Quote Sheet: Real Monarchs 5-3 Reno 1868 FC


Real Monarchs SLC
Head Coach Mark Briggs

Ended the game well:
“Obviously to score 5 goals in any game is obviously pleasing. There’s also a number of things we have to learn from. We made our game difficult for ourselves in the last 15 minutes.”

What went well in the first half versus the second half:
I think we had a good shape. The recognition of the queues that we’ve been working on of when to press. A bad pass, a backward pass, a bad touch. And we were successful of taking the ball from them in those dangerous areas and driving and breaking quickly.”

How important is it to be able to attack from many angles:
“It is great to get goals from different areas of the field and different players. It gives confidence when more people score and more confident they get. I’m happy that we get goals from different angles.”

The last goal was an exclamation point:
“The last goal was a little bit lucky when you look at it. They tried to cleared it and it hit Jose’s leg and it trickle over the line which seal the game for us. It was a nice icing on the cake as they say.”

How do you keep the momentum going from the 3-0 start:
It’s just a case of me and my staff making sure we don’t get carried away. Its 3 games into the season, ok we won three games but there’s still another 27 games maybe. We haven’t achieved anything yet so we have to keep our feet on the ground, keep our minds focus, and we have keep working towards the end goal.

Midfielder Charlie Adams

On going 3-0:
“Obviously, fantastic. I know the Monarchs haven’t done that before. I don’t think we’ve won two games in a row. It’s great to get the three points. We scored five goals and defensively I thought we were okay. We were good on our press but we just need to learn how to manage the game in the second half. It’s three points at the end of the day, you know what I mean? So, we’ve done well.

On what worked in the first half:
“I think it was just our aggressiveness on our press. I don’t think we played particular well in possession but of course we were pretty good on our press and we forced them into errors. We were able to punish them on the counter attack and we do that very well. You’ll see players like Sebastian [Velasquez], our wingers, myself, and [Chandler] Hoffman. So, that’s what we did well.”

On punishing the opponent’s mistakes to build momentum:
“If you look at the best teams in the world they can do both. If you look at Real Madrid and Chelsea, they are great examples of it. They play against a team that possesses maybe better than them but on the counter attack they’re just so clinical. That’s what we were today. We were clinical on the counter attack. Especially in the first half. I mean, we got four goals from it so the boys were happy.”

On two goal comeback:
“I think we’re a young team. We do have some experience but we’re still a pretty young team. Maybe a bit of inexperience. Maybe taking a breather when you need to run. Putting the ball in the corner when their momentum is probably against you. Winning a foul. But, that will come. It’s great that we have these situations early on in the season so we can learn from them. As I said, we’re a pretty young team so we’re going to learn from it in the future.”

On 10 day break before next match:
“It’s a recovery day tomorrow. Then, we have a couple of days off to recharge our batteries. It’s been a pretty hectic couple of months, including preseason. It will be nice to get a couple of days off. Then, we come back in on Monday.”

Reno 1868
Head Coach Ian Russell

On the result:
“Even though we were down 3-0 in the first half, we didn’t play too badly. We just gave up a couple of bad balls that led to goals. We need to clean up our mistakes. Salt Lake is a very good team. We watched them on tape and we were impressed. You can’t make mistakes against good teams, you’ll get punished for it.”

On the first half performance:
“We were just a little bit naive and not recognizing danger when we have the ball. We got too big, stretched, and one bad pass eliminated six guys and they were in on goal.”

On the halftime team talk:
“Don’t quit. If anybody quits, they’re coming off. But they didn’t quit. They battled back and got some goals.”

On Dane Kelly’s performance:
“He was excellent. I told him he was going to be a big factor in this game. He’s got good pace. It played out how I thought, I just wished we had a little bit more time.”

On moving past this game:
“The boys are hungry. They’re close, and I can feel we’re getting to good results soon.”

Forward Dane Kelly

On the result:
“We knew Real Monarchs were good. We had to dig ourselves out of a big hole. But we came back with three goals. Unlucky for us to give up that last one.”

On his play:
“This was a great performance from me. I’m glad I came in, but if I came in earlier we could’ve gotten more goals. It was good game though.”

On using this performance the rest of the season:
“We just need to start better, and score more goals.”