”

Tell us a bit about your partnehsip with Brayan Vera on the left side, do you feel like you're building chemistry together? It appears as though you two have a friendship that's blossoming. 

"Yes, I think he's a footballer who came in with plenty of experience and has helped us a lot from day one. On rare occasions you come across players like him who comes in with plenty of experience and helps the team tremendously who doesn't feel like they're new to the team. It feels like he has been here with us for a long time and I think he's doing an amazing job. Obviously we work closely on the pitch and we feel very comfortable with him. I hope he continues to grow as a player and I think that if he does, it's going to take us far as a team.”

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