Monarchs vs LA: Quote Sheet 10/14/17

Real Monarchs

Head Coach Mark Briggs


On the game against LA:

“Tonight was one of those awkward games we have, playoffs start next week and it was kind of like we just have to get through this game. I wasn’t happy with tonight’s performance at all, far from it.  I think it is best that we move on and look forward to the playoffs and hopefully we got a better performance then what we got tonight.”


On preparing for playoffs against LA:

“Yes, I think tonight was all about preparation from a tactical standpoint, from a playoff standpoint, from every angle you can think of.  Which is why it was a little bit frustrating because people were not professional with their role individually and collectively. Our shape wasn’t good enough from front to back, so it was a little bit frustrating, but they got 3 points.”


On the regular season:

“I can’t speak highly enough about them throughout the whole of the campaign. You set them goals, they have achieved every goal and everything that I have asked of them. They have stepped up and have grasped the opportunity and they have took the opportunities and hopefully that can continue into next week. We will have a very good weeks training and then obviously we have a very hard game next Friday, whoever we face. This is win or you are done so we have to increase the intensity throughout the week, make sure everyone is fresh going into a massive game on Friday.”


On the playoff mentality:

“I think it is just about being confident. A lot of these boys haven’t played in a playoff game before, a lot of them have never faced the pressures that they are going to face on Friday night. They have to make decision and that is why we tried to make tonight as much of a playoff game as we possibly could. I know it is difficult to find that same playoff atmosphere but that is why it was a little bit frustrating tonight because I don’t think we treated it as a playoff game.”


On having home games during playoffs:

“I think the whole aim of the season the goal was to get a home playoff title, to win the whole USL regular season, which we have, but it is very important that we got a home title. We are a completely different team here at Rio Tinto. A lot can happen when you are on the road and I think anyone coming here with our record, I think our record speaks for itself. It tells you the type of team we are here at Rio Tinto Stadium, so we are confident with whoever we play we think we can get a result here. With the fans behind us, it is a hard atmosphere and it is a hard place to come get a result. We are confident going into the playoffs, but we have to step up and perform when it matters.”


Midfielder Sebastian Velasquez


On the 2017 Regular Season:

“Obviously we had a hot start to the season, we were ahead by a lot of points. Then there was a time in the season where we started to drop points, teams started to get results against us, teams started coming here to Rio Tinto and get results against us. And then we had to chase a little bit, put ourselves in a position where we needed to win the shield, but thankfully we were able to do it. I mean, these last couple games it just came down to us, we had to depend on our own results. We had to take care of business and I think the massive points that we got on the road trip at Sacramento and Reno was huge for us, and then we were able to get a point here and win the championship, end the season with a win today against LA ll, and now it’s going to be playoffs. Now it’s going to be whoever wins moves forward and whoever loses is out.”


On the game vs LA ll:

“We did a different formation, we tried something different here at home. Trying to see what we are going to do as far as playoffs so we just took it as a playoff game. Obviously we still have some work to do in this new system that we are playing. But, at the end of the day it’s coming down, when it comes to playoffs, it comes down to who wants it more. It’s going to come down to these goals that you don’t expect to be scored, kind of little nicks here and there, and that’s what is going to make a difference. Sometimes you’re going to win ugly games and then sometimes you play beautiful but you lose, so I think it’s going to be coming down to what we can do to get these results at home, and the thing is that we host all the games, so hopefully we can make it all the way to the finals and win the championship.”


On his leadership:

“It comes down to who wants it, we have to keep the guys in a sense of staying hungry. That just because we won a shield, that’s not enough. To be honest it’s not even a big deal even though we made it kind of a big deal. But the real championship is being the team that wins the USL Cup, and we have to stay hungry and we have to stay motivated. And this week is going to be a tough week at training I think, and we have to understand that. The teams that are coming here aren’t going to come back just to sit back, because obviously they have to come out and get a result. They have to get a win here. So, it’s going to be some tough games, a lot of great teams here in the Western Conference, I mean from 1st to 8 you’re probably facing up against a Sacramento Republic or a OKC Energy, and these are very dangerous teams. We know that we have to come out and show up. There is no room for error anymore. Couple during the season you can make some errors, you can get away with things, but now there is no chance of that. I need the championship, my team needs the championship, every player in that locker room needs the championship. And the thing is what we said at the beginning, what I said,  if we win a championship, every single player on this team benefits from that, and that is going to be the most important thing.”


LA Galaxy II

Forward Ethan Zubak


On the game:

“Yeah it’s tough to end the season on a loss but I was proud of the overall team performance and I thought a lot of guys put in a good shift and it was good because we were unified as a group so, you know, positive towards next season but it’s obviously a little disappointing.”


On the season:

“Yeah, I thought…obviously it was a rough season. We finished in the bottom at the bottom of the table but overall it was a year for progression and something we’ll learn from. I feel like me and a lot of other guys came a long way and you have to use everything as a learning experience. So, you know, playing a lot this season is something that will lend us a hand in the future and going forward into next year.