Quote Sheet: Utah 0-1 OL Reign




JULY 8, 2020

Head Coach Craig Harrington

Overall thoughts:

“I thought it was a lot faster game than we’d seen before. The decision making and space was condensed. For the last 20 minutes I think they really pinned us back a bit and got their chances. Barnhart made some great saves and I think it was a tale of us not being clinical in their box and them being clinical in ours. Which happens and now we’re onto to Chicago.”

On the quick turnaround:

“I’d like to see us have more courage and belief with the willingness to take things on. Over the last two games when the game speeds up, we just need to do what we worked on. I don’t if it was the heat or just the individual decision making, or the collective let us down. But overall there were spells in the game where we dominated. One team won and one team lost today.”

On the debuts in the team:

“I wanted to give Diallo 45 minutes to expose her to the game and get her acclimated to the league because it’s a different speed than what she’s used to. She’s said that in training and training isn’t close to what a game is right now. So, to get her out there we expect a lot more from her. Taylor Leach came on and I thought she did tremendously well in her first experience in this league and she learned from some things that can be improved. As long as we improve on it and get better, I’ll be happy.”

Defender Elizabeth Ball

On OL Reign’s goal:

“Reign came out to play and in the second half it felt like there was a lot of pressure being put on us. We definitely were missing some chances and weren’t connecting and ultimately, they had more chances than us. At the end of the day one of them is going to go in.”

On OL Reign’s pressure:

“They came out with an entirely different energy from when we saw them on film all week. We needed to be ready and I don’t think we were quite all there. I think everyone on the team would agree with that.”

On the quick turnaround:

“We’re not happy with this result and I think when we get out here again on Sunday against Chicago we’ll have an entirely different energy and be at an entirely different level. We’re excited to finish our chances and we’re excited to show everyone that we’re here and ready to play.”