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Season Ticket Member Starting XI: September 17, 2022

STM Starting XI Socios

Real Salt Lake celebrated their Season Ticket Member Starting XI against FC Cincinnati during Hispanic Heritage Night on September 17. The Starting XI is made up of season ticket holders who have been around since the very beginning. These loyal season ticket holders were recognized on the field postgame where they received a team signed RSL kit and a picture on the bench. Thank you to all our season ticket holders for their dedication to the Club.

Ryan Birth, Section 3 row J seats 1-2

Who is your favorite all-time player and why?

"It's hard to pick a favorite; Morales and Beckerman are both legends and currently I love watching Kreilach (get well soon). That being said a favorite player of mine that was somewhat polarizing among the fan base and I feel gets overlooked too often is Alvaro Saborio. We have never had a better finisher. When he had an opportunity in the box you could count on the ball ending up in the back of the net.”

Kelly Moller: Section 1 row A seats 1-2

You’ve been a STH since day one, is there a season that has been your favorite?

“Ticket holder since hour one, I think. I remember how excited I was to have professional soccer here, and how appreciative I have been to have so many like Checketts, Hanson and others committed to the community and the sport. I don’t think that many really appreciate how fortunate we have been for people like them that were willing to support the community and the sport, warts and all. We are a small market and as such very fortunate to have had a MLS team here for so long.

Particular year that has been my favorite? So hard. Obviously winning the Cup was a great accomplishment. But it’s the individual events that stick out. Dunny planting the flag, Checketts and Pablo getting into it after the game, games in the snow, rain and lightning, Adu, Beckerman, Javi, Andy hitting a goal from half field, both ends of routs, the excitement of a new stadium, the name announcement at Rice Eccles, meet the team at Snowbird. It’s been a fun ride and I am excited for a lot more!”

Steven Garlick: Section 8 row J seats 8-9

Who is your all-time favorite player and why?

“So many Club legends but I would have to say it's the career that Justen Glad is having. Every single time he is out there you can tell he puts his heart and soul into the game. It's also been incredible seeing his game grow throughout the years since he started on the first team. Awesome to have him on the squad and to see him come up through the Academy. Amazing to see him have his best goal scoring season this year as well.”

Cooper Gilbert: Section 12 row M seat 3

Who is your all-time favorite player?

Bill and Betty Swiler: Section 16 row M seats 24-25

Favorite all time player and why?

"Nick Rimando is our favorite player. We have a framed pic of Betty and Nick outside a restaurant in Los Angeles.”

Andrea and Charles Lyon: Section 16 row M seat 15-17

Do you have a particular year that has been your favorite and why?

“The best season was 2009, as for why? Well, they won the MLS Cup. Also, we went to the Colorado game when they got into the playoffs in the last couple minutes and then we went to Seattle for the final game against LA. I have enjoyed most of the seasons, some more than others, and will miss being at the games but will try to catch them on TV if I can.”

Eric Wells: Section 28 row B seats 10-14

If you could pick any three RSL players to have dinner with, which ones would you pick and why?

“If I was to pick three players to have dinner with, I would pick Glad and Aaron Herrera. They are both Homegrown players that have come up through the system and now are a major part of the team. I feel it would be very interesting to hear how they were able to come from the Academy and the work it took to continue to improve. Also, Sergio Cordova would be interesting as he is a player who has played in other leagues and to learn more about how he came to be the player he is today.”

Shondene Ammon: Section 27 row D seats 8-10

Who do you come to games with and what is your favorite memory with them?

“I usually go to the games with my siblings and my favorite season ticket holder memory was of the 2022 season opener when it started hailing and snowing. About 18 thousand people left the stadium and only the true fans weathered the storm to watch the second half.”

Daniel Nye: Section 36 row C seat 7-8

Annie Ramirez: Section 22 row P seats 7-8

KaeLynne Harding: Section 27 row D seats 8-10