The Regal Index: May 3, 2019

Here's the thing, sports are hard.

Like, physically, mentally, emotionally ... it takes a toll on all who are invested.

From the players, coaches, front office, digital staff, to the fans near & far.  Everyone puts so much in to everything each day that it's almost cruel that only one organization & their supporters are truly happy at the end of the season.

Like, I get it.

It's sports & there is only supposed to be one champ every year ... but, still, it kinda sucks sometimes.

So, it's our motto, to celebrate the good times as they come.

When we score, win, have members of the team honored or called up to their national team, we bolster & promote that thing as loud & as much as we can!


We'll, because like I mentioned earlier, sports are hard.

You can launch a sports team in 100 days, sell out the building & then somebody can hit a wonder goal & put a damper on things.

Let me clarify something real quick.  I don't think the 1-0 loss to Chicago ruined the inaugural home opener, tbh.  That event was bigger than the result.

However, I'd be lying if I mention that every time I see the Red Stars logo I get a little miffed they ended up winning that day.

Shoot, I know the players & coaching staff do too.

They all mentioned it before & after this year's home opener.

But, whatever.

This is a new year & we're 2-0, baby!

We're gonna let the good times roll.

Especially if we hand Chi-Town another L.

Match: NWSL Regular Season 3 of 24

Opponent: vs Chicago

Venue: The RioT

Time: 7:00 pm MT

Tickets: Click here

Live Stream: Click here

Weather: 61 degrees & clear skies

Ref: Farhad Dadkho

Kits: The Gold Standard