SLC v FRS Quote Sheet; 5/4/2019

Real Monarchs 2-4 Fresno FC
Zions Bank Stadium; Herriman, UT

May 4, 2019 

Real Monarchs 
Head Coach Martin Vasquez 

On positives to take away from the match: 
“Not the result we expected or wanted. Well, there are positives because, at times, we stick to the plan, we stick to how we want to play. At times, we move the ball around, we are building out of the back, we are getting into the attacking third. I thought because of that we put ourselves in a good spot. We took our chance well and we put ourselves in a good spot. We continue to give the opportunity to some guys to prove themselves and we have to continue to work harder than anybody else to turn this around.”


On Josh Heard and Masta Kacher’s presence: 
“Good. When you come off of the bench and your team is down 3-1, that's the response you expect. They came in, they gave us a boost and we had a great opportunity to tie the game. Because of them two coming in and giving us the offensive, aggressiveness that we needed, the urgency, to go catch the game. They came in and helped the team.”

 On mentality and focus moving forward:
“To learn from this loss. It was obvious that we need to work harder. That's the only way to come out from a situation like this and to prepare for the next game. We're going to do that. I know it's going to we're going to be tested. Maybe this early in the season or this time of the season, we need to get all those individual mistakes out of the way and learn from them and become a savvier team, a more mature team, so that's starting this week you know that's what we have to look forward to.”


Forward Tate Schmitt
On positive takeaways from the game: 
“We were talking before the game about having a better start to the game. Previous two games kind of came out a lot flat, not enough energy, not enough confidence going forward. And I think one of the things we tried to improve on today was working on that. And little things like getting the energy going from the warm up. The guys communicating from each other, building out, it was actually pretty good today, we were finishing our chances in the warm-up. In the first 15-20 minutes of the game, you can see that. We were feeling comfortable, feeling confident the ball was moving around and sometimes it wasn't as fast as we wanted to move, but we found the spaces kind of keeping the ball away from them on possession. And then we had that first chance and we got the first goal. So, from the positive coming out, starting the first half, and getting the goal that was big for us.”

On the mentality during their week-long break: 
“It's good for us having the next weekend to rest in a way. Then you can push harder during the week. It's good just because you don't have to prepare for a game that weekend so the Thursday, Friday practices are tampered down because, you have to work on set pieces or save the legs a little because you have a game. Martin’s for sure going to push us and continue to work us a lot harder on the things that we need to be working on. And it's just going to be good full week. It's just going to be able to keep us together and more comfortable with each other moving into Oklahoma.” 

On what they need to do to right the ship: 
“Just keep working hard and training, finding our identity. And we know who we are and how we play, but we need to find that right 11 that's just going to be consistently giving the quality that we need to show who we are. And in this game - I’m not going to single anyone out - there were times it was team mistakes, but then also individual mistakes and those happen. But we have to be able to eliminate those and keep moving forward to be consistent with what we're doing and put a Starting XI out there that's going to be coming in every week and putting a good shift and then having those opportunities for the subs that come in and change it. I think as we continue to see here, it's still early, we continue working on will find that dissolve.”