Quote Sheet: Real Salt Lake 3-3 LA Galaxy


Real Salt Lake
Head Coach Jeff Cassar

On allowing the early goal:
“That's a great question and I wish I had a definitive answer for you.  Obviously I just want to look at the tape and see how the play happened.  I think we had an opportunity to win a challenge in the midfield and if you are not winning it, you have to foul, stop the play because it is really something from nothing, at the end of the day.  We definitely don't want to start to get in a habit of putting ourselves behind the eight ball, at the start of the game, especially going into next weekend.”

Takeaways from the game:
“Three goals at home is just unacceptable and you know looking at our back line I thought, overall it was pretty good.  We had really bad moments, not bad stretches because I don't think we ever had ten or fifteen minutes of the game where they were dominating us and we were in bad positions.  I think we had extremely bad moments we didn't recognize the dangers.  One is off a deadball situation where they played quick and over the top, which is unacceptable.  So there is definitely negatives to this game where we need to improve in certain moments, but I thought the way our team played tonight was really good.  I think we dominated in every step, we were definitely the more aggressive team, and at the end of the day we have to give credit to LA.  They played a very solid defensive game tonight and they were tough to break down, so how can we improve the sharpness in the first half, attacking and recognizing the dangers before they happen?  That's something we preach all day and that's something we are going to have to get better at, but we are striving to get better at it at all time.”

On going for a top two seed:
“Yeah, you know you live to fight another day. Our fans were amazing tonight, all the way to the end of the game.  And you can see the energy that was in the building at the end of the game.  It wasn't quiet.  It was loud.  It was raucous and our players were feeding off that and kept going and that's something I really want to thank them for, and I also want to thank our players for the character they showed tonight.  You talk about Beckerman flying in this morning and going 90.  That's what a captain does, and you see that players were fighting until the end and Nicky coming up with a big save to keep us in the game.  But I think there is a few bad moments that we need to correct.”

On the second half:
“Yeah I mean I wish I could take credit for that, but that's you know, we definitely came in halftime saying we needed more numbers in the box, more runs in behind and more to put them under pressure.  We played a little too much in front of them and they were packing it in, so we needed committed runs in behind and you could see even on that last goal if Rowe gives up a rebound we have Yura and Javi right there.  We have people right there, but you need to have those committed runs, but the credit needs to go to the players because they make that happen and because we just bring light to the situation they are the ones doing it.”

Forward Juan Manuel Martinez

On allowing goals early:
“It’s really tough, when you are tired and losing at home, because you know you don’t have much space because all the teams know we are strong here and when you are losing, your team starts to play deeper and you don’t have that much space.  If it was great for us, the comeback 1-0, 2-1, 3-1 against a really good team and we tied because we fought to the last minute.”

On the comeback:
“In the second half we had purpose, going punch-for-punch.  They played on the counter attack and we had the possession and the chances and they found two goals off of our mistakes.  But then we keep fighting, and as they say we kept fighting until the last minute and we were able to score in the last minute.”

On his goal:
“I was just trying to get that last touch to tie the game.  I thought it would be nice, but it would be tough.  We knew it would be, going out against a team that runs it a lot, it’s really tough.  Which is why I think this was a really important game for us.”

Midfielder Kyle Beckerman

On returning from U.S. National Team duty:
“It was a new one.  It was fun to be a part of it last night and it was a good win for us to finish off that group in first place.  I was excited to get back and it was a big game for us here.  Two good games and a lot of fun.”

On the game’s ebbs and flows:
“I thought we played really well.  They scored early, so it definitely helped out their gameplan.  I think they came in with the gameplan to defend and then try and break.  They were able to break a couple of times and they were really efficient with their breaks.  I thought we dictated the game.  We were dominant on the ball and if we can clean up a little of the defense we would have been just fine.”

On the comeback:
“It was great.  Even going down two goals we just kept at it.  We were able to get that next goal and we never stopped.  We kept fighting and kept fighting and then to get that tying goal at the end, it was one of those ties that feels like a win.”

On facing Portland next:
“At this point in the season every game is huge.  We know Portland will be up for it.  We’ve got to match their intensity, match their energy and see if we can’t go for a win there and keep the momentum and keep up high in the standings.”


LA Galaxy
Head Coach Bruce Arena

On Brian Rowe’s performance:
“He has had better games, for sure.”

On the frustration of drawing at the final whistle:
“Very frustrating, I think when there is a minute left in the game and we give up a one on one with a goalkeeper you need to score, you pull it out.  The referee didn’t do well on that call with the foul on (Giovani) dos Santos there, caused the play on the other end and obviously our goalkeeper made some mistakes.  We walk away with a point when we should be going away with three.  And it is not an easy game, our guys worked real hard, it’s a shame that they didn’t reward themselves with the three points.”

On the test against RSL:
“Every game is a test, the guys did a good job tonight.”

On what he would like to see different from his team:
“Win the game, don’t concede a goal.  We could have been better on both of those plays and certainly that is the difference.  We walk away with a point instead of three.”

On how to change the team’s mentality:
“We will write it down on a piece of paper, they have been through this enough this year.  They should have it right, we are in the 28th game of the season, they should not be able to receive this point.”

Defender Robbie Rogers

On the defensive performance:
“I thought defensively, especially in the first half we took away a lot of their chances and made them go wide.  I thought the second half is where they started to push back, and you know this is a tough place to play, and with their attacking team.  But I thought defensively as a unit there were a lot of guys who did extremely well.  The goals were strange, kind of just a lack of concentration on our part but we know we need to forget about it.  We play on Sunday and it is a big game, even though this game it feels like a loss but we’ve got to forget about it.”

On a chaotic game:
“I think it’s a lot of pressure playing at altitude, they haven’t lost here, and they don’t lose here much so they know how to play here, but I thought our team responded well especially after the break.”

On earning a point away:
“I mean, before the game I think if you would have said you get a point at Salt Lake I think a lot of guys would have taken it but that being said being ahead as we were, I feel like it is more of a loss to us.  This is a really deep team, a really good team and I don’t think it matters who is on the field, and they have the same intensity and passion to play together.  But it is the same with us, it doesn’t matter who is out there we can find our rhythm.”

Forward Giovani dos Santos

On the end of the game:
“It was a missed call.  They came at me with their boots and then they went down and scored and I couldn’t believe it.  But it’s an unfortunate no-call.”

On LA’s effort:
“I think everyone did a great job tonight.  And we root for each other, we cover for each other and defensively I think we did great.  We created a lot of chances and we scored.  So at the end of the day we are disappointed for sure.”

On earning a point with a depleted lineup:
“I think, we have seven games left and say everyone is going to give it their all every single game.  And the chemistry of the team is getting better.  And we have to remember to focus on the games ahead of us and to play our game.”