A Deeper Look at Brittany Ratcliffe’s Goal of the Week Nomination

*** UPDATE ***
Don't act surprised, though!
Her game winner was the only choice!
Well done, URFC nation!
After scoring the game winner against N.C. Courage last Saturday, FW Brittany Ratcliffe has been nominated for the NWSL’s “Goal of the Week.” This is the second time that Ratcliffe has been nominated for this prestigious award -- the first was for her rocket of a shot the last time she played N.C. Courage at WakeMed in April. Let’s break it down.

1.     The Set Piece


The impressive shot could never have happened without first receiving the beautiful set-piece from URFC FW Diana Matheson. If you watch her approach to the free kick, you’ll notice Matheson attempts to drive the ball into the box, but away from the Courage keeper. Looking to find the head of a powerful Elise Thorsnes, Matheson takes as much spin off the ball as possible, allowing for it to drop inside the area.


2.     True Grit


Ratcliffe’s shooting window came as a result of her immense work ethic and fight in the final minutes of the match. Her daring slide tackle against Courage DF Jaelene Hinkle won her the ball just on top of the box – demonstrating her defensive skill and admirable fight. Although Ratcliffe did not start the match, her preparation and readiness as a substitute made all the difference for URFC.


3.     Golazo Lindo


Ratcliffe’s goal is one of those highlights that seems to get better and better the more times you watch it. If you slow down the shot, you find that she uses her left leg to get up off the ground, and then immediately swings with the right – she shoots as she’s getting up. It is incredible how much power Ratcliffe was able to generate while still moving towards standing upright. The beautiful shot sailed into the upper 90, making it impossible for any goalkeeper to get a hand on it.


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