Quote Sheet: RSL 3-1 NYCFC



Rio Tinto Stadium; Sandy, Utah

Saturday August 3, 2019

Real Salt Lake
Assistant Coach Tyrone Marshall


On getting the first comeback win:

“What was different was when you come in and they're going to be a possession team, they're going to step out and press high. Given up that goal early, I think it kind of calmed us down a bit because after they scored, we dominated in terms of the possession. It's unfortunate that Corey had a little lapse and they got in and everything came across and it was a turn and hit a little ball towards the near post, beating Nick. But we rebounded really well. I thought the guys showed fantastic resilience and getting back to our game plan, what we were talking about all week, and what we prepared for, and that was fantastic.” 

On vantage point of Besler’s goal:

“Nick is one of those players that for some reason the ball gets attracted to him. He's like the Wondolowski of our team. Nick is always in a good position. He’s one of those guys that he’ll die for the team, he works his tail off, and he’ll throw his body into anything. I'm glad for him. He got a little nick there towards the end. He was coming out, saw the ball come in. The funny thing I said to Freddie and the guys on the bench, ‘we need that third one to kind of put things away,’ and as soon as I said that, it happened. Nick got a deflection and it went in. So, fantastic effort for him.”

On the importance of the first goal:

“Sava had an opportunity earlier, we missed that chance. It’s unfortunate, but he rebounded and came back and he scored that. It helped us with our confidence coming into halftime making a few adjustments. But overall, I thought we reacted really well. The boys having a goal, I think gave us confidence going into the second half. As soon as the second half started, you saw that we were on the front foot. Little bit of possession. I thought we out-possessed them in the second half. We were 50-50 in the first half, the second half, we out possessed them. A lot of the stats here, just looking at it, duels won, shots on target, shots overall, overall very good team effort.”

On defensive game:

“I think we organized ourselves in order to, If that happened, we knew what the adjustments were. I thought Justen did fantastic in terms of winning those balls and anticipating  and trying to get in front of Heber, because he started behind Justen then tried to get a head start. They have it choreographed where you can see the four checked in the wingers came underneath and try to do that underneath action. I thought overall, our defenders dealt with it very well. As the game wore on I thought we dealt with it even better. Even the first goal that we scored, I thought it was an interception and where we headed it and the ball got knocked down and the combination ball played into Savarino. Overall I thought we dealt with it very well”

On the challenge created:

“Its great, especially with Justen and his confidence. I've seen over the past four or five games his game has gotten better and better. He's improving each game he strides. As a previous centerback it's always great to win those battles. As a coach, we challenge these guys every day to get in and try to dominate their forward or whoever they play against. I think if they can win those battles, a lot of time we will come out on the victorious end” 

On how previous games have lead to tonight's win:

“The last four or five games, we've been doing very well, sometimes we just haven't had end product in terms of the finishing. The game against Minnesota we scored one goal but I thought we could have scored more, Tigres we had great opportunities - Joao hit the post, and then in Dallas, dominated the game from my perspective, I thought we created some very good chances but couldn't get that final product. Tonight is a great combination. Our message to these guys was to put your chances away, we were going to create chances but we need to put them away and get three points especially being at home. The West is so tight, we need to get maximum points at home going forward.”

Midfielder Albert Rusnak (On-field)


On tonight’s win:

“It was just a sloppy start, collectively as a team and one of the mistakes led to their goal. But at halftime, we said we have to find a way to get the three points. And I'm glad we did that tonight.”

On the technique for his goal tonight: 

“I had the space to shoot and I think I caught the ball sweet. As soon as I hit it, I saw the movement and it was going to the back of the net. I'll take any goal and as long as I'm helping a team to win then it's good.”

On Nick Besler’s goal:

‘It's nice. He came on the field late in the game probably to do his defensive duties for the team. And if he can get a goal then that's great so I'm also happy for him.”

On how important tonight’s win was for this team:

“We played against one of the best teams in the league. They haven't lost many games this year at all. They're a tough opponent but we were at home and as I always say, we're a strong team at home. As long as we keep getting the three points, we can always get higher in the table.”

Midfielders Albert Rusnak and Kyle Beckerman


On Albert’s goal:

Albert: “I think it was actually Kyle that said ‘shoot’ from behind me. I just hit the ball well. As soon as I hit it I could see there was a little bit of movement on the ball so that way the keeper has less time to react. If you score a goal like that or a tap in, any goal, we’ll take it as a team and whoever can help you by scoring a goal and getting the three points, that’s the main objective.”

On the team’s performance in the first half vs. second half:

Kyle: “We just weren’t super clean in the very beginning and it ended up costing us a goal. I thought that after they scored, we really came into the game. We were able to get them back. Then it was just about scoring a goal and keeping that momentum going. It just has be cleaner.”

On Besler’s goal:

Albert: “He came in the game probably to do his defensive duties but it's always a bonus if any defensive player scores a goal.”

On how the last game helped with their preparation for this game:

Albert: “I think we came across this kind of formation for the first time this year. It took us a little while to figure it out, especially in a game when we have the certain press that man on man. But in the game there was no communication, especially in the sides where we didn’t know who’s attacking the center back to have more of the possession. As the game went on, we figured it out as a team. As Kyle said, in the back, most of the second half and we created chances and scored goals. “

On his performance

Kyle: “It’s just our movement. I think it's just about finding the right path, making the right decision. Both finishes were incredible. But it was the lead up to the goals. I think on the first one Albert found me and then it was just a ball from Savarino and he crushed it. Then the second one was off NYCFC clearing it and then we played it. It's just all about our movement. We're trying to move constantly, when we're in the attack, to get open for each other and make the game simple. If we can remember moving and we have good movement and then passes are just pretty simple. Play, move, play, move. Then they're chasing us all over. So that was all it was about today.”

On NYCFC’s goal kicks:

Kyle: “It’s risky both ways. I think it’s risky on their part because if they don’t win it, we’re down their throats and a little bit open. On the other hand, if we don’t win it, now you can face 2-on-2 going the other way. It was a risk we were willing to take and we have trust in Justen and Marcelo to win those battles. Tonight, it helped us to get that first goal with Marcelo winning it quick and then us going. We haven’t seen that before. They’re a really good team and they want to play the way they want to play with the ball on the ground. You disrupt that a little bit and I think it causes them to change the way a little bit.”


On if they expected NYCFC to handle the goal kicks the way they did:

Kyle: “I don’t think so. I don’t know if they’ve been doing that everywhere or if they tried it here, but I don’t remember seeing that this week.”


On what winning does to their confidence: 

Albert: “I don’t think we played bad the last couple of weeks. We had two ties. The Minnesota game wasn’t the way we wanted to because we played at home and we always want to get the three points at home. I thought the Dallas performance was excellent, it was just missing a goal. Even against Tigres, I think we had more chances than they did. That was another game we could have won. Before that, we smashed the Union, I don’t think we have been playing bad or our confidence has been on the low. Beating one of the best teams in the other conference in terms of the standings and the way they want to play, it does help the confidence and we’re looking to take that into next week.”


On if this win is the result of building on the last few weeks: 

Albert: “I think we’ve been solid. As I said, the Minnesota game was a disappointment. At the end of the day we didn’t lose, we tied, we still got a point. Dallas, on the road I think you’ll take a point as well and then three points today. I think we deserved the three points today. As I said, our confidence was not on the low before this game.”


On the resiliency of winning after going down a goal:

Kyle: “I thought it was a really good response. I think nobody panicked. The main thing is that we weren’t as sharp as we needed to be, especially out of the gate when both teams are fresh. It was good to see that nobody panicked. We got ahold of the game, started creating some chances and got the equalizer before half which was important. For our minds and the confidence and momentum going into the second half. It’s a good result with that in mind. Now when we go forward in the season and we go behind, we know we’ve come back from being a goal down to win. It’ll give us some confidence going forward.”

Midfielder Nick Besler


On his goal:

“It's my dad's birthday, so I had to give him a little something. Maybe that’s where it came from. I saw Savarino shoot the ball and you see a lot of goals come out of the back post; I pulled off a little bit and I practice it everyday.”

On the celebration:

“I think my teammates were pretty surprised that I pulled that off. I was just telling them I can pull that off sometimes. ‘Sometimes’ being the key word here.”

On Tyrone calling him the Wondolowski of the team:

“I think I'm a few goals behind Wondolowski. I guess I'll take it because I'm kind of a poacher. You have to have a sense of where the ball might go. That's what happened on that one.”

On the game’s physicality and intensity:

“The referee let some things go and some things got called. That's going to happen whenever you play a team that's pretty good in possession. They're a solid team, they had a little bit of bite to them and I think we did a good job of not backing down and we responded well.”

On going down and coming back:

“The goal in the first half is big. Based on the way we played, we probably deserved a goal at least because it looked pretty good. Unlike Dallas, we had some good play, we just didn't score so to get that goal before the half gave all the guys confidence. The game was there for the taking the second half. It was a good response for everybody.”

Defender Justen Glad

On defending goal kicks:

“I think we did well. We won most of those balls. It was man to man and we knew that going into the match. They did well to throw us off, but me and Marcelo handled it well. Whenever there was an open player, we communicated and everyone switched off. There was never really an open player. I thought we did well.”

On defending in that style before:

“Not exactly like that. We've gone man to man before but not when it's that isolated. It's a gamble both ways, they might get an opportunity but we scored off of that, it's a gamble defensively as well.”

On conceding then coming back:

“It’s huge. It’s a mentality thing and we just kept finding and kept working and it paid off. Credit to the whole squad for not giving up and pushing to get three points. 

On Nick’s goal:

“I’ll give you one word. Spectacular.”

New York City FC

Head Coach Domenec Torrent

On the game:

“We played really well the first 15-20 minutes. After that, they won every single ball, the intensity and we could not compete defensively tonight against Salt Lake. Everyone knows that it’s difficult to play here, it’s always the same. We were able to win against Colorado. It's not an excuse, it’s reality and it's not easy to play here. They played much better. I have to accept that they won the duels. They play with more intensity, they played in between the lines. We started to play compact but after 20 minutes, we had more space in the middle. That is why they played in between the lines. I was saying at halftime, we’ll have to be brave, play short but we started to play long balls. The faster you play, the faster the ball is coming. I have to accept they played much better than us in this game. It’s not easy. Maybe the last scores that have been here, Orlando, Philadelphia, Atlanta, maybe they were lucky. That happens in MLS, we know that. It’s not an excuse, we know that but it’s the reality. We are really tired the same as in Colorado. In Colorado, we were able to win the game but we didn't play well in Colorado and for the same reason. It’s not easy to play after 7 hours in transit. The reason they won the game is that they played much better, they played with more intensity, and they won 90% of the duels. Maybe we made two or three mistakes. The second goal for example, the ball is for us and the referee called a foul. We conceded two goals through set pieces. When you don't play really well like what happened tonight, we have to be focusing on these kind of actions because sometimes if it's not possible to win the game, we need to draw the game away on the West Coast and it’s not a bad result. We have to be ready because the next game is in four days. We have Houston in the next game. I'm very happy with the team 90% of the time I’ve said this many times and nothing changed because we lost the game tonight.”

On the intensity not being up to par:

“I've watched many games here. It’s not easy to play here and with Salt Lake playing on the East Coast, it’s the same. The MLS is what it is. I have to accept I work here in MLS and I never changed the rules. I don't want to change my job but believe me, if you want to play in this way, we have to accept it is not easy. When that happens and it doesn’t happen every week, it’s not easy to play, not just for NYC, but for every team. That is the reason why they play much better, not just against us, but against every single team on the East Coast. The reason why, 90% is about long travel and 90% because they played much better here at home. The long trip and they played with more intensity than the rest of the teams on the East Coast.”

On playing without Moralez:

“The reason why I don't understand anything about the MLS, when you decide to play with Maxi Moralez, everybody knows he was injured the last game. He played 70% against MLS walking all the time. Then MLS selects him. He's not ready to play, and I'm not sure he's ready to play the next game. He had to play in the MLS All-Star game. I don't understand. Even Keaton has this quality and when Keaton plays it’s not the same Keaton. It’s not the same Heber. It’s not the same Anton. When you ask the players, they are really tired but it’s normal. They are humans, not animals. The rules are the rules, and we have to accept them and we have to improve. But what happened with Heber, I remember against LA, he didn't play because he had a lot of problems in his back, and that happened again today. Right now, I know how difficult it is for Ben to play after six or seven hours. The trip was in the facility from the hotel was 11 hours. When that happens, I can not imagine to play in Europe, long trip in one day and play. I have to accept it, it's not an excuse, but this is the reality. They play with more intensity, or maybe we played with less intensity because we are really tired.”

On easing up after Ring’s goal:

“The reason why they all all the games against East Coast? And what is the reason why 80% of the teams lose the games when they go East Coast to West Coast. This is the reality. This is not basketball. I have said many times. In basketball you can change, and you can play every three days and go on trips and they play. In the short season, it’s not for me it’s for the players, but not just for NYC. It’s the same for Real Salt Lake when they play on the East Coast. But I'm happy here. I want to work here, many times if it's possible, but sometimes I want to say that I don't understand anything.”

On Sweat’s injury:

"It’s almost impossible, to play with the same intensity. To match Real Salt Lake with the same intensity? Almost impossible. It’s jet lag, a long trip, altitude, everything. It’s the same when we won the game against Colorado, I said the same thing, but we won the game. It’s not easy to play here. Sweat has a problem in his back, that happened in LA. Against the Galaxy he was injured in the training session, and today after 20 minutes. It was the intensity. When you play with high intensity, you might get injured."

On his condition:

“I don’t know. I have to check, it was his back.”

Defender James Sands

On change of energy after 15 minutes:

“I think we got the goal early, which was nice. But after that we really lost control of the game. I think we probably should have been a little smarter because  it's a tough place to play. We're away. We have a lot of games coming up we maybe should have brought some more players back to defend made it a little easier on ourselves. But we didn't and it cost us.”

On the team’s defensive plans:

“I think our plan going into the game was to have the centerbacks step up under their players were playing in the pockets, but I think it was just a lot of space and we had a little bit of trouble with that. It's something we can definitely improve on for the next game.”

On satisfaction level of performance:

“It definitely wasn't good enough from anyone. I would say that altitude was tough, but really not an acceptable excuse at this point. We played at Colorado, we proved we can do it. I think everyone just lacked a little bit of energy and intensity. It hurt us. We just have to come back stronger for our game on Thursday.”

Goalkeeper Sean Johnson

Initial takeaways:

“I'd say we had control of the game to start, but after the first 15 minutes, we gave up a little bit control and possession for them. Then, we then conceded the first goal right before halftime to make it 1-1. In the second half of the game, they were the better team and we didn't make the adjustments necessary to deal with them. We didn't do enough overall. There's no reason why we should walk out of here with a 3-1 loss.”

On the attitude heading into the locker room at half time

“We should have been up 1-0 at half, so obviously we were coming in [to the locker room] unhappy with a 1-1 result. I think we should have finished the half at 1-0, but they came and scored late in the half. We tried to make a few small adjustments, but we weren't able to do what was necessary to get the results.”