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RSL News Stand - Monday, April 25, 2011

The slow build towards Wednesday’s second leg of the CONCACAF Champions League Final is picking up steam, as you can see by the unusually large size of this Monday “mailbag” of links below …


“The A/V Club:”

(VIDEO) “CCL 360, The Finals” – Part 4   NeuLion   YouTube  

(VIDEO) RSL sounds off about historic CONCACAF run

(PHOTO) RSL Soapbox: RSL practice – Saturday, April 23

(PHOTO) Keepin’ It Real: Practice Photos: Saturday, April 23


The Articles:

The Salt Lake Tribune: For RSL, ‘nothing is given’ in CONCACAF battle

The Salt Lake Tribune: Financial underdog Real Salt Lake gets a lot of bang for its buck

The Salt Lake Tribune (RSL blog): Post-game comments add some spice to RSL pursuit of Champions League title

Deseret News: Kreis has decision at holding midfielder

Deseret News: Questions about the world of sports

Deseret News: Real Salt Lake reacts to horrific injury

Standard-Examiner: RSL’s packed house could witness history RSL sounds off about historic CONCACAF run

Los Angeles Times: Real Salt Lake has come a long way in a hurry

The Sporting News: Salt Lake has ‘no stars’ but championship make-up Five questions for the CONCACAF Champions League final (leg 2) The battle for Canada and beyond Kick Off – Monday, April 25

RSL Soapbox: Kreis had some interesting thoughts at practice

RSL Soapbox: MLS Power Rankings – Week 6

Keepin’ it Real: Kreis feels the fans are important for Finals match

The RSL Front: This is our moment

Bleacher Report: 2011 MLS Power Rankings: Week 6

Bleacher Report: Five reasons why Real Salt Lake will win the CONCACAF Champions League title