Concession Map 2024

America First Field Concessions Offerings 2024 Season

Sandy Sandwich Co: Hot Sandwiches with house-made kettle chips. Featuring Tri-Tip Chimichurri Panini, House-Smoked Pastrami, Classic Cheesesteak or Buffalo Chicken. Also featuring drinks, beer & traditional stadium snacks. Section 22

Fresh KicksYour one stop spot for dietary needs. Featuring Vegan and Avoiding Gluten Hot Wraps, plant-based dogs, Tina’s Vegan Empanadas and Gluten Free Cupcakes by Sprinkles. Section 22

Float On: Delicious Dole Whip, Gourmet Ice Cream Floats, and Award-Winning Edible Cookie Dough on the west concourse. Section 22

Sprinkles Cupcakes: Spreading love in every bite. Sprinkles cupcakes are always made with the finest ingredients, creating a spark that makes your taste buds dance. You’ll want to indulge each and every decadent flavor. Check on their new cart at section 23 and special Gluten Free offerings at Fresh Kicks section 22

J. Dawgs: Two locations including the trailer on the North-West corner and a new stand on the East side. Serving quarter-pound all-beef hot dogs, Polish sausages & Fries. A Utah classic! Section 24 & 35

Totally Nutz: family owned and operated, providing the highest quality and absolute freshest cinnamon-glazed pecans, cashews, and almonds in the state of Utah. Two carts to choose from at Sections 24 & 33

Roonie’s Ice Cream: born in Heber City Utah, this locally owned artisan ice cream maker will continue to offer ice cream bars, bowls, and sandwiches from their cart locations while adding a new stand this year. By popular demand they will be offering soft serve with a fun and tasty twist. Stand at Section 27 carts at Section 2 and the plaza

Fizz:  A delicious modern twist on the old soda fountain shop. Original dirty soda and snacks located in a new stand at Section 27 

City Grill: This year’s Burger of the Match will adapt based on our opponent’s local cuisine and flair. In addition to our flame grilled Wasatch Meats Double Cheeseburgers; chicken tenders, fries and our new signature Hooligan Fry Bowl, a cheesesteak covered fry filled souvenir soccer bowl, will be available here. City Grill also features stadium classic snacks, drinks and beers. Section 28 

Tap Works: your place for the largest selection of draft beers in the stadium. Section 29

Dominos: New to the line-up this year located on the North Concourse, come grab a pizza and a famous Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake. Section 30

Kona Ice: Vibrant flavors that give a refreshing twist.One of a kind gourmet shaved ice experience available at Section 31 and in the plaza

Grab N Goal: Our popular grab n go stand allows fans to quickly get their own selections without having to order. Try a Wasatch Meats Double Cheeseburger, Footlong Nathan’s All Beef Dog or Corndog along with pretzels, churros, icee’s, cocoas, and ice cream plus the stadium’s largest variety of drinks and beers. Section 32

Chile Verde: Rio Tinto’s favorite Mexican food is back serving fan favorite burritos, tacos, and nachos plus specialty horchata and mangoneada beverages plus signature Mexican desserts and snacks. Now located on the East Concourse Section 34

Royal Feast: Stadium Favorites and snacks. Now featuring The Dog of the Match, it will adapt based on our opponent’s local cuisine and flair. Also home to the signature loaded      1-pound baked potatoes and a variety of snacks including frozen lemonade, beverages, and beers. Section 2

Cup Bop: serving crazy good Korean food, served with a smile. Bop on by for a new taste adventure. Unique Korean style dishes and a special brand of fun is always on the menu. Two locations to choose from including a new stand at Section 5 and a food truck in the plaza

Cleo’s Corner: New this season, come Grab n Go a variety of beverages along with Bavarian Cream Filled Churros, Sweet Cream Stuffed Pretzels, Jalapeno Cheese Stuffed Pretzels and more. Section 5 

Tina’s Bakery: empanadas baked with love from locally based Park City bakery. A variety of delicious flavors to try. Sample them all throughout the stadium in the plaza, in the south end container section 8, East Beer Portable Section 5, and their new location at the kiosk in front of section 32

The Container: The newly converted shipping container in the supporter’s section proudly features a locally owned Tina’s Bakery. They will be offering you made from scratch Empanada’s to accompany a selection of great beers. Section 8

Chilito: Fan Favorite Chili Verde has created an express stand to service the South End Supporters sections. Featuring their top selling nachos and more. Grab a beer here to go with your meal. Section 10

Royal Feast Express: Stadium classics and more. Offering snacks, drinks & beer plus the signature “Supporter’s Cheesesteak”, a south of the border twist on a classic. Section 11

Travelin’ Tom’s Coffee Truck: The delicious, mobile coffee truck that brings you the caffeination inspiration you need. Delivering signature coffee products--like our Nitro Cold Brew and Caramel Frappe. Also featuring a variety of delicious drinks including Hot Chocolate, Lemonade, and Tea. Available only in the plaza 

San Diablo Churros: Hand crafted filled mini-churros available in the plaza. Live your best churro life! Available only in the plaza

Featured Veggie Options:

Fresh Kicks: Vegan Crunch Wrap 

Tina’s Bakery: Vegan Corn & Butternut Squash Empanada 

Cup Bop: Veggie Noodle Bop

New Signature Offerings:

City Grill: Hooligan Fry Bowl

City Grill: The Burger of the Match

Royal Feast: 1 Pound Loaded Smokehouse Pulled Pork Potato

Royal Feast: The Dog of the Match

Sandy Sandwich Co: Chimicurri Tri-Tip Panini

Grab n Goal: Footlong Nathan’s All-Beef Dog & Footlong Corndog

Royal Feast Express: The Supporter’s Cheesesteak