Real Salt Lake celebrated its Season Ticket Member Starting XI against the Vancouver Whitecaps on August 20. The Starting XI is made up of season ticket holders who have been around since the very beginning. These loyal season ticket holders were recognized on the field postgame where they received a team signed RSL kit and a picture on the bench. Thank you to all our season ticket holders for their dedication to the Club.

Greg Bingham, Section 34 row A seats 24-25

Who is your favorite player and why?

"My favorite player is Bobby Wood.

I watched him come up with the U.S. Men’s National Team as well as come through the German leagues. I was already familiar with him and liked his style of play, like his speed and tenacity around the ball and goal. I was extremely happy to hear we got him, and it has been exciting watching him suit up for RSL. I wish him a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see him on the field again.”

Robert Timmons: Section 31 row B seat 17-18

If you could have dinner with three players, who would they be and why?

“Nick Rimando – We have some similar tastes in music, and I would like to know what songs and bands he would recommend (always looking for new stuff).

Kyle Beckerman – I would like to see what life has been like transitioning from player to coach and if he’d like to manage RSL or another Major League Soccer team.

Robbie Russell – I would like to know what was going through his mind before and after he kicked the 2009 MLS Cup game winning goal.”

Donavan Smith: Section 29 row C seats 14-19.

Who do you come to games with and what is your favorite memory with them at the stadium?

“My season tickets are for my family, and I love that with those tickets I can build memories with them. Each game brings its own experiences and fun that’s shared by all. Most importantly, it has brought our family together for a common purpose.

One day we happened to bump into Luke Mulholland at a store and he was very gracious with my family. He posed for photos with all of us even though he didn’t have to and took the time to talk with each of my kids. We live two and a half hours away from the stadium, so these kinds of opportunities don’t happen to us often. To this day it’s one of the best memories for me and my family.

RSL has provided and continues to provide a family friendly environment that allows me to create memories with my immediate family as well as memories with my extended RSL family sitting around us!”

Michael Sandoval: Section 28 row F seat 5.

What is your favorite memory as a season ticket holder?

"For half of my first season I got to hang out with some of the supporters groups on the southside of the stadium. It was so awesome to cheer on the team with them and meet some really good people. I also enjoyed getting to watch the playoff matches at a watch party with other season ticket holders and supporters groups. I love going to games and getting season tickets is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Rachael Phillippi: Section 3 row L seats 5-6

What is your favorite part about being a season ticket holder?

"From tailgating before the game, to getting to know other season ticket holders, to watching the post-game traditions, we love being a part of the RioT.”

Zachary Hildebrand: Section 3 row U seats 23-25

Who do you come to games with and what is your favorite memory with them at the Riot?

"I usually go to the games with one of my children and one of their friends. My favorite memory is from the 2019 game against Atlanta, when Savarino scored the winner as time expired! My son & his friend just started going crazy!”

Eric Volckmann: Section 2 row Q seats 20-22

Which RSL player (of all time) has the best goal celebration?

"That's a tough one. I think you could count on Joao Plata for some entertaining celebrations, and I'll probably always remember Justen Glad's chicken dance.”

Val Warner: Section 14 row P seats 11-15

If you could pick any three RSL players to have dinner with, which ones would you pick and why?

“1. Bobby Wood - I would pick Bobby because of his career. He has played in Germany (where I lived for two years), and he’s played for USMNT. I would love to pick his brain about how he achieved that level of play, the differences between the American and German approach to soccer, and how I could implement those styles in the teams that I coach. I would also like to learn how he was able to rise to the level of playing for the US Men's National Team, and hopefully pass that information onto my children.

2. Damir Kreilach - It would be fascinating to talk to Damir about Croatia. He is such a great guy, and he seems like he would be so interesting to talk to. He probably has a lot of life experiences that I love to hear about. I would also be interested to learn about how he trains, and how he was able to achieve so much success.”

3. The third player would be a tie between Jefferson Savarino and Aaron Herrera – First, I would love to talk to Aaron about what he has done here in the local community to achieve such success and learn about his time with the USMNT. Additionally, I think it would be very interesting to talk to Jefferson about his home country. I would love to know what it’s really like to live there, and how he has been able to achieve success in his home country.”

Jonathon Cooley: Section 4 row L seats 17-19

Jasmine Haidenthaller: Section 23 row u seats 7-8

Tara Kavanaugh: Section 23 row B seats 1-2