NWSL Goal of the Week: Erika Tymrak

A Deeper Look at Erika Tymrak’s Goal of the Week Nomination

Registering her first start of the season, FW Erika Tymrak made her mark on URFC history by scoring the game-winning goal on Saturday, May 19, against the Houston Dash at Rio Tinto Stadium. A ball crossed into the box by MF Gunny Jonsdottir found Tymrak’s right-foot, who took a one-time shot into the back of the net. Her placement to the side-netting has made Tymrak a prime contestant for this week’s NWSL “Goal of the Week” vote. Let’s break it down. 

1.     The Lurking Sniper

The goal came as the result of a speedy win in transition for MF Gunny Jonsdottir, who took advantage of the open space in the midfield to move up the pitch. Jonsdottir’s movement and ball handling drew multiple white jerseys to her area, shifting the focus towards the far-side of the pitch, and away from a lurking Erika Tymrak. Tymrak, savvy enough to recognize the shift in her opponent’s defense, held high and wide for her opportunity.

2. The Dummy of all Dummies

Upon seeing the ball crossed, Dash GK Jane Campbell shifted center towards URFC FW Amy Rodriguez – who she thought would receive the ball at the penalty spot in the box. If you watch the play closely, you’ll see that Campbell gets set for A-Rod to turn and most likely shoot to the far post, but a last-second feint from Rodriguez left the ball to skip to Tymrak. Campbell’s fall for the dummy play left the near-post wide open for a shot.  

3. Ready, Aim, Fire!

A veteran of the game, Erika Tymrak recognized that she didn’t have to strike the ball as hard as possible to score, rather, placement was key for such a close-range. Striking it with the inside of her foot, Tymrak saw that her shot window only allowed for a one-time look. Cool under pressure, Tymrak placed the only shot that would find the back of the net in the match. As mentioned in her post-game interview, “I think this gives us a lot of good momentum—not just from the stance of getting three points, but of playing good soccer, having possession, getting opportunities.”

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