The Basics: May 18, 2019

Here's the thing about Drake.

His true talent is his ability to write lyrics that are "relatable".

Truth be told, if everyone could write like this, they would.

But most can't, and in my opinion, that's why he's so popular.

Not because he's, ya know, an actual good hip hop artist.

If we're being honest, he's not a great lyricist, he's an average crooner, he hasn't evolved stylistically since his first album & he's the biggest sport's front runner since Tiger's prime.

My favorite part about him, though, is his sports jinx.

It's legendary.

Kudos to "the six god" for playing it up last weekend with the 76ers shorts.

Hopefully, it goes the other way this Saturday & his hometown soccer team feels the full effects.

So, Kiki, if you really love me, you'll make this happen.

Match: MLS Regular Season 12 of 34

Opponent: vs Toronto FC

Venue: RioT

Time: 1:00 pm MT

Tickets: Click here!

Weather: 50 degrees, partly cloudy.


Live Stream: Click here!

Radio: Click here!

Ref: Joe Dickerson 

Kits: All red everything