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Quote Sheet: RSL 2-1 SKC


Real Salt Lake
Head Coach Jeff Cassar

On finally getting a lucky break tonight:

“It feels great. I thought the first half was arguably some of our best soccer all year.  We should have been rewarded more for that. Then we had a mental breakdown on a throw in that lead to their goal. But we talked to the guys at half time about pushing and believing. At the end of the day you make your own luck by putting pressure against teams. The ball pops out, Luis Gil makes a nice play, Javi (Morales) makes a nice play, goes out to Olmes (Garcia) and he does everything right. We get a fortunate bounce but it was created from positive play, positive reactions from the players.”

On the win meaning more due to goals from Sebastian Jaime and Olmes Garcia:

“It’s nice that both of those players scored those goals. They are working incredibly hard in training. They’re getting rewarded for it now. But at the end of the day it’s about the team working hard and working hard together. We are not going to achieve anything with just personal accomplishments. It’s got to be all about the team; all about everyone working hard, about substitutions making a difference when they come into games, about players making a difference when they get to start. Collectively we can be very good when we are all contributing.”

On wanting this game a little more tonight:

“I told the players at halftime that they had done everything that we had asked for in the first half. Then you could see a little bit of a lull when we got that goal scored on us. I was a little worried. At times the team can be fragile because we haven’t been getting the results that we have wanted. The guys responded. I think both teams had a bit of a lull in the second half but we grinded through that. We got a second wind in the last ten minutes to create some more chances. Nicky made some big saves to keep us in it. Their goalkeeper made a lot of saves. I think it is a step in the right direction and I’m really proud of the guys.”

On securing three points at home:

“This was big for everyone, big for the club, big for our confidence with the group and our belief, for everyone contributing whether its starters or subs. That’s something to build on. Moving forward that’s something that we’ll really need is everyone contributing and being collectively as a group just strong.”

On the performance of the backline:

“I’ll tell you what Zusi, Dwyer and Nemeth are very good, very good front three. Hardworking, smart and intelligent. For our backline to stand tall like they did and cover for each other; I thought that Tony and Demar were great bookends, they did a great job. I thought Justin and Aaron made some great choices. They really grinded it out. That’s what it’s about. Grinding it out and trying to get a little bit better each week.”

On when Alvaro Saborio is going to be back with the club:

“I am not entirely sure. He’s not going to go to New York with us, for personal reasons. Then he leaves for the Gold Cup. So whenever that’s done we’ll have Sabo back with us.”

On tonight’s performance by Justen Glad:

“Fantastic. We can all live with mistakes and we had some bad passes that got away from us. But he put his hand up, he knows it and then he moves on. That’s very rare for a young player to make a big mistake then regroup and have a fantastic game. I thought both him and Aaron did a great job but Justen’s maturity is growing on the field all the time. I’m just really pleased.”


Defender Tony Beltran

On what it meant to beat Sporting Kansas City:

“I don’t want to say yes (that it meant more) but I think so. We wanted to win that game just because we needed the three points here. I think that’s the biggest thing. It was an intense affair and a physical affair. We like beating teams like that so yes, it was meaningful.”

On Jaime and Garcia scoring their first goals of the year:

“It is big-time. Credit to those guys. They stepped up and I thought they played great. Jaime had a great full game and when Olmes came on he really was the spark and that’s a big moment for them, scoring their first goals this season.  I’m extremely happy for them and extremely proud of them, because those guys are special and that’s what they can do.”

On the busy schedule and developing a streak going forward:

“I think that’s important. With these six games in these two weeks it was pretty big. It was very important to set the tone here tonight for the next two weeks. It’s good to get off on the right foot, get a win because it’s going to be a tough, and grueling six games. Especially having to travel all the way across the country and all that. We’ll put these points in our pocket and move forward.”

On how big the win was against Sporting Kansas City and how the team won the game:

“It doesn’t matter. I mean personally it would’ve been great if we kept the shutout. I would rather win that way or if we score three or four goals I’d love to win that way too. I think just the important thing is not the manner; it’s the fact that we got the three points. It is a testament to our character. To keep fighting there at the end and keep pushing forward for those three points. And sometimes it does feel that much better.


Midfielder Javier Morales

On the win against Kansas City:

“It was a little bit extra because I think we needed the win.  We needed to win at home basically for our fans and for us. It was very important for us.”

On Sebastian Jaime and Olmes Garcia getting on the score sheet:

“It’s huge for the team, because we need forwards scoring goals and I think today Jaime had a good game, and Garcia coming in. They both had a couple chances and he almost scored, so it’s important to us to have everyone in shape.”

On the win bringing momentum to the team:

“It’s good, because we played good soccer tonight. We’re looking for the win. In the beginning of the game and the last part of the game working hard, playing good soccer and sometimes good.  Some teams come here and waste of time. Take time throw-ins, goal keeping, everything, so it’s good soccer but it’s another win.”


Midfielder Kyle Beckerman

On what the win means:

“I think this game right now is so important. A tie would have done us no good, so to really be able to get the win was such a big moment and hopefully it’ll push us in the right direction for the rest of the season.”

On the physicality of the game:

“I actually was surprised. I thought we could have been (three or four to zero) in the first half. I think it legitimately could have been 3-0 then next thing you know it’s 1-1. Dom (Dwyer) is a really good player and he finished the chance he got, but I thought we played some good stuff. If we would have put some goals in earlier, it could have been an easier game, but it was just important to get that win for sure.”

On Devon Sandoval’s performance:

“Well Devon was starting all along. The work he’s put in the off season, then in the preseason. Then he was our best forward in preseason and then had to wait his time and just kept his head down and worked his tail off. I’m just so happy to see him finally get these minutes, because he makes us a good team and he battles with his heart out there and I think when you see your forward doing that it rallies everyone else behind him. I think he was unlucky not to get a couple goals tonight, but he’s the type of player where he can go a game without playing, but still he’s doing so much positive stuff for our team and helping us win, so it’s great to see Dev really coming along and turn into a really good player.”

On Justen Glad’s performance:

“Justen was really smooth.  I think him and Aaron had a real nice partnership tonight. To think that he’s 18 years old, it’s great to see and it looks like he’s got a bright future here in Salt Lake, so I thought he was solid again. I think there were a couple of times where I’m sure the jitters, or whatever it was, but he then calmed himself and then played an excellent game against a really top forward.”


Sporting Kansas City

Head Coach Peter Vermes

Overall thoughts:

“I thought that Salt Lake deserved the three points. I thought that they were, over the course of the night, they were the better team. They just had a different hunger than we did for the game.”

On Dom Dwyer’s goal:

“It was a good goal by us. I think that the buildup was nice. I think that the ball in by Benny [Feilhaber] was perfect – good run by him as well. Obviously, a very good finish. I thought [Nick] Rimando was very good in the game – made some very good saves. I thought our goalkeeper was the same. It’s unfortunate at the end – the ball that goes in – but in the end, they deserved [the win]. I guess we could each have scored another goal, or maybe a couple more on their side. Like I said, I think that they had a higher intensity in the game.”

On what he said to the guys at halftime:

“We have to minimize the number of set pieces we gave up in this game. We gave up a lot of corner kicks, and it was really because of a lack of good starting positions – that was the biggest thing.”

On what contributed to the chippiness of the game:

“I thought the referee, from the outset, he overreacted very early. He overreacted very early for giving out yellow cards for silly fouls that weren’t even real fouls. I thought what it did was it escalated the referee’s decisions throughout the game.”


Defender Matt Besler

Overall thoughts on the game:

“We have to give Salt Lake credit for winning that game. They played with a lot of energy tonight. They were able to match our intensity and they created a lot of set pieces and corner kicks, and eventually they were able to find one. It’s disappointing from that aspect. We’ve got to move on and get ready for the next game.”

On why the game was a little bit chippy at times:

“Normal game between two competitive teams. We have respect for Salt Lake and the way that they play. We like to compete and we don’t like to lose, so we’re going to do everything we can to try and win the game. I think sometimes that can be perceived the wrong way, but we just play our game.”


Goalkeeper Tim Melia

Overall thoughts:

“It was a rough game for us. I don’t think that we put our best foot forward from the first minute. I think we were punished for it at the end.”

On giving up so many set pieces:

“I think that we were under a little bit more pressure than we should have [been]. We didn’t play our game. We didn’t come here and do what we put in place for this game. I think that was seen on the field and that was the reason that they were getting as many opportunities as they did with set pieces.”

On the chippiness of the game:

“There’s a history here between this club and Salt Lake. It’s just a tough game and every game’s got to be competitive. Everyone’s got to compete and things like that are going to happen.”