Quote Sheet

Real Salt Lake 0-0 Houston Dynamo FC

BBVA Stadium; Houston, Texas

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Head Coach Freddy Juarez

On taking a point in Houston:

“We wanted to get the ball into the attacking half and from there if we could go forward, we needed to go forward. If the opportunity wasn’t there because of numbers or congestion, we wanted to switch the point of attack in their half and I think we did well. We ended up getting more possession throughout the game. It was tough in the first half. Every team goes through it, but it takes a while to find your second wind in the heat. When the guys found it in the second half we got more control of the game. Because of that we created two or three clear opportunities. We were a little unlucky and also it was quality from there to block a couple shots, but it wasn't until we went a man down that we got a little frantic and a little stretched.”

On playing conditions:

“You couldn’t ask for more from the guys mentally. We didn’t talk about the humidity all week, we just knew that we had to come in here with a strong mentality and endure the tough times of the game. In the moments that we could get control of the match, we talked about extending the duration of that to keep the ball. As the game wore on we got a whole lot better at that. It’s tough. The last couple of times that we have come here it’s been earlier in the season so it's a little bit different weather, but the heat is the real deal. It’s just hovering above you. For the guys, I have nothing but praise for them. We were sweating just watching, so I can only imagine how it is running around the field in competition.”

Goalkeeper Zac MacMath

On going down a man:

“I would be lying if I said it wasn’t stressful, but the guys did a great job adjusting to being down a man. We took the sting out of the game a little bit with that foul. We reorganized and talked about which formation we were going to play to make sure that Rubio was a bit deeper to help us defensively get to the final whistle and he did a great job.”

On preparation during the week:

“I found out on either Monday or Tuesday. Freddy called me into the office to let me know about Ochoa’s injury. At that point I just started getting ready for the game mentally and physically, getting my body ready to come down here to Houston and help the team get a zero.”

On earning the start:

“It felt great. Watching games every weekend hurts, but to get out there and be with the boys that I train with day in and day out and actually have an effect on the weekend feels great.”

On humid conditions:

“The humidity is brutal down here. Speaking to some of the Houston players they said that this was actually a mild game for them. We knew coming in that this was going to be more of a mental game. The physical side was going to take its toll so staying in it mentally was going to get us through 90 plus minutes.The guys did a great job battling through this humidity.”

Defender Ashtone Morgan

On increased playing time:

“It’s amazing, it feels great. All the hard work I’ve been doing behind the scenes, helping with the lads and the boys as much as I can even if I’m not on the pitch, I feel like I’m getting rewarded for all the hard work I’ve put in this year. I’m trying to enjoy every minute as much as I can. Really happy with the road point today and we keep on moving.” 

On his confidence against Colorado and Houston:
“I felt like I got my legs under me in this match, even with the conditions. I feel good. I feel confident. My teammates make it easy for me, they make it really clear and obvious for me and they allow me to do what I do best. I’m just here to help the team as best as I can.” 

On the heat and humidity in Houston:

“I’m not going to beat around the bush, it was difficult conditions, but collectively, as a team, with the game plan we were all on the same page today. Unlucky to nip one and not get the three points, but all the boys rallied together and helped Zac [MacMath] get the clean sheet. Any other day that game could go our way, but we’ll take the point and look forward to the next match.”