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RSL's Mental Health Mobile App Playlist Presented by Ford


In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Real Salt Lake is working to promote good mental health within our Club. While many people turn to exercise, eating well and activities to help their physical health, mental health can often be left on the backburner. Therapy, yoga, meditation, journaling and many other mindful activities are all ways to help keep your mental health in its prime.

Mental health apps are another way to help manage stress and promote good mental health. Here are a few options that can help promote better sleep, lower stress levels, practice meditation and help boost your overall mood.

Calm App

The Calm app’s goal is to help you improve your health and happiness through sleep, meditation and relaxation. This app offers guided meditations, breathing techniques, calming exercises, a large music library and celebrity narrated stories. All of these offerings are meant to help you fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply.

You can download the Calm app here.

Price: $69.99/year or $14.99/month

iBreath App

The iBreath App is extremely simple with its sole focus on deep breathing exercises. The app is most beneficial when used daily to learn how to handle your stress through deep breathing until you no longer need the app's assistance.

You can download the iBreath app here.

Price: Free


Headspace is an app designed to help you live more mindfully. Headspace offers three to 20 minute guided meditations, such as learning how to cope with cravings, manage distracting thoughts, and improve sleep. The benefits of these meditations can include reduced stress, attention span improvement and anxiety control.

You can download the Headspace app here.

Price: $69.99/year or $12.99/month


Talkspace, though an expensive option, gives users 24/7 access to mental health professionals. Talkspace matches you with a licensed therapist through their HIPPA compliant app and gives you the option to chat with them in their mobile app at any time. Live video sessions are also available.

You can download the Talkspace app here.

Price: plans starting at $69.99/week


Happify was created to help boost your mood through games and activities. The app allows you to choose your games/activities based on your needs. Coping with stress, career success, mindfulness through meditation, overcoming negative thoughts, and building your self confidence are all areas that are featured within Happify. There are both free and paid versions to the app. The app was built with positive psychological treatment and CBT interventions.

You can download the Happify app here.

Price: free version, $139.99/year, $14.99/month or $449.99/lifetime


Sanvello is based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness meditation, strategies that have been shown to provide effective relief for mental health concerns including anxiety and depression. The subscription based app allows you to choose what best fits your needs such as guided meditation, journaling prompts, goal tracking and community boards. The app is built to teach you skills that you can apply to everyday life without the assistance of the app.

You can download the Sanvello app here.

Price: Self Care - $8.99/month or $53.99/year, Coaching - $50.00/month, Peer Support - $8.99/month or $53.99/year, Therapy - $140 for initial appointment and $85 follow-up appointments (insurance may cover more of this)