Quote Sheet: SLC 0-1 San Diego Loyal SC




JULY 11, 2020

Head Coach Jamison Olave

On two goals not being allowed:

“There’s nothing there that we can control. He missed the calls but I’m not going to talk about that because we can watch the replay and make our conclusion. I’m really proud of what the players did. In the first half maybe we conceded a little bit too much but in the second half we fought and created a couple of chances and the players did well.”

On having a new-look team in 2020:

“Like I said before: I’m proud of these players because they fight and they try really hard to create opportunities that we didn’t put away. It’s a different team and it takes time to learn because the players we had last year aren’t here so we can’t rely on them. We have to rely on who we have right now.”

On the Academy products that played:

“The Monarchs are here to help develop players. Bringing Academy players up to play with the Monarchs to get ready to possibly play for the first team. Today Bode [Davis] and Zack [Farnsworth] played really well. In the second half Davis was playing really well going forward. Davis got tired and we had to sub him but he was very solid defensively.”

On the pregame ceremony:

“I think what the organization did for us was really good. Showing the trophy then to get to kneel was really good. It shows they are with us and it shows their support for the team.”

Forward Kyle Coffee

Overall thoughts:

“Everything felt good because obviously we’ve all been wanting to get back on the field after a three-month break that no one wanted to have. We’ve been working really hard to get back out and unfortunately the result isn’t what we wanted. But it was good to be back playing and we look forward to moving on from this.”

On two goals not being allowed:

“It’s frustrating. I thought they went in and I saw it go across the line. In the end though, it’s up to me to make sure there’s no question about it. It’s frustrating but you can’t let the last one ruin the whole game so you just have to try and get passed it and move onto the next opportunity.”

On his goal line clearance:

“From a set piece I was already back in the box and saw that there was nobody on the back post. I think it may be my first goal line clearance ever so it feels good. I’m just glad I could get there.”

On the pregame ceremonies:

“It was nice with everything going on right now. It’s chaotic in the world right now so to have a moment to recognize those things and notice that everyone can be stronger than everything happening right now shows that we can be stronger as a country and move forward together.”

On what the team is capable of:

“I think we saw the fight in the second half, especially later in the game. We stepped up and got better, were gritty and we were creating chances. I think we have a lot to take with us going forward with a lot of hard work to get past this result and move forward for the rest of the season with a good stride.”