Real Monarchs SLC Quotes: 7/28/18


Real Monarchs SLC 4-1 Phoenix Rising FC

Zions Bank Stadium; Herriman, Utah

July 28, 2018

Real Monarchs SLC

Interim Head Coach Jamison Olave

On the performance:

“I’m so happy. Very happy for the result and the three points, but I’m so proud of the response they had today. After losing the game away, there was a long hard time before this game, but they reacted well.” 

On the response:

“We don’t concede that many goals in every game. Losing by four goals in San Antonio was real painful to be honest. They feel it but like I said with their reaction, they showed how hard it was to lose in San Antonio that way.”

On the home undefeated streak:
“They know that when we play at home, things have to be different. You’re not allowed to lose at home. Hopefully it stays the same, but winning at home, we are going to be okay going into the playoffs.”

Forward Chandler Hoffman

On the Monarchs offense:
“It was great response from San Antonio, tonight we came out on the front foot and I thought for the majority of the game we were taking it to them and it could have been more than four. Really happy to score, it’s been a couple games for me, usually when I score they start coming so it’s a great sign going into the heart of the season.”

On the statement of this game:
“We had a tough stretch and that’s what says a lot about this group. When we go to Sacramento or to Reno, which are two top teams, everyone expects us to get three points. That’s great for our group; it shows the commitment and the quality that we have. We were really disappointed that we drop points, especially in San Antonio or our performance in Reno. Now, especially with these games coming up, we wanted to really separate ourselves from the pack.”

On team depth:
“You saw it. Even the guys coming in off the bench, at the end of the game we had a bunch more chances where we could have scored. It shows that this year we’ve had the next man up and whenever people get their opportunities they step up. It shows the quality that we have in this group.”

Phoenix Rising FC
Forward Chris Cortez

On Phoenix Offense:
“Honestly the big difference, especially in the first half, I thought we created more chances and we were just missing that final pass or that final finish. There were a couple balls or a couple crosses that were a yard or two off, a couple chances in front of goals and we were punished for it. Really there was only one or two actual chances created by the Monarchs and one goal, which happens, that’s part of it, it happened to them as well. There was a ton of chances created by them, but they took advantage and we didn’t in the first half. After the red card everything becomes a lot more difficult and the whole game changes. There isn’t much you can say tactically after a red.”

On the game after the red:
“Even before the red we started the second half really well. We adjusted the formation a bit which worked out for us and we were starting to create more chances. Unfortunately, the red came, even then because of our adjustment we were trying to stick to the game plan. When you go down a man it’s just about being smarter and picking your moments. Pick your moments in pressure, pick your moments in chances, try to be more dangerous. I thought we still created and still could’ve gotten into the game, I had two myself and should have at least put one of them away. We still had chances and you go back to the same, it’s about taking advantage and capitalizing.”

On moving forward:
“We’re going to continue doing what we’ve been doing well. We have to look at what we did well in this game and what we didn’t do well. Creating a ton of chances, especially with adjustments and still being able to create chances with ten men is a positive. I think for me the biggest thing after that is to not put ourselves in the position where a red is a possibility. I didn’t see the whole thing so I don’t know exactly what he gave the red for. It was a big scuffle so I can’t comment on what happened; I don’t know if it was a lapse in concentration or what the decision was. That aside, it’s just look at what we did positively and take advantage of our chances and finish them.”