The Basics: June 29, 2019

Dear World,

Everyone is welcome at the RioT.

No matter your creed, religious beliefs, background, sexual orientation, view points, how you self identify, city you're from, team you're rooting for or color of your skin, everyone is welcome at the RioT.

If you're here to enjoy the beautiful game, we will embrace you with open arms.

When the final whistle blows, we're all friends who love & support the growth of soccer.

That's the way our club & entire organization sees it.

So, let me repeat:

Everyone is welcome at the RioT.

Match: MLS Regular Season 17 of 34

Opponent: vs That Team From Kansas

Venue: RioT

Time: 8:00 pm MT

Tickets: Click here! 

Weather: 88 degrees & sunny


Live Stream: Click here!

Radio: Click here!

Ref: Nima Saghafi

Kits: All red everything