Quote Sheet: SLC 3-3 COS




JULY 18, 2020

Head Coach Jamison Olave

Thoughts on the match:

“I think it was two different games. We were one team in the first half and in the second half they came out with a little more energy. Even when they were a man down, we lose the ball and they tie the game.”

On the offensive performance with Brody and Powder:

“I think offensively it’s up to us. We scored three goals today and we know the quality from Noah, and we know the quality from Brody. They really impacted the game today and as I said, we scored three goals at home and we should win. We should’ve have thought to tie or lose the game.

On the defensive performance:

“I think we looked a little tired later in the game. Mistakes and mistakes on set pieces – we saw it when we lost the ball a little deeper and it cost us today.”

Defender Noah Powder

Thoughts on the game:

“I thought we had a great game going forward and defensively. Sometimes we just need to finish the game 100%. That’s what it comes down to in this league where anything can happen. From the last minute to the first minute we need to stay concentrated.”

On his two assists:

“Before my second assist I actually told Taylor Peay to go to the near post and it just happened to work out. We do that in training, so I figured one had to pull off.”

On the offensive performance:

“Last week defended for almost 90 minutes. We said before today’s game that we had to go out and get goals. That’s what we did and now we just have to go back and work on defense.”

On James Moberg’s performance:

“He’s an experienced player in this league and we like the way he plays. He’s a grown man that plays with a lot of experience.”

On being in front of fans:

“For me it’s a joy to play with the guys. Whether it’s 90 minutes for 20 minutes it doesn’t matter. I enjoy being out here all the time in front of everyone.”