Quote Sheet: Vancouver 3-2 Real Salt Lake



On playing a counter attacking team:
“Like I said before on the post-game show, if it was that easy that you prepare for a team precisely you know what they’re going to do, if it was that easy to just accomplish that then it would be the most boring sport in the world, it be 0-0 every game because everyone would get it right. I think we reacted right to one or two of their goals, but they just executed better. At the end of the day they played exactly how we though they would. We, for large chunks, played the way we wanted to, it’s just that the quality for some reason from certain players you know off a pass here off a pass there, a miss touch here, a little bit out of position, those things happen you know. Great resiliency and grit for us to come back, we had opportunities to get the tying goal, and possibly a winning goal but it wasn’t on the night.”

On [speed of ‘Caps mid/forwards]:
“I did tonight what I don’t like to do, when I came in here I was very adamant and clear of how I like to play, not sitting back, that’s a last resort. The way Vancouver plays they’re very direct, they like to get the ball wide, and whip in crosses. They’re number one in the league in set piece goals, they’re number three in total crosses, and they’re next to last in possession. They’re a very direct team so yeah their speed was an issue coming in that’s why we sat a little deeper back. We knew they game would open up eventually, we wanted to get through the first 15 minutes without conceding anything, we did, but again the goals are the things we worked on, and I’m not pointing the finger at players I’m just saying we knew what to expect.”

On [set piece goals]:
“Yeah of course it’s frustrating for me. It’s probably double frustrating for the players, they’re doing the battling. They’re number one in set piece goals for a reason because they’re very good at it. They’re very good in execution, their cross coming in, they’re very good with the players that they have winning the battles, so again credit to them, but you know it’s frustrating for all of us.”


On [final stretch for RSL]:
“Well it was already hard, and we still have enough games to win and get in the playoffs. It’s a setback for sure but we’re all already focused on Portland next week.”

On [moments where it slipped away]:
“I thought it was just plays. They made a couple more plays then we did in front of goal and that was the story of it.”

On [the speed of Reyna, and Techera]:
“That’s kind of their game plan, if we make a mistake they’re trying to counter at a fast pace so you have to be careful. I thought for the most part it was solid, but as the game went on it was a bit open. We just didn’t make enough plays.”


On [being a goalkeeper on set pieces]:
“Set pieces, you’ve got to be man for man, and I don’t know, they’re really focused on it, and they’re big obviously, aggressive, and that benefits them on these set pieces.”

On [counter attack speed coming towards goal]:
“It’s the midfield. We try to be organized. Obviously, I’m the goalkeeper so they’re just coming down through the midfield so you want to be organized as a defence and force them wide.”


On being pleased with contributions from everyone:
“I am. That’s what teams do. I’ve said we’re not a team that’s got [exceptionally] talented individuals, but collectively if we’re going to be successful this year, I’ve said it this season from day one and I’ve said it from day one I took the job that we’re going to do it with a team ethic. If anyone ever thinks that they’re bigger than the team, they won’t be here. So it’s nice when that happens because they’ve got a great spirit and camaraderie amongst themselves. When you work hard you get the rewards, and if you train properly you play properly. I think you saw a committed group today. I think we were naïve at certain times today, we gave up a bad goal when they game was comfortable for us. Then we responded after halftime, credit to the guys, and we go 3-1 up, then we give another bad goal away. But we don’t go under, and I said I’m proud of them because you don’t go under against a good team, by the way. Mike [Petke]’s done a great job since he’s gone in there. They’re fighting for their lives and they’ve got nothing to lose, and it’s hard to play against a dangerous team like that with so many attacking options.”

On needing the team to buy-in:
“You do, but if I don’t get the buy-in, you’re not here. Irrelevant of results, because as I’ve said to you, we have to be committed to one goal. There’s no individuals – yes, we are individuals, but if you’re not buying into the team ethic, you’re not going to be here.”

On Kendall Waston playing twice for Costa Rica in past week then playing 90 minutes and scoring:
“Kendall wanted to play. It’s a catch-twenty-two because you have international dates, and the international players go away. Bola [Christian Bolanos] had come back and he picked up a knee injury. Stefan [Marinovic] was shattered, so he was unable to even put himself in contention either. I asked Kendall how he felt, and he said he was great and wanted to play. I want players like that. Sometimes he will play and sometimes he won’t. I thought he probably played eighty per cent of where he should be, because he was a little bit tired, and it’s understandable. But when the ball’s coming in the box, I don’t want anyone else in there but Kendall and Timmy [Parker].”

On David Ousted responding from first half goal:
“Two big saves, that’s what you want. Every players make mistakes, they do, and it’s how they respond when they make mistakes. If you’re a goalkeeper, unfortunately, when you make a mistake it usually leads to a goal. I said to him at halftime, we need to make sure we’re switched on, our focus is right, let’s get after it. And we did, so that’s what pleased me most. But that’s gone now, three points is great, but a big game on Wednesday for us.”


On playing 90 minutes and scoring after playing twice with Costa Rica in past week:
“I feel excited. I always love playing for the club, and obviously I was just trying to have a good recovery as soon as I got [back] here. I know that with all of our physios, everything was going to be okay for this game, and I’m really thankful for them because I feel great on playing, and obviously with the goal and the win.”

On his goal:
“I even surprised myself. I see a little spot right there, and kind of lucky it went there because I was afraid it was going on top of the goal.”

On the team mentality:
“Sometimes if we have a bad touch, we know that our other teammate is going to support us. We are getting stronger in those situations and those areas. Hopefully we can get in the playoffs and make history.”

On RSL getting a second goal late:
“I was really calm because I see all my teammates’ faces and you can sense that everybody was connected. Obviously nobody wanted to let them score, but I know we roll our sleeves up, and I knew with the time and the way we were defending that they wouldn’t tie us.”


On the team mentality and getting contributions from everyone:
“Yes definitely. Carl’s always said that we need the whole squad to perform and do well, and when he makes changes, be ready and take your chance. So I think that’s well drilled into our team.”

On the cross to Yordy Reyna on the third goal:
“I just put in a cross. I knew it was a good area to put the ball across, so I’m happy he made the run there.”

On chemistry with Jake Nerwinski:
“It’s just from training. I think he’s the type of player that I can definitely talk to. He listens and he communicates to me well, so I think that chemistry was instantly there.”