RSL Reserves v Chicago
Real Salt Lake

Post-game Quote Sheet - RSL Reserves 2 : 1 Chicago Fire Reserves

MLS Reserve League Post-game Quote Sheet

Real Salt Lake Reserves 2 : 1 Chicago Fire Reserves

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


RSL Assistant Coach Jeff Cassar

Overall thoughts of the game:

“We are really pleased. I think it’s a credit to the guys and the work they have put in the last two weeks that we have had. We’ve worked them really hard and they haven’t had many days off. The energy they had today is a reward of that hard work.”


On Sebastian Velasquez’s performance:

“He’s a spark plug in there. I thought he made some good decisions during the game and was threatening in the attacking third, which is fantastic from him. It was a good performance on both sides of the ball.”


RSL MF Sebastian Velasquez

On what he gains from playing in reserve matches:

 “I actually gain a lot.  You’d be surprised how many great reserve teams there are.  At the end of the day we are all professionals, we train everyday and we all want the same thing. We are trying to look to the same thing, which is the MLS cup, and I think a reserve match is just another step towards that.”


On taking advantage of opportunity to play:

"Oh, I think it’s definitely very important. Everyday I want a spot on the first team so even if it’s just at practice, a kick-around game, you have to show what you can do.  That’s why you’re on the team.”


On RSL’s depth and development:

“I think that we all have to get on the same page and understand the system.  We are 28 deep, I want to see everyone’s great tactical plays, all start to know the system really well, and I think if we are all to get on the same page, not just the veterans, but the youngsters with the veterans, it’s going be a whole new team."


On RSL’s style of play:

“Everyday I am still learning, everyday learning a little bit more about the system, a system that is very complicated.  There is a lot of movement, a lot of defensive tactics, and obviously if you go out on the field, you have to know it and if you do know it, then the coaches will give a chance on the first team."


Overall thoughts of the game:

“I think we possessed most the game. We had most of the ball. We had a lot of chances in the first half I think if we would’ve put away the game would’ve been over early. We got in the moment when we started to fight for the goal and started pushing up a little more and luckily we got a PK and I had a rebound off Jordan’s shot and was able to score it.”


On how he felt about his stoppage-time goal:

“Excited! I just wanted to get a goal. I didn’t care if it was a in a reserve game or in a 1st team match. I got a goal and it just boosts my confidence and helps me move on forward.”


On how game prepares for upcoming matches:

"I think we looked a lot better than how we played all year around and I think we can just improve from that.”


RSL MF Javier Morales

On playing in today’s match:

“I was a little tired, but happy because I’m healthy. I think it was a tough game, but I played 45 minutes so I’m good. My muscles are feeling good. I had a problem that they figured out, so now I hope that I can play every game.”