Real Salt Lake's match against Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC on April 20th celebrated the third Season Ticket Member Starting XI. The Starting XI is made up of season ticket holders who have been around since the very beginning. These loyal season ticket holders were recognized on the field postgame where they received a team signed RSL kit and a picture on the bench. Thank you to all of our season ticket holders for their dedication to the Club.

Roger Randall: Section 30 Row F Seats 7-8

Favorite RSL memory?

"The most memorable event has to be the Rubio Rubin Bicycle kick (goal of the year). While attending that match I was on the phone with my daughter who at the time was in the Dominican Republic teaching English watching the game that evening. It was a surreal experience to share with both her and the fans at the RioT."

Carrie Parker: Section 34 Row P Seats 1-4

If you could pick any 3 RSL players to have dinner with, which ones would you pick and why?

"1- Ochoa because I have a deep respect for goalkeepers and the role they play. They are often looked at as the heroes of the game or the one that lost the game. Plus, who wouldnt want to meet the villian of the MLS?

2- Tate Schmitt because we love the Homegrown boys.

3- Bobby Wood because I love to watch him play. He has so much energy and is not afraid to challenge defenders to make those big plays."

Jacob Hencke: Section 204 Row J Seats 1-3

What’s your favorite part about being a season ticket holder?

"I love being a season ticket holder because I get treated as family and I feel very important and cared for as an individual and my son and I love going to games and look forward to it every year!!"

Michael Roussin: Section 3 Row K Seats 1-2

Who do you come to games with and what is your favorite memory with them at the RioT?

"I attend the games with my wife, best friend, and partner in crime (all the same person), Jan! My favorite memory at the RioT dates back 10 years when Jan took me to my first professional soccer match. RSL was playing Portland late in the season while making a push for playoff seeding. She got me tickets in the front row of section 35. I can vividly recall the insanity of the fans in that section, hearing the constant beating of the drums from the South stands, witnessing off-centered Portland fans in the upper deck filling the stadium with smoke, and the crowd chanting, "Nick Ri-man-do" in unison. I bought season tickets the next day and married Jan two years later."

Kyle Wallace: Section 10 (GA)

Who is your favorite all time player and why?

"Joao Plata - had quite the moves"

Jason Hipwell: Section 11 (GA)

You’ve been a season ticket holder since 2020, do you have a particular year that has been your favorite?

"2021 was our favorite year with all of the late game winners and the playoff run, it's nice showing MLS you can never count us out!"

Chez Green: Section 202 ADA Seats 5-6 and 11-12

What has been your favorite kit over the years?

"The 2008-2009 home jersey, red and blue mixture with one of the best teams in MLS history!"

Kristina McDougal: Section 21 Row V Seats 9-10

Hollie Higley: Section 27 Row C Seats 16-17

Leah Chavez: Section 9 (GA)

Taylor Rendon: Section 4 Row R Seats 1-3