Dunseth Provides Unique Voice and Perspective in "Soccer For All" Campaign

Brian Dunseth has always been outspoken about his belief in equality.

The Real Salt Lake original and current RSL broadcast analyst is an open advocate for acceptance and tolerance in all walks of life.  So when Major League Soccer launched its “Soccer For All” campaign in conjunction with Pride Month in June, Dunseth was a natural fit to provide a voice and perspective for the cause.

On Sunday – while celebrating Father’s Day – it provided another layer to the conversation when “Dunny” talked about his relationship with his own father in a story by Charles Boehm on  He explained why “Soccer For All” is an important ideal to himself and his family and detailed the intricacies of a professional soccer locker room that make it a good platform for open communication and acceptance of people from all different backgrounds.

“I feel like a soccer locker room is probably, if not the most, then one of the most accepting locker rooms in professional sports because of the diversity in backgrounds,” Dunseth said. “From regions and countries to religion to ethnicity, language – all of that. It’s so diverse now. And for the most part – again, I’m on the outside looking in now – but the conversations I’ve had with all of these young kids, it’s not a big deal. Everything that they’ve been exposed to growing up, there’s no line drawn in the sand with anything about this.”

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