Quote Sheet

Real Salt Lake 0-1 LA Galaxy

Dignity Health Sports Park; Carson, California

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Head Coach Freddy Juarez

On first time this season being scoreless in back to back games:

“​​I think we’re getting good shots and looks. Sometimes they go in, sometimes they don’t. Scoring is the hardest part of the game. I’ve got to go back and look. I always go back and watch the video, but I can remember two or three clear good chances that are maybe a goal on another night. Just like them. They were only able to get that one and it's not easy, it's not as easy to score and sometimes you're getting opportunities. Same with Houston. We had three or four clear opportunities and we didn't put them away. But other nights we do and that's the consistency that we need. You have to put that goal away. You put that goal away, we are winning the game.”

On Jonathan Menendez’s performance:

“I think he's an honest worker which is what we like in modern day footballers. They've got a comfortable face to the game. I think he's got an exciting technical skill that he can receive between the pockets. But also, he can stretch the game. He has that knack of turning and wanting to go forward, which is another great strength that you want to have as a player. It's not your first thinking forward and attack in the secondary it's the possession and we love that from him. He's an honest, hard working guy that the group likes so we like him. I think he's only going to get better. It was his first start. A lot of times when you come into the game as a sub, you have time to work your nerves out and analyze the game. Getting a start in the game you probably have to work yourself up and get a little bit nervous. But he's going to be a fun player for us and an exciting player and the player that contributes for us, makes us a better team.”

On Damir being named an All-Star:

“I’m so happy. He deserves every bit of it. He's been a consistent player for us since the first day that he arrived. Some of the things, I'm sure you've heard. But some of the things that you don't see every day is what everything else that he is. What he brings in the locker room. What he brings as a friend, as a human being, to the club, to his teammates. The work that he puts in on the day to day. I gave him a little nickname, The Machine. He's a machine. As soon as the game ends he's looking for the next game and how he can best prepare for it and recover. He just has an unbelievable unselfish mentality that's all about the group. Whatever he can do to prepare to help the group out the next time. I'm so happy for him. The team is so happy for him. All of us should be very happy. He deserves every bit of this recognition 100%.”

Defender Aaron Herrera

On his defensive role:

“We were pretty solid defensively, obviously they got us on a couple counters but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone score more than two goals on us in one game. It’s frustrating giving up that goal. Just one lapse cost us.”

On the potential offside goal:

“No comment, not going to do us any good. It’s not going to reverse the call, but at first I thought it was off. I haven’t seen Twitter or anything yet.”

On three away games:

“Everyone’s a little down obviously. Once again we felt like we definitely could have won. We have to bounce back where we’re back in two days, like you said in Portland. Another tough place to go but I mean we have to go in with the mentality we went in against Colorado at home. We feel like our backs are against the wall a little bit, we're always lingering around the playoff line. If we want to get ourselves back above it we have to get a result on the weekend and then we’re back home next weekend. “

Midfielder Albert Rusnak

Positives from the match:

“I feel like we’re kind of repeating ourselves. There were a lot of positives to take away from the game. We’ve got to keep our heads high. We’re playing another game in three days and that win can change a lot of things and can change the view on the three road games we’ve had in a row. Yes, we are frustrated. There were some good things and some not so good things. We have to learn from it and stay positive, stay together as a group, and then go again on Saturday.”

On his scoring chance:

“I haven’t seen the video to see whether there was a supporting player or not. Aaron [Herrera] gave me a good ball inside and I took a good first touch that put the defender away. I was inside the 18-yard box, so I was always going to shoot. And the goalkeeper made a good save, but I feel like I made the right decision.”

On the offensive game plan:

“I thought Jonathan Menendez and Anderson Julio did well. I felt that as a team we were all in a game. It was a 50-50 game about who scores the first goal and that’s what they did. And then they brought extra defenders on, they started playing more defensively and just clearing the balls. It wasn’t easy to break down 11 men, but we managed to create chances. Unfortunately, we didn’t score a goal. As far as momentum going into Portland, there are some things that we can learn from tonight and there are some things we can take from tonight and repeat in the Portland game and have more success than we had tonight. Overall, we can think about it today, watch video tomorrow and then from tomorrow on it’s all about Portland.”