Andrew Brody Provides Consistency, Team-First Mentality for Real Monarchs SLC

Players that specialize in a particular position are the prototypical style of competition in the realm of professional sports. Andrew Brody’s performance shows results to the contrary of such a philosophy.

Throughout his professional career with Real Monarchs, Brody has become a jack-of-all-trades style of player. Prior to the beginning of the 2018 season, Brody – a consistent winger for the club since signing with the Monarchs ahead of the 2016 season – made the move to the back line at right back.

This sort of versatility lends a special understanding of the dynamics of the game to a player such as Brody. Not only that, but it causes what many coaches refer to as a “good problem” about a player. Having the ability to find the right position for them to play. With Brody making appearances at multiple positions during his career with Real Monarchs, Brody’s flexibility to move around the field and fulfill different roles makes shifts in line-up a smoother process for coaches.

“I’ll play anywhere on the field, wherever the team needs me,” Brody said. “My first and second year I was an outside mid and now I’m playing outside back. The club approached me about a position change my third year and I’ve been an outside back ever since. Over the years with the Monarchs, I’ve played both left and right back, left and right mid and even at the 10. I like to think my versatility is one of my best attributes and what will help me get to the next level.”

Not only does Andrew Brody provide his coaches with a reliable flex player, but is a stalwart competitor.

The high intensity of professional sports wears down athletes physically, yet Brody has shown incredible resilience to the rigors of professional soccer. He has yet to leave a game due to injury, and the ever-growing list of starts and finishes demonstrates Brody’s physical prowess. Brody has used these attributes to amass 88 total appearances for the Monarchs over his four-year career with the Monarchs to lead the club all-time in the category.

“Honestly, I have to credit my consistency to my work ethic, my desire to win and my mentality that I’m a first team player playing for the Monarchs,” Brody explained. “All of these are things I can control. Every time I step on the field my only focus is out working everyone else on the pitch and helping the team get results. I could care less about individual statistics, if the team wins, I’m happy.”

Game sense and physical durability are not the only traits Brody possesses. The status of preparation is innate for him. When called upon last year for the international exhibition game against Eintracht Frankfurt, Brody scored RSL’s lone goal in the tenth minute. Regarding this performance RSL Head Coach, Mike Petke held high praise for Brody saying: “Brody is a bundle of energy nonstop and he has a quality about him."

Andrew Brody is quality. His emotional, physical, and mental preparation proves that.

"It's always an honor to get called up, and the biggest thing for me is just always be ready when called upon,” Brody reflected.