RSL-AZ Attends Training as RSL Moves Into Tactics

For the Kids

RSL entered its second day in Arizona eager to build on the quality training session that preceded Tuesday’s double-day at Reach 11 Sports Complex.

The team got valuable insight and repetitions during both sessions on Tuesday, but arguably the most important occurrence came during the second session.

A group of RSL-Arizona’s U-13 & 14 boys teams attended the training along with their parents attended training and had the opportunity to witness their idols up close on their training pitch.

“To have the first team down here in Arizona is immense for these kids who are aspiring to be just like the players on RSL,” RSL-AZ Academy Director Mike Kraus said. “For these players, having the opportunity to see the players they watch on television every weekend, goes a long way in their development and passion for the game of soccer.”

After the 90-minute training, every single player in camp with RSL shook hands, took pictures with and signed autographs for the RSL-AZ players and families who attended the trainings. Prior to training, RSL captain Kyle Beckerman gathered the groups of aspiring professionals together for a quick talk. The message? What were they doing to be successful on the field so they could have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

RSL will have one training session on Wednesday at the Reach 11 Sports Complex, continuing the grind of preseason with 31 days remaining until the season-opening matchup against Orlando City SC.

In the morning, Head Coach Freddy Juarez stressed to the group that the session must be sharp, and the team’s touches and movements must be quality in order to get the most out of training. Opening with individualized technical work, the group was broken up into smaller sub-groups that rotated into a circuit of technical and fitness work to loosen the body up while the goalkeepers began their work at one end of the field.

The goalkeeping core led by Goalkeeper Coach Todd Hoffard, combined footwork and distribution drills with various shot-stopping scenarios for nearly 50 minutes before the goalkeepers joined the field players for live-action drills.

Juarez together with Assistant Coaches Steffen Siebert and Tyrone Marshall, revisited a drill that was unveiled on Monday that forced teams to complete a series of passes under pressure before breaking into goal. All while attempting to retain possession without being counter pressed. The team then broke into a 20-minute 11v11 session on a full pitch that allowed the building of an attack to take shape in a full field environment.