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MLS Announces Eligible Player Lists for Offseason Roster Mechanisms, including Free Agency, End-of-Year Waivers, and Stage 1 of the Re-Entry Process

MLS Free Agents

NEW YORK_ (Wednesday, November 16, 2022) – Major League Soccer today released the list of players eligible for Free Agency on Wednesday, Nov. 16, and Stage 1 of the Re-Entry Process and End-of-Year Waivers on Thursday, Nov. 17. _The Re-Entry List is subject to change and players eligible for Re-Entry, Stage 2 will be announced the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 22.

Free Agency

Free Agency will open today, Nov. 16 at 1 p.m. ET for players who are at least age 24 with at least five MLS service years that are either option-declined or out-of-contract at the end of the 2022 MLS season. Free Agents can negotiate a new contract with any MLS club, including their previous team, subject to certain restrictions. There is no limit on the number of Free Agents a team may sign each year.

Free Agency Eligible Player List:

Afful, Harrison - Option Declined

Akindele, Tesho - Option Declined

Alfaro, Tony - Option Declined

Ambrose, Mikey - Option Declined

Anibaba, Jalil - Option Declined

Auro Jr. - Option Declined

Beitashour, Steven - Option Declined

Bendik, Joe - Out of Contract

Bersano, Matt - Option Declined

Besler, Nick - Option Declined

Boateng, Emmanuel - Option Declined

Bono, Alex - Out of Contract

Bornstein, Jonathan - Out of Contract

Bruin, Will - Option Declined

Burke, Cory - Option Declined

Callens, Alexander - Out of Contract

Cameron, Geoff - Option Declined

Cerén, Darwin - Out of Contract

Cropper, Cody - Option Declined

Danladi, Abu - Option Declined

DeLaGarza, A.J. - Out of Contract

Diop, Clement - Option Declined

Duncan, Kyle - Out of Contract

Escobar, Franco - Out of Contract

Espinoza, Roger - Out of Contract

Etienne Jr., Derrick - Out of Contract

Felipe - Option Declined

Fisher, Oniel - Option Declined

Fontas, Andreu - Out of Contract

Hairston, Marlon - Out of Contract

Hamid, Bill - Out of Contract

Hansen, Niko - Option Declined

Hayes, Jacori - Option Declined

Hedges, Matt - Option Declined

Hoesen, Danny - Option Declined

Hurtado, Erik - Option Declined

Ibeagha, Sebastien - Out of Contract

Irwin, Clint - Out of Contract

Jiménez, Hector - Option Declined

Johnson, Sean - Out of Contract

Jones, Joevin - Out of Contract

Jungwirth, Florian - Out of Contract

Kamara, Ola - Out of Contract

Kappelhof, Johan - Option Declined

Kempin, Jon - Option Declined

Kitchen, Perry - Option Declined

Kljestan, Sacha - Out of Contract

Knighton, Brad - Out of Contract

Long, Aaron - Out of Contract

Matarrita, Ronald - Option Declined

Mavinga, Chris - Option Declined

Medranda, Jimmy - Out of Contract

Meredith, Bryan - Option Declined

Miller, Eric - Out of Contract

Miller, Tyler - Option Declined

Montero, Fredy - Option Declined

Moor, Drew - Option Declined

Moutinho, João - Out of Contract

Nerwinski, Jake - Option Declined

Odoi-Atsem, Chris - Option Declined

Osorio, Jonathan - Out of Contract

Pantemis, James - Option Declined

Putna, Andrew - Option Declined

Quintero, Darwin - Option Declined

Remedi, Eric - Out of Contract

Ricketts, Tosaint - Option Declined

Rodríguez, Memo - Option Declined

Salinas, Shea - Out of Contract

Sanchez, Rich - Option Declined

Santos, Pedro - Option Declined

Shea, Brek - Option Declined

Silva, Marcelo - Out of Contract

Smith, Brad - Option Declined

Tajouri-Shradi, Ismael - Option Declined

Tarbell, Andrew - Option Declined

Thompson, Tommy - Option Declined

Tinnerholm, Anton - Out of Contract

Valentin, Zarek - Option Declined

Villafaña, Jorge - Option Declined

Zardes, Gyasi - Out of Contract

Zavaleta, Eriq - Option Declined

Zusi, Graham - Option Declined

End-of-Year Waivers

On Thursday, Nov. 17 (5 p.m. ET), the End-of-Year Waivers process gives the clubs that finished at the bottom of the 2022 standings the first opportunities to select players who are out of contract at the end of the year, whose options are not exercised, who are not subject to first right of refusal, and who are not eligible for Free Agency or Re-Entry Draft.

Beginning in reverse order, and taking into account postseason performance, D.C. United will select first. The 2022 MLS Cup champions Los Angeles Football Club will have the 28th pick, and expansion club St. Louis CITY SC will have the 29th selection to end each round.

End-of-Year Waivers List:

Castellano, Jesús - New York Red Bulls

Ferdinand, Keesean - CF Montréal

Fernandes, Thiago - Houston Dynamo FC

Fuentes, Gilbert - San Jose Earthquakes

Garcia, Christopher - Real Salt Lake

Giraldo, Tomas - CF Montréal

Henry, Doneil - Toronto FC

Hoffmann, Ian - Houston Dynamo FC

Ocampo-Chávez, Alfonso - Seattle Sounders FC

Palomino, Marcelo - Houston Dynamo FC

Quiñónez, Joshué - FC Dallas

Rad, Kaveh - Sporting Kansas City

Redžić, Benjamin - FC Dallas

Reynolds, Andre - Chicago Fire FC

Roberts, Thomas - FC Dallas

Sunderland, Beckham - FC Cincinnati

Turner, Cole - Philadelphia Union

Re-Entry Draft, Stage 1

The Re-Entry Draft, Stage 1 begins on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 1 p.m. ET. Similar to the End-of-Year Waivers process, the Re-Entry Draft is conducted in the reverse order of the final 2022 season standings, keeping in mind postseason performance and any trades impacting selection order. During the Re-Entry Draft, MLS clubs can select players who are at least 22 years old and have a minimum of one year of MLS service who are out of contract and did not receive a Bona Fide Offer or whose contract options were not exercised by their clubs.

*Note: The Re-Entry List is subject to change since players can opt out.

Re-Entry Draft Eligible Player List:

Achara, Ifunanyachi - Option

Acosta, George - Option

Asomani, George - Option

Bailey, Zico - Option

Bajamich, Mateo - Option

Baldisimo, Michael - Out of Contract

Barber, Grayson - Option

Bartlett, Lucas - Option

Bassong, Zorhan - Option

Bikel, Janio - Option

Blackett, Tyler - Option

Bodily, Blake - Option

Castanheira, Dylan - Option

Castellanos, Robert - Option

Corona, Joe - Option

Corozo, Washington - Option

Cruz, Allan - Option

De John, Alex - Out of Contract

DeZart, Joey - Option

Djeffal, Sofiane - Option

Donasiyano, Irakoze - Option

Edwards, Michael - Option

Egbo, David - Option

ElMedkhar, Kalil - Option

Esteves, Lucas - Option

Fochive, George - Option

Franco, Alan - Option

Fuchs, Christian - Option

Godinho, Marcus - Option

Gomes, Eulânio - Option

González, Jonathan - Out of Contract

Gregus, Ján - Option

Grinwis, Adam - Out of Contract

Gudiño, Raúl - Option

Guediri, Sami - Option

Gutiérrez, Felipe - Out of Contract

Haji, Siad - Option

Halsey, Bret - Option

Hernandez, Nicky - Option

Higuaín, Gonzalo - Option

Hundley, Matt - Option

Igbekeme, James - Option

Isimat-Mirin, Nicolas - Option

Jansson, Robin - Option

Jennings, Cal - Option

Johnsen, Bjørn - Option

Kaptoum, Wilfrid - Option

Kibunguchy, Nabilai - Option

Kizza, Edward - Option

Kleemann, Frederik - Option

Klinsmann, Jonathan - Option

Latinovich, Vuk - Option

Lemoine, Nico - Option

Markanich, Nick - Option

Matuidi, Blaise - Option

Mayaka, Philip - Option

McMaster, Justin - Option

McNeill, Quinn - Option

Métanire, Romain - Option

Meyer, Will - Option

Mines, Ben - Option

Montgomery, Callum - Out of Contract

Munjoma, Eddie - Option

Newton, Evan - Option

Okello, Noble - Out of Contract

Owusu, Leonard - Option

Perez, Adrien - Option

Pozuelo, Alejandro - Out of Contract

Pulisic, William - Option

Rodríguez, Santiago - Out of Contract

Romero, Tomás - Option

Ryan, Zach - Option

Santos, Laukoa - Option

Segura, Eddie - Out of Contract

Sekulić, Boris - Out of Contract

Smith, Kimarni - Option

Sowe, Omar - Option

Tello, Cristian - Option

Trejo, Danny - Option

Urso, Júnior - Out of Contract

Van Rankin, Josecarlos - Option

Vázquez, Victor - Option

vom Steeg, Justin - Option

Washington, Bryce - Option

Westberg, Quentin - Out of Contract

Wood, Bobby - Option

Yao, Karifa - Option

Zeca - Option

Zelalem, Gedion – Option

The final postseason roster mechanism will be Stage 2 of the Re-Entry Draft, which will be conducted on Tuesday, Nov. 22. The list of players eligible for Re-Entry, Stage 2 will also be announced the morning of Nov. 22.