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Quote Sheet: VAN 4-0 RSL



Thoughts on the match and result:
“It was a tough night for everyone – in tough circumstances against first place teams. I thought there was a period of time in the first half we settled in a little bit and played some good soccer, but the second goal was the one that put heads down a little bit. Respect to them, they are a very dangerous team going forward.”

Thoughts on the penalty:
“We started the game feeling good about ourselves and then we concede something that we really had to rebound pretty quick from. I thank the guys for doing that.”

Thoughts on travel affecting the team:
“It didn’t help but I’m not going to blame it on the travelling, I’m not going to blame it on anything. We’ll take responsibility. We had a very tough game in D.C., tough game in Guatemala, and to have a third one in quick succession was not going to be easy no matter what. If we can turn around and get a result against Kansas City in the Open Cup semis – we get an opportunity to be hosting the final in our building and that’s where we put our focus on.”

Thoughts on upcoming rest over the next couple days:
“We rested – a lot of guys stayed back and didn’t have to do the travelling. So I expect the team to be extremely hungry and full of energy and ready to go.”

On why resting players:
“Well I have to be mindful. We travelled from D.C. to Guatemala. To travel here and then out again on Wednesday, it can’t happen [playing three times in one week]. It would be foolish, it would be risking injury and I have confidence in every player on our team. This is the team we chose, we have to live with it and move on from the past and go after a win in Kansas City. “

Thoughts on appealing his ejection:
“I should, and my club will stand behind me because I did nothing. I’ll talk to our general manager and our owner and see about it. I didn’t do anything wrong. If I can’t say anything to him [referee] then it’s ridiculous.”


Thoughts on the match:
“It wasn’t good. Anytime you concede points like that it’s not fun. A bit embarrassing but we’ve got to pick it up and we’ve got to be ready. Wednesday is a must win game for us.”

Thoughts on there being a lot of different players in the lineup:
“Well, I just think that we had guys who haven’t played together much and we come here to play against a very hot Vancouver team. Obviously it makes a difference, but credit to the guys who stepped in. Nobody quit in the game, which when you are down 4-0 that’s pretty easy to do. Credit to the guys for not quitting and seeing the game out. As much as we can we are going to use this as a learning experience for the guys who don’t get as many games as they’d like. Like I said, do our best to fly home and be ready for Kansas City.”

Thoughts on resting in the next couple days
“Yeah there’s not much rest. I’m more excited about the chance to go to Kansas City. After games like that, all you want to do is get back on the field. We are playing for a cup championship and if we can get a win in Kansas City we’re on our way. It’s a really big opportunity and I think we are just ready to get back out there and get on the field and show that what happened tonight isn’t the team that we are.”

Thoughts on playing many games lately with Rimando away or resting:
“It’s been good – anytime you get games like this under your belt you do the best you can and I take it as a learning experience. I’ve kind of seen a little bit of everything in my short career here. Obviously the last two games haven’t been great. It’s part of the sport, it’s part of the career – next time I get a chance to play I’ll be ready and hopefully I would have learnt from these past two games.”

Thoughts on the team’s MLS playoffs hopes:
“I feel good. We have a stretch of games at home. We’ll be fine. This is just a little bit of a set-back. We’re not out of it. We’re still in good shape and a couple wins and we’ll be talking about [something else].There’s a lot of soccer left.”


Thoughts on the next match:
“It’s obviously a game that everyone’s going to be up for. We like to look at them as a rival, so definitely when we have a cup match like this we put our emphasis on this game so it’s going to be an important one for us.”

Thoughts on resting players:
“I think we took this game [seriously]. We had three important games that are equally as important. I think that a lot of guys stayed but we were looking to get three points. The focus was there and the preparation was just normal. We wanted to come here and get a result.”

Thoughts on maybe not resting the players if given another chance:
“No. I think that, like I said, we wanted to win both games. No matter who is out there, our focus is coming in there and getting the three points.”

Thoughts on possible rest days:
“We’re trying to do what’s  right for our bodies, trying to be good professionals off the field and put ourselves in the best position and go on there and move on to the final.”

Thoughts on balancing different competitions
“It’s been tough, but it’s something we’ve done a lot of all year. We’ve played a lot of games with all these competitions that we’re in and we’re going to continue to do the right things off the field like I said and try to get ourselves in the best spot.”

Thoughts on a hopeful good run in MLS:
“That’s always a hope. We always want to put games together and get on a run. That’s the key to success in this league, to go on these runs.”




 On today’s win:
“I think we didn’t play well in the first half, but, we got our noses in front from a penalty. I said to them at halftime, they need to tidy up a few things. I think the second half was a lot better. Obviously, got two goals, disappointed not to get one or two more. It was a trap game for us. It was difficult. Jeff [Cassar] decided to rotate his line-up, leave a couple of his bigger players at home based upon the game on Wednesday, which every team in this league does. As a manager, you get criticized when you do it, if it doesn’t work. And apparently you get called a genius if it does work. It was a trap game for us, but we took care of business today.”

 On Real’s win in Vancouver in 2013, and whether this was used for motivation:
“I did [use it for motivation]. It still irks me now. They came and they changed the total line-up and they got their noses in front from Devon Sandoval, I believe, a header at that time. Couldn’t get back into the game. Things like that wind me up. It was passed a cross to them prior to the game and especially at halftime because the third goal was always going to be the big goal.”

Thoughts on the younger players and their growth in the last few weeks:
“Confidence is a big thing in football. And not just in the last two or three weeks. The guys who have been with us 18 months, the guys who have been with us for just six months, they prove day-in and day-out what it takes to be professionals. They’re young players, so it’s easy to criticize them when they don’t play well or they don’t do well, because everyone just sees them on a Saturday or Wednesday night. I see them on daily basis and I keep drumming the same beats really. They’re getting better and that’s all I can ask of them. They’re developing as players, they’re developing as people. Sometimes, because you’re young, you make a lot more mistakes than if you do if you’re a senior player. But I tell you what, my group has got some character in there, it really has. I keep challenging them and they keep answering.”

On their scoring potential and how this was lacking at the beginning of the season:
“Sometimes it’s your day and other days, it isn’t your day. I think we’ve played a lot better here at BC Place and lost, but that doesn’t matter, does it? But, I would take a 1-0 victory as well.”

Thoughts on Cristian Techera:
“Good players play anywhere. He’s a terrific young player. I say he was the best player on the field for me today. He really was. I’m disappointed that he didn’t get his hat-trick, because he turned down an easy opportunity with his left foot. The he went onto his right foot, which shows he’s confident. But he was outstanding today. I know he can play across any of the front three positions. Obviously, maybe not centre forward because he’s lacking a bit of height in that way. His brain is fantastic.”



What does this performance and win mean to you?
“Very happy with the result, first and foremost, which is the most important thing. Obviously I’m happy to contribute on the goalscoring side as well.”

 How hard was it to not take this team lightly with players missing?
“We don’t really prepare that way. We prepare the same way for every team, it doesn’t matter. That’s not something that we’re concerned about. We just need to go out and play our game and get points regardless of travels or who doesn’t travel.”

 What was said at halftime?
“It was nothing major. We controlled a lot of the game and we held the ball really well.  We gave up very few chances. There were just a few plays where we were a little bit sloppy, and we came out in the second half and made sure we corrected those.”



 Thoughts on the match?
“I think we did good. The first half I think we were a little bit sloppy. That shouldn’t happen to us, especially knowing that they were coming here with a lesser team, with no disrespect, but still the first half was a little bit sloppy. But we got away from that and came out of here with a great win and we kept a clean sheet, so I’m very happy with that.”

Thoughts on third goal in two games?
“Kekuta was going to hit it first. I told him after the goal, hit it, because he did all the hard work, so him and Nico today really deserved a goal. Especially Nico because he’s been working very hard the last couple of games and he absolutely deserved a goal. But what he brings to this team, it’s invaluable and same with Kekuta. Both of them deserved a goal today. But the most important thing is that the team did well and we kept a clean sheet. That’s what I’m most happy about.”

Have you ever scored in back-to-back games before?
“Actually I have. But I’ve never made it a hat-trick, not yet so far. Don’t jinx me yet, but you never know. Back-to-back is alright, but my thing is defense and whenever we get a goal, it’s a fun thing and it’s a bonus. To make it two in a row, I might have to do maybe with the shirts off there, selfies are on the jersey backs, so that might help. I hope that we can keep it for the rest of the season.”

 On the first time that the team has scored three or more goals in three straight MLS matches?
“I think it’s important. I don’t only think it’s been this game. If you look at the game we played in L.A., we had numerous chances to finish it, but we didn’t. Again in New York we had also plenty of chances again, but we didn’t finish it. Now it’s coming together with triple matches with three goals or more. Right now we have to keep on doing it and as long as we finish out chances, we know we can win games. When we have David behind us, with the back four and Koffie and Mati – it’s unbelievable to have them in front of us – so for us it’s about finishing our chances when we get them.”

 On back-to-back clean sheets?
“That’s what we’re here for. For us we have to keep the form, keep it rolling. This game is done. Wednesday is a massive game, especially for the club, and for us. We have to make sure that we get something out of the Montreal game.”