Quote Sheet: URFC 3-3 HOU




JUNE 30, 2020

Head Coach Craig Harrington

Overall thoughts on the match:

“I was disappointed with how we gave up two goals right on the other side of halftime.  We started the game the way we want to approach all of the game and as we get more rythym and get through it, and the ability to come from behind and never give up was good. For me, developing the identity about never giving up, being gritty and determined with the blue-collar workmanship. We showed signs of that today and I was delighted with that. And for [Tziarra] King to get her first goal today it was a very pleasing moment.”

On the starting group:

“I think the starting group with a few of the injuries that came up during the week it was kind of all hands-on pump and react to what was happening. For the players that came in I thought got right into the speed of the game and the game was quick. Especially in the last 30 minutes we opened up with our fitness level with both teams going for it.”

On playing an attacking style:

“I’ve said it all along that we want to be playing attacking minded. So playing 4-5 at the back doesn’t necessarily do that for me. I want to get numbers up the field and give A-Rod a partner that she can play off and for Vero [Boquete] to get combination underneath. I wanted to make sure we had numbers in the midfield to try and dominate the ball. We didn’t have the possession that I would’ve liked, but I think that’s just the adrenaline from the first game where we just wanted to be a bit calmer in possession.”

On the team’s mentality:

“It is special, but I think it’s a skill that gets overlooked and we have group that wants to put their foot down and dig in and go to work to win those first and second balls. They want to fight for each other. I think that shows the unity that we have as a group, a team and as a club and I’m thankful for that but I don’t want too many games where we’re giving up three goals.”

Forward Tziarra King

On making her professional debut and scoring her first goal:

“Today was just a really special day all around. From kneeling with my teammates to honor the Black Lives Matter movement, to getting my first appearance then my first goal, it was definitely one that’ll go down as one of the best days ever.”

On the impact she had on the game:

“I think from the second I was drafted to this club I was going to fill the role I needed to fill. I’m glad from this first game that I can show that I’m going to step up to whatever role I need to play.”

On kneeling with the team prior to kickoff:

“It meant a lot to me. These last few weeks and even beyond have been really emotional for me and to see that everyone is behind what I care about is really special to me.”

Midfielder Vero Boquete

On her goal:

“At first I was thinking it was really close to the box and that it was going to be really hard for the goalkeepers because they don’t have an idea of what side to chose. For me, I just checked where she was and that was more central so I just tried to put it to one side.”

On her responsibility on the field:

“Obviously I’m an experienced player so I just try to help everybody in a tactical and cheering the team up. I think the players in moments appreciate that and we have to keep going in that direction.”

On the team spirit:

“We have a great spirit and a great character. It was tough to start the second half with them getting one goal and then another. But this team kept going and we knew that if we scored the second goal that we would have a good chance at a third goal. It isn’t the result we wanted but it gives us something. I think from now on we can grow and be better as a team.”

On supporting the Black Lives Matter movement:

“We met as a team and we wanted to show that we are together in this. We decided to kneel together as a group, and I think it’s a message for everyone during this NWSL Challenge Cup and we’re seeing that everyone is really fighting for this movement. We are committed and positive that we can help change this for good.”

Midfielder Diana Matheson

Initial reactions:

“There were some really big positives from today. We scored three goals and last year we struggled scoring goals. So that is huge for us. Then to show the heart and grit that we did there at the end was great.”

On her goal:

“It just felt good to be back on the field because we’ve all been waiting a long time for this. I was with the group last season and got to play some games with Canada in February then everything hit and things shut down. It was just nice to be out playing soccer again. It was a great ball in from Amy [Rodriguez] to get it into the box for me to score.”

Looking ahead:

“There is some game management things that we can work on. We gave up a goal right before the first half ended then gave up goals from corner kicks today. So I think we’ll be in good shape.”

Forward Amy Rodriguez:

On the first match:

“I’m just proud of this team. We came out here and we got our feet wet and started off the tournament and found goals from three different people. I couldn’t be more proud of that. We also came back from a 3-1 deficit and it shows a lot of heart and work ethic from our team today.”

On playing after the extended break:

“I just have such a great appreciation for playing right now. We sat at home and didn’t get to play soccer for eight months and I think this is our opportunity to put our boots back on and play with each other. We found that enjoyment and really play for the fans.”

Looking ahead:

“In the first game of the tournament we’re just getting our feet wet, finding ourselves and building that chemistry and that is what we can take into the next match.”