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RSL April 13 2023 Bilingual Quote Sheet (English)


Now that you've had time to reflect on an exciting 3-1 win over Charlotte, how are you feeling and what are the takeaways from that game beyond the three points?

"I feel very happy for all the hard work that we collectively put into that game, leading up to it of course, but also over the last few weeks. We knew we were playing at home with our fans, our people, we couldn't lose this game. We knew we needed to come out to win which is the same mentality that we have every game, but obviously sometimes we don't get the results we want, but we're very motivated right now especially with how the game went on Saturday. Now we're headed to Dallas and our objective is another three points."

What are your thoughts on Dallas and how has the week in training gone in preparation for this match?

"We are at 100% in our preparation for this match. We are all motivated and looking for more of what we had on Saturday against Charlotte. We're all going in with a strong mentality, a positive mentality and we're ready to continue this. We know we haven't been in the best of positions and looking to continuing reversing that."

Talk to me about your goal and your personal performance this past weekend. What are the emotions behind how the game played out?

"Getting a goal and the emotions behind it is something you can't explain. It's a goal that put us up, 2-1 and I felt happy, in that moment I wanted to feel that weight lifted off my shoulder after having had so many chances and not having scored. I felt a little liberated and I hope I'm able to score many more goals and help my team."

Let's talk about Andrés Gómez... you have a strong friendship and connection with him, what was it like as a teammate and as a friend to see him get those two assists knowing his journey through this transition for him?

"I'm so happy for him because he has grown so much since he first got here, you can see he's loosened up a lot and he's gaining confidence when he touches the ball, you can see him talking more, he makes runs and he's such a fast player that it makes it hard for others to stop him and we have to take advantage of having that in him, we know his abilities and we know he makes it easier on us all around. I have a really good relationship with him on and off the pitch, he's like a brother to me. We're almost always together, we always go out together, we love to go eat, we come to training together and for me, it's like like he's my younger brother. "

How does that feel to get your first minutes with the first team under your belt?

“It feels good, to just kind of continue where I left off last year. I think the most important thing, besides the minutes, is just helping the team get more wins, keeping the playoffs in mind and trying to get back to where we were last year.”

How did it feel to get all three points at home in an important game?

“It was good. You know, you always wanna win at home, so if you don't, it definitely feels like dropping points, so as long as we can keep doing that, I think we'll be in a pretty good place.”

What was it like working through your preseason injury and how are you feeling now?

“It was definitely tough. I felt like I was pushing for minutes and then I picked up the hamstring injury. It's never fun to be out, but being smart with that and taking three weeks off and then just coming back in at home in front of your own fans, getting a much needed win, obviously picks up momentum. It just makes you more excited for the next one. I feel a hundred percent now, so hopefully. Doing what I can for the team and whatever that means. Hopefully getting some starts here and there and, maybe a couple goals, but we'll see.”