A Numbers Game: Changes in Uniform Numbers for RSL's 2019 Roster

Every year when preseason kicks off, the number one question fans want answered is “What number is everyone wearing?”

OK, so maybe that isn’t at the top of everyone’s minds … but people still want to know.

At Real Salt Lake, three players changed numbers for the 2019 season – Damir Kreilach changed from 6 to 8, Corey Baird exchanged 27 for 17 and Pablo Ruiz will take over Kreilach’s No. 6 jersey after wearing 31 last season.

With seven new additions – so far – from the 2018 season, the newly assigned numbers are:
4 – Donny Toia
20 – Erik Holt
21 – Tate Schmitt
24 – David Ochoa
25 – Everton Luiz
26 – Luis Arriaga
27 – Julian Vazquez

Go ahead and get your jerseys printed now!