Utah Royals FC 0-2 OL Reign FC
Cheney Stadium; Tacoma, Washington
Saturday, October 17, 2020
Utah Royals FC
Head Coach Amy LePeilbet
On the offensive struggle in the match:
“In the first half, we just let them outmuscle us.  It was a physical battle to start and they pushed us around a little bit and we were ok with it.  In the second half, we finally turned the tide.  With probably 25 minutes left, we finally made the choice to start playing, start connecting, start building up the field, playing at speed at a high-tempo, physically holding our own and taking better care of the ball.  We then got ourselves into dangerous positions and we created some good opportunities.  We didn’t put those away, but we were creating them in those last 20 minutes.”
On the vacant head coaching job:
“I definitely enjoyed it.  So I wouldn’t count it out.  I’m definitely interested because I’ve enjoyed it.  I think this team is still growing and has so much ahead of them.  It would be exciting to continue to be a part of that.”
On Michele Vasconselos’ debut:
“I thought Michele came in and lifted the group.  I thought she did really well.  She defensively was getting after them, putting pressure on that backline, making it difficult for them to get out.  In the attack, she took care of the ball for us, she was creative on the dribble and got into dangerous positions.  I think she absolutely helped us create those opportunities in that last bit.”
On being the interim head coach in the Fall Series:
“It was unexpecting that I stepped into this role, but it’s been enjoyable.  The team was very supportive and that was, of course, nice.  As a group we were very committed to the process.  I really enjoyed training every day, preparing for the games, focusing on a couple keys to help us improve from game-to-game.  Overall, it’s been an enjoyable process and I love being a part of this team.”
On what she looks forward to in 2021:
“Going into 2021 I think it’s exciting or at least I hope that we have a full season.  That alone is exciting.  It’s been slightly different this year.  The Challenge Cup was fantastic, but it was definitely a different route than our normal full season.  I’ll look forward to that.  Having the full six weeks of preseason to really lay down the foundation and put together our style with the team on the same page ready to roll into that first game and then building throughout the season - I think that’s what I look forward to the most.”
Forward Amy Rodriguez
On the match:
“I felt like the field was really sloppy.  It was really difficult out there to play like the Royals know how to and play our pretty style of soccer that we wanted to go out there and play tonight.  Unfortunately the ball was bouncing all sorts of ways.  It was really difficult to connect passes.  We just couldn’t get our attack steamrolling forward.  It was a disappointing night for me personally.  I know all the Royals are hanging their heads a little bit right now.  We hate ending our season on a loss like that.  But I do think the last 25 minutes we really did push and gave an effort and we can step away feeling proud of that.”
On what she looks forward to in 2021:
“A fresh start.  I think we are looking forward to a revamp, a redo, refresh.  I know personally I have a lot of things to work on in my offseason - things that I didn’t get to work on this year due to coronavirus, due to a fractured season, and I know every single player in our locker room wants to get better for next season.  We are going to work on improvement and hopefully come back again in a stronger way for 2021.”
On her biggest takeaway from the Fall Series:
“Our team went through a lot in the last month, more than a team should go through.  We had a lot of weight on our shoulders.  We came together as a unit.  The team is really passionate and unified together.  What came of this last month was definitely that, having to lean on each other.  That’s the definition of a team - having players to your left and right that you depend on, you fight for, you fight without on the field.  We hope to build that into our 2021 season and hope to use this as momentum.”
On her on-field assessment of the Fall Series:
“I wouldn’t say our performance was where it needed to be.  We have a very high standard here at the Royals and we know that we weren’t playing at it.  There were glimpses of that and we feel positive knowing that we have that potential.  Like any player does, we look at where we can improve.  I know personally there are a few areas that I can work on.  I think the team is leaving with a little bit of a sour taste in our mouths knowing that we didn’t complete the Fall season how we wanted to.  But we are looking forward to a refresh with all the changes going on in the field, off the field, around the organization.  I’m confident that the Royals organization will be on the front foot soon and steamrolling ahead like we should be.”
Forward Michele Vasconcelos
On making her Royals debut:
“It’s definitely been interesting since I got here because it feels like I came and then everything changed.  I’ve just been trying to work hard at practice so it was exciting to get into the game and show a little bit of what I can do.  Obviously big hope for next year and a lot to work on going forward.”
On the match:
“I think the first half we just didn’t come out like we were hoping to.  I think that set the tone for the game.  In the last 25-30 minutes we really started pushing and getting more chances.”
On what she looks forward to in 2021:
“I have no control over what happens here so I’m really looking forward to trying to play and train as much as I can so that I can come back full steam next year.  It was a weird year for everyone but especially coming off of an ACL, I’m looking to hit the offseason hard and then be ready for next year.”
On the Fall Series:
“I think with all the chaos going on within the organization I’ve been really impressed with the girls, I’ve been really impressed with the girls and the unity they’ve displayed there and the positivity and how we’ve been pushing each other.  I think if we can bring this group in next year and have the same energy and then just clean up the soccer a little bit I think we’re going to be really good.”