Utah Royals FC jersey-front announcement quote sheet

Utah Royals FC Founder and REAL Salt Lake Owner Dell Loy Hansen: 

Selecting a jersey-front sponsor

“There were a lot of companies that wanted to be the jersey front sponsor, so as we brought the Kansas City team to Utah and renamed them the Utah Royals FC, we thought very carefully about what we wanted the team to represent; there were banks that approached us, there were sports drinks, and many companies that wanted this brand, but I wanted something that had deep meaning.”

“We wanted a great jersey sponsor, and we knew we had many opportunities, so we wanted to look very carefully with what message we wanted to send. We believe conservation and caring about the world was a very much a women’s issue—they care that their children have a good world to grow up in.”

Conservice, a forward-thinking company

“Conservice, as we all know, is a very valuable company to the future of America, and North America—we are in Toronto now, and throughout the world—and we have a very deep mission to conserve natural resources. We conserve water in a gigantic way. We watch the way that it is conserved and cared for. And that is what Conservice is all about, is saving resources.”

“We picked a sponsor whose mission is to use resources effectively, to avoid polluting the world, minimize their trash, and do that for a living—2,000 employees everyday that do that for a living. So I am proud to be a part of Utah Conservice and the Utah Royals FC, and that they can be bonded together.”

Utah Royals FC's big goals

“From here forward, the Utah Royals FC is attracting the best players in the world, and what we want is to be the very best club team in the world. We expect no less than that. So when you wear the Utah Royals FC, you are representing the company throughout the world.”

“We are trying to raise the bar. We need more resources for our players. We need to pay them better. We need to give them better accommodations. We need them to be more fully appreciated as pros, like the men are, and so I am fully committed to that. I am committed to equality in the workforce, and I believe that if they are working their hardest that they should receive compensation as well. I am always going to be a pusher for equalizing opportunity, and the benefits that come from those opportunities.” 

“When the best players in the world see how the Utah Royals FC are treated, and when they see our passion for women’s soccer, it sends a message that we want to attract the greatest players in the world. When you treat people well, you give them the best platform to work from, it speaks to people.”

Utah Royals FC Midfielder and Iceland International Gunny Jonsdottir:

Growing up in Iceland 

“I am from Iceland, we are a country of 300,000 people, and we are the smallest country in the world to qualify for the men’s world cup. So as you can tell, we think big. We think we can beat anyone, and that is how we get ourselves further in life. That is the reason I came to Utah Royals FC - I saw that this is a club that is on its way to great things, and I wanted to be a part of that.

"I grew up in Iceland, and actually moved to America when I was eight. I didn’t know the language, so my mom said ‘let’s put you in a sport, so you can learn the language.’ And she put me in soccer, and there was no turning back."

"I have played for the same club team in Iceland. Started my professional career there in 2003. So I have actually been playing professionally for fifteen years. I was a part of a team that had never won a trophy, but in 2011 we won our first trophy in the history of the club, and I was lucky enough to be the captain. In the next two years we won five trophies, and that’s when I decided I needed a new challenge, so I went to Norway. I played professionally there, and then decided I needed another challenge. So I decided I wanted to go to America."

"My family lives in Orlando, and has been pushing me to come here. And I am glad that I came. Utah is a great place, and has great people. I feel like I can already call it home. I have only been here a week, but I don’t know if I will ever be leaving. Everyone has been so nice—the facilities are perfect, and I am excited to be here.” 

Partnership with Conservice

“It’s wonderful to have Conservice on the jersey, because I know that because of what it represents, it makes me want to give more out on the field. I think it is perfect.” 

Adjusting to Utah

“I’ve been here a week, and I have played in Europe, and this is definitely something different. There is a wonderful spirit—the people are wonderful, and the facilities are incredible. I love what the Utah Royals FC are putting out there for women’s soccer, and I think that it is phenomenal, and wonderful to be a part of.”

Utah Royals FC midfielder Mandy Laddish:

Passion for the environment

“I am from Kansas City, Missouri. Thank you so much for having us here. Dell Loy told us a little about you and what you’ve done, and it’s just incredible what you do for the community and for the environment. But I also think it’s incredible in what you are doing in supporting us and in bringing women’s soccer to the Utah community. I feel that it is so important that young girls have positive female role models, that they can grow up to be whatever they want to be, whoever they want to be, and I am so excited that we can be those role models for them."

"As for me, I went to the University of Notre Dame, and studied Marketing. After college I got drafted right back to Kansas City, and found a job with an energy efficiency company, so I have a passion for environmental science as well. So I am really excited to learn more about your company and see what you do in the day to day, and see how you are helping the Utah community and environment.”

Being part of something big

“I think this is a really big day—not just for Utah Royals FC, but for women’s soccer in general. Conservice is an amazing company with an amazing mission; they have shown that they really care about the environment and really care about growing the game in women's soccer, and in the community. It is really exciting for us to be a part of it. We are really grateful for it.”

“I think the support has been incredible. It is so moving to see so many people that are passionate, and it is great to have someone like Dell Loy backing us; he is so supportive and so generous with his time and efforts. I am so thankful that we get to be apart of this, because it will change the history of women’s soccer. It will change the course of how things are done from here on out.” 

For the fans

“I want the fans to know that we are going to play for you, because we know that you are there for us. Communal support is what gets us excited and ready to play. So thank you so much for having us… and Go Utah Royals FC!”

Utah Royals FC midfielder Erika Tymrak:

Journey to Utah

“I’m from a little beach town in Florida, so the elevation is very different - I’ve been here for three weeks and I still feel like I’m wheezing when I’m playing, but I’m sure I will get used to that. And it means so much to me that we have a sponsor in you guys because I know that I, and Mandy, and a lot of our other teammates are huge environmentalists, and we care about our planet a lot, so it’s cool to have a sponsor that does as well. I think we are a perfect match actually."

"I went to the University of Florida, go Gators! And I was drafted to Kansas City where I played for five years, and won two championships there. I also played in Australia for Melbourne, and one a championship there as well. And then I played in Germany for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. So I have been around a bit, but I am really thankful that my path has taken me to Salt Lake City."

"And it really does feel like home; everyone has been so nice and so welcoming. It is a really good feeling, and hearing everyone speak makes me really excited to get the season going. I am excited to be a part of the community. Thanks so much for having us.” 

“Just the energy we have gotten today from the past two hours has been insane. We can tell that everyone is so excited, and it makes us even more excited to play. It is going to be such a fun year, and we are excited that Conservice is now a part of the team.” 

World-class facilities  

“I’ve played on three different continents, and this is the best of the best. The staff, the organization, the community—everything about it, can’t be beat. I think it’s going to step up women’s soccer and soccer in general. I know that Utah Royals FC is where everyone is going to want to be.” 

“We are so excited that the fans are behind us, and we are looking forward to meeting everybody in the community.” 

Utah Royals FC Assistant Coach Scott Parkinson: 

“I am so excited today, as I know the players are. I know Laura wishes she could be here, but she’s away at a family wedding, and so I am representing her. So yeah, we are excited. I think Laura is the best women’s soccer coach on the planet. I know most of the women have played against her, and they like her style of play, and have been trying to beat Laura for years—and some of them have. But I think this group will do great with Laura’s playing style and energy. And I see a lot of consistencies with the RSL men’s team, and the style that we want to play. So we are super excited. We want to be the best team in the world, but of course, it’s going to take time. We are thrilled to be here, and we hope to fill the stadium in April, and I hope to see you all there.”

“With what we are building here right now, nothing surprises me. And I think the women are going to be looked after like they’ve never been looked after before. Dell Loy definitely sets the bar high, so we didn’t expect anything different.”

“Everything you see - the facilities in Sandy and Herriman, the hoops multiple people jump through every day to take care of the teams - it’s all life-changing for these players in the league and also as a staff, so we are waking up everyday, seeing something new, smiling and looking forward. We are excited to get the balls out and hit the field. It has been amazing so far.”

“I think it’s a sign of how hard we are willing to work, and how much effort we are going to put in. I think when you have people backing you, you are going to give your life to them, both as a staff and as players. And as I said before, being the best in the world takes time—it’s not going to happen overnight—but we are looking forward to the process.” 

“It’s amazing and important. I know that the players are really busy, but the ones that are able to get to market early, acclimatize, meet the staff, its a bonus for them to get their feet under the table early. And then it will be awesome when the rest of the women come in mid-February.”

Conservice COO Aimee Cox:

The opportunity to team up with URFC

”It has been an exciting ride over the last couple of weeks. We are thrilled to get involved with women’s soccer and the potential, and the impact that it can have in our communities.” 

“It was definitely something that we have never explored before, but with Dell Loy’s support, we decided that it would be good to reach out and do the sponsorship. We hope that it will help not only with employee attraction and retention, but that it will help us get into different markets with our current services. We are hoping that it will help us partner with other like-minded companies.”

“We have received a huge excitement that has been building over the last couple of weeks. We have a lot of soccer fans that work at Conservice, so they are so excited to get involved and be a part of something this exciting in the community.”

Inspiring young women and the community

"We are really excited to be a part of this partnership because we know it will have a positive impact on the community, and for women in general. I just know from my own experience, my daughter has grown up in soccer, and the confidence that it has built in her—not just on the field, but as an individual, and as a young women has been amazing. So we are really excited about it.”