Jeff Cassar vs Houston 0912

Quote Sheet: Houston Dynamo 1-3 Real Salt Lake


Real Salt Lake
Head Coach Jeff Cassar

Overall thoughts:
“I'm really proud of our defensive effort.  Obviously we scored three goals tonight, but I thought our defensive effort was very good.  Nick [Rimando] was big in key moments for us, but we talked about eleven people defending and eleven people attacking, and for the most part, we did a very good job tonight.”

Did you think it was a penalty?
“I have to look at it again.  I don't.  His hands are down and it kind of falls down into his lap.  It's one of those ones where it kind of goes over somebody's head and it surprises you.  But what I'm going to focus on now is the way we reacted from that, and that was very good.”

On the third goal putting Houston away:
“Yeah, there are always key moments in games where you seize the opportunity when you get it.  It was a great buildup from our team - nice movement off the ball and Juan finished a great goal.  But we talked about game management and I thought the guys really managed the game well, sped it up when we needed to, slowed it down when we needed to.  It was a good performance.”

On Juan Manuel Martinez making his first start:
“Yeah, really delighted.  When it got to him, it would be a calming presence on the ball, and good decision-making.  I thought he looked to combine with all the players on the attack.  Devon I thought was making nice runs off the ball.  And when it goes to players like Javi and Kyle [Beckerman], and Juan, there's a confidence with your runs and you saw that from our forwards.  I think he's a competitor.  He's won championships with the other clubs he's played for.  He's a winner.  He wants to win, as everyone does on our team.  I think there was a sense of urgency tonight that we played with and that's really why we got the result.”

Forward Juan Manuel Martinez

On getting comfortable with RSL:
“Yes, I feel comfortable, but I need to be better.  I need more training with the team.  I've only had two weeks here.  This is my first game.  I feel very happy for the team because the team played very well, but we can't stay like this.  We need to continue to be better.  Now we need to change our minds and be champions now.”

On RSL’s road woes:
“We know we have another chance.  We need to win all the games.  This is the only possibility of getting into the playoffs, so we went into the game thinking ‘we need to win this game’ and after next Saturday against Los Angeles, we need to win that game and all the games like this.  We need to win, win, win.”

Forward Devon Sandoval

On the road win:
“Yeah, it was a big win for us, especially going down to El Salvador on Tuesday for the Champions League and we have LA on Saturday, so it's a big week for us.  It's a good way to start this trip off.”

On playing with Juan Manuel Martinez:
“Yeah, he's a good player.  He's got a lot of quality and it's really easy playing with him, Javi [Javier Morales], and [Joao] Plata underneath me.  They make my job really easy.  They create so much.  Juan's a great addition to the team.”

On pinpointing anything that went well:
“I thought we just we all worked together as a team, from front to back.  Offensively and defensively.  That's what it takes.”

Houston Dynamo
Head Coach Owen Coyle

Thoughts on the match:
“First and foremost there is no getting away from how disappointing as to lose a game at home.  We certainly felt we could win tonight we'd be in a fantastic position given everything moving through players missing and such forth.  It was a letdown.  There's no getting away from that.  I felt offensively I mean we created I think enough opportunities and we cannot defend in the manner we did.  That's what happened tonight.  It's hard to take because I certainly felt the first half would be a bit different, get level at halftime.  We didn't help ourselves and brought pressure upon ourselves.  I think that resulted in the free kick.  And then we'd see opportunities to clear a goal at least to one-nil, so we come in at halftime we looked to pick ourselves up.  To be fair the lads, started the second half we were terrific.  We had a couple of outstanding chances to get the equalizer.  And from that we lose a goal in the counter attack.  I thought we looked fragile.  For me the third goal and it was difficult from there.  It was a tough one to take.  This was a perfect opportunity to put ourselves in the mix.”

Midfielder Brad Davis

Overall thoughts:
“Disappointed.  I think Owen just completely summed up the entire team for you guys.  For me, for players it's disappointing.  This is one of those games where I think it could be a turning point for us at home.  Puts us right in a playoff spot.  It comes down to mentality and toughness for the group and tonight I don't think we were all there.  We even had chances to get ourselves back in.  Like Owen said I think we're a bit fragile after that, and we can't do that we have to be able to win these games.  We have to be able to win these games at home and we have to win games on the road.”

Forward Will Bruin

On the team’s performance:
“I don't think we played as urgent as we needed to.  We can't put performances like that out there in the last six games of the year now.  That's not going to cut it.  That's not going to get in the playoffs and that point needs to get across everybody.  That's pretty much all I can say.”

On Houston’s formation:
“I thought we were flat.  I don't think we had many chances at all going forward in the first half.  I don't think we kept the ball.  We should've.  We just tried to force it when we get it. It just wasn't good enough.”

On the disappointment of the loss:
“Yeah I'm getting sick and tired of saying that.  I'm disappointed we didn't get three points this time.  Next week we know we can't say that anymore.  It's getting down to the nitty gritty.  You can't just say next week, you can't have performances like that.  We're not going to be in the playoffs if we perform like that.  I mean there's no more saying 'there's next time,' we have to bring it every game.”